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So glad to see your back!! Thanks for the hint. I will defiantly be checking it out!! :)

Hey, you've been missed :)
Giggle, danke for putting the Lady Adyson up! You may be sad, she rejected her glasses so much that her dr said to patch 2 hrs a day and she is having surgery in Nov, no more glasses. She's still just as cute though, I'll send ya a pic :)
Oh, and don't forget to FLOSS! :)

Look at cute Ady! Glad to see you back Sam!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for platinum :)

OMG!! I Won!!!

Thanks Sam...I am sending you an email!

MIssedy ya girl!!!

meant MISSED, but whatev, u know what i mean!

Thanks Sam! Hope you are enjoying your "new job" making platinum love!

Can I get a WOO WOO!!!!! I WON!!!

I put in the weight of my 3rd baby~

Thank you Sam! I will email U!

Hugs~Amy L. in SC

Thanks for the hint Sam. Denise sent me an email about it too! You are too cute and I enjoy reading your blogs!

Sam--I'm glad you are back! You've made my morning! Thank you so much for putting my little Kellee's picture up! :) We LOVE our Bubbly top and Disco Ruffles!

Glad to have you back. I've been checking platinum lately, just seeing if anything else has popped in there. I'll keep checking, but let my bank account rest :)

There is way too much cuteness going on here!

Oh, I just found this blog too....good, now I have a new one to check....and maybe ...maybe another chance to win a prize....I know what you mean about bed time routines...when your that tired...you just want to plop into bed.....yes, oh yes, I know. :)

Woohoo! Love the platinum items. Can I put in a request for more size 10 items? They go so fast, and I missed out for my older girl.

Yaaay Sam!!!!! Glad to see the update. And I love the little girls' images. Isabella loves it too.
Take good care.

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