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Oh, I know about those tags. I used to work with a Mom that made a line of purses. Not only would I have to tag every single one, I also had to put item number on each tag. I also would string some beads that would hang on the front of the bag.
God, I loved that job. And how I loved making those junk bags.
I got off easy though. I only had to do hundreds at a time. You have to do thousands at a time.

Everyone needs to vent a little now and then. Thanks so much for all your hard work. You are making a lot of women and their little girls very, very happy. :-)

BTW: I can't wait to see the new Platinum stuff. Always some of my favorites.

Yea putting tags on over and over would drive me bonkers! Huggles

I will never look at those tags in the same way again :) I love the pics what a cute baby girl...I cant imagine how busy you must be but thank you very much for being so busy!

It's ok Sam. "The sun will come out tomorrow..."

yyaahhhhh.....A new contest!!!!!!!! can't wait!

Sorry...got excited about the contest...thanks for all you do. When I got my first MJ order, what I truly noticed right away was the cute details of how it was packaged and wrapped up. So, thanks for that, we notice....trust me!! btw..hope your finger feels better! ;(

Y'know....my brother lives in Ft. Wayne..gosh........we are stationed in England right now, I amy have to take fly over to visit my brother during the next MJ party...hmmmm......it would be soo nice to be able to shop for MJ in person, rather than online, I wish there was a trunk keeper in England......??

Did you know Isabella collects MJC tags? She stores them in a gold box and she was so tickled with the new GB version. They are held in very high regard. Someday she will be able to make a house of MJC tags.
Sorry about the owies!
Take care.

Well...we REALLY appreciate all the unpacking (and packing) you do! Keep up the good work!

I love the tags! Thanks for all of your hard work, I soo look forward to receiving my Matilda Jane goodies and practically stalk the UPS man.

ouch! Hope your doing o.k., thanks for all that you do.

When we have to start setting up Christmas in our huge dept store., we have to fluff all the trees and garland. You don't realize all the cuts until I grab for my salt body scrub and start screaming from the bathroom! ahhhhh

Nothing like salt on a wound.
Hang in there. We appreciate all you do!

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