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Ok I'm a nurse in a doctors office...One night I had a dream...it was around christmas time and one of the doctors had their yard really decorated for the holidays, in my dream someone stold all of the decorations out of the yard, there were some wooden decorations and a blow up snowglobe thing and even the lights off of his house. Well for some reason he was blaming all the nurses in his office of stealing these decorations and pressing charges on us for stealing them. We were trying to tell them we didnt steal the decorations and he would not believe us...later the same night he found them stolden he found them hidden in his yard. Ok all of that was part of the dream...in reality I dont think his yard was even decorated. It was such a vivid dream and such a crazy dream. Like you can really hide one of those snow globe things in someones yard.

Can I please win something for being the first person to post? I haven't won anything on your blog yet! I love all your blog entries and hope you keep them up on a more regular basis. I have so many wonderfully vivid and wild dreams and my husband thinks I am crazy!

Let's see if I can remember a PG one - well a recent wonderful dream that I had was winning on Denise's blog. But then I woke up and checked the blog and I wasn't a winner. It was nice in my dream though. In my dream Denise sent me a huge pile of clothes in a big box. I mean like 2 weeks worth of outfits!!! Talk about crazy, huh? I didn't want to wake up from that dream!

Guess someone beat me to the first post thing by one minute while I was writing about my dream. Guess I should have been quicker with my typing! I'm so horrible at typing!!! :(

One weekend, when I was in middle school, my siblings & I stayed up late watching movies. I fell asleep on the floor in front of the TV and I dreamt that I was a flower. I literally was this sprout in a flower pot and I started to grow into a big pink flower that looked similar to a daisy. I was so scared I tried to scream and nothing came out because I was a flower and had no mouth or voice with which to scream. Then I was in this like halfway sleep where I was waking up from the dream but I still couldn't scream or talk. I woke up very shaken and still to this day remember vividly that dream. Weird, huh?

My most vivid dream was almost a year ago. I love my grandma so much and was really sad when she passed when I was 18 years old.

I was sleeping and heard the baby waking on the monitor. I got up went into the room and my grandma was there in the rocker, rocking little Miss. I just sat on the edge of my toddlers bed and talked to her about having kids. How hard it was sometimes and how could I love someone so much that I just met.
As she talked, I watched her stroke Little Misses face and head like she did with all my siblings, cousins, and sure myself at one time.
Seemed like we talking for over an hour and then she got up and put sleeping little Miss down in her crib and walked down the hallway. I stood at the crib looking at little Miss.
Next thing I know it's early morning and I'm sleeping in my bed.
Even to this day it seems so real.

I once dreamed that several escaped prisoners robbed my house in the middle of the night. Then, all dressed in their black and white striped prison uniforms, they performed a musical-like song/dance across the street. I just sat at my window and watched. Ha!

I was a teenager when I had my craziest, most vivid dream...

I had a big crush on a guy (now my DH, haha!) and I dreamt that he and his best friend had my committed to a mental asylum, straightjacket and men in white coats and all! In my dream, my whole family and all my friends were there witnessing the whole thing and no one would speak up for me and say that I wasn't nutso! I woke up all sweaty and panicy!

I dreamed six lottery numbers. It was a simple lottery ticket with the numbers on them. That was the dream.

When I woke up, I could not remember all the numbers that were on the ticket. Nor did I choose to play that day. But of the three numbers I did recall, all three were in that night's lottery.

I had the BEST dreams while I was pregnant with my first daughter so it's hard to choose.

In the dream my husband and I were involved with a youth camp or something of that nature. So after going there we somehow very logically (in that crazy dream sort of way) next go to what is actually my parent's house along with some others from that group to train elephants. The guy who was teaching us how to do this brought the elephants one by one to the house (because obviously, more than one would not fit in his car at a time!!). When they finally were all assembled, we did the training stuff, but the silly elephants would get excited and jump up and put their front legs on our shoulders like a large dog might—only everyone was normal sized, so it only works in a dream.

We then went home and I gave birth to 5 or 6 babies. Only I was really really sad about it because I knew we could only keep one and would have to give the rest away—like you might a litter of puppies. . .??? I had no idea how I could ever choose.

While we still had all the babies we decided to let them pick their names. So in the dream they were babies, but yet little grown up people at the same time, walking and talking. Again, that reality that only works in dreams.

It was all very weird. Maybe not as weird as my dream that I gave birth to a cup which somehow was still a baby, but still weird.

when pregnant with my second baby i dreamed that it was Brad Pitt's baby. Instead of being thrilled I was so ashamed. I couldn't believe that I had actually stepped out on my husband and little boy. I think all of the pregnancy hormones made me looney because the entire next day I couldn't figure out if it was true. Just so confused. Now I have a beautiful little girl who looks nothing like Brad Pitt but a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones-now how did that happen???

Wednesday was the night before my trunk show, so I stalked the website waiting for the pictures of GB2 to come up. I looked at them so much, I had visions of MJC dancing in my head that night--ha! ha! Seriously! :)

Also, when I was pregnant with my daughter (before we found out that she was a girl), I had a dream about me and my mom at a park having a picnic with this little baby girl. I remember the baby having wavy hair and being really funny--just like my daughter is today! :)

Wow...what a fun thing to share! I don't know if it's a blessing or curse that I have very vivid dreams. There have been times I've woken up from them and 1) I wanted to fall back asleep right away so I could see how it "ended" 2) I've hoped and prayed that I do not fall back asleep into the same dream.

So...let's see...well, anytime I hear the word "dream" my mind ALWAYS goes back to when I was a little girl, maybe because this was my first dream that I can remember. And now I am 35 and I can STILL remember it clear as day...

I should tell you that I had watched the movie Jaws earlier that week...

My dad and I were at a pool, and we were both swimming in the deep end. I was doing super and my dad was clapping for me and cheering me on. I looked to the side of where my dad was swimming, and I saw a shark fin. I screamed at my dad we needed to get out of the pool. So we both start swimming towards the side. We get there about the same time, and my dad is kind of pushing me onto the pool deck like I wasn't moving fast enough. So I turned around and held my hand out to him to help him get out of the pool. I am panicking and screaming, and I can truly feel the fear. Just as my dad reaches out for my hand the shark pulls him under, and at the same time grazes my hand with his teeth.

I woke up instantly at that moment incredibly sweaty. I must have looked at the back and front of my hand for five minutes sure that I would see a bite mark. I raced to my parents room with this terrible dread that I wouldn't find my dad there. He was sleeping but I shook him until he woke up because I needed to know he really was there.

Needless to say my parents screened my movies better after that! :)

The most vivid dream I have ever had was about my Papaw (Grandfather). He passed away just over 10 years ago...my son was just 3 months old. We were VERY close. My parents divorced when I was just six years old...so my grandparents spent ALOT of time with us growing up. Anyway, when he passed, I was pretty messed up. A close friend of mine suggested that when I said my prayers each night, to ask to hear from him. So, many prayers and months later, nothing. So I forgot about it, just gave up I guess you could say. Well, one night I had this dream. I was in a mall with my sister shopping. And up walks my papaw. I stood there in awe!!! He bent down on one knee as if someone was proposing....and he took my hand. He said to me "You'll never know how much you meant to me. I love you with all my heart. Please don't worry about me, I'm in a better place now. I'll see you another day". Next thing I knew, my son then about six months old woke me up. I woke up with tears running down my face. It was SO real I will never forget it! Ever since then, I have had a wonderful peace in my heart every time I think of him. I know it was real!!! Thanks Sam for asking this for you next contest. Wether I win or not, it brought back tears to my eyes:)

Unfortunately my dreams that I remember don't seem to be the happiest. I have two recurring dreams that I've had since I was a little girl.

1. I am a little girl but for some reason I'm in a wheelchair, no sure why. But my mom is calling me and while I'm distracted my "friend" pushes me down the flight of our basement stairs. That's when I wake up!

2. Again I am a little girl and I see my father, dressed in his chaps, boots with spurs, vest and cowboy hat. So it's a western theme dream. I walk out of the saloon (not sure what a little girl is doing in there) anyway I swing open the two swing half doors (you know the ones with slats) and I see my father engage in a standoff/draw with another cowboy. Unfortunately the other cowboy as the first shot and it hits my father. I basically see it hit my fathers head, he gets thrown back on the ground. Again, this is where I wake up!

I'm scared to get these interpreted for fears that it will tell me something I don't want to know.

My most vivid, strangest dream had to be a dream I had when I was pregnant with my daughter. In my dream I was in a world like in the movie "Labyrinth" complete with David Bowie as the goblin king, except instead of goblins they were cats! All these cats were doing musical numbers with Bowie and it was so beyond bizarre that when I woke up I thought that I had lost it and half expected my cats to be belting out the lyrics from the movie.

I actually have a recurring dream that even though we are taking precautions and have no intention of having more kids. Since before I had kids, now have 2. I have an extremely real feeling dream that we have twins. My husband is a twin so maybe it's related to that somehow. Hopefully anyway. :).

I am a person who tends to have A LOT of vivid dreams, but one that I will ALWAYS remember was during the 3 years that my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child and went through 2 miscarriages. It was like a wedding ceremony, but instead God was showing me my 2 children that were with Him in heaven and also my future children that I would have here on earth. I also saw a handful of other children that some of my other friends would have. It wasn't about the specifics of what the children looked like, but more the promise of the childeren to come. Wow.... Actually I'm so glad you posted this Sam cuz I'm remembering this dream more & more and realizing that I had seen my BFF's future children and she's been trying to conceive for over a year now! I had this dream like 4-5 years ago and have forgotten! I need to go call her right now! (oh, and yes, we now have 2 awesome, healthy kids!)

They say that if you dream about the sex of the baby when you are pregnant, that is what you will have.

Well, I was pregnant with my first and was convinced that I was having a boy. So was practically everyone else. Strangers would stop me on the street, look at me and say, "you're having a boy!"

On night I had this crazy, vivd dream as if it was real life. In my dream, I had the baby. A wonderful newborn girl. I was in my Aunt Barbara's kitchen (go figure?) trying to nurse her and she jumped out of my arms, ran acros the floor, put her arms on her hips and said, "you've got to be kidding me, give me a bottle with some formula, lady!"

I woke up scratching my head. Not only did I have a girl, but she came out being able to walk, talk and back talk!

Well, almost seven years later I can tell you that my oldest little angel is 100% girl and full of attitude! It took her a couple years to learn how to talk back, though!

I would love to tell you about this wonderful dream that I had but I can't remember it...LOL!

I guess that is mommy brain for you. How do you girls remember this stuff? I am lucky to remember to brush my teach everyday??

When we first found out we were moving to England in October of last year, I was sooooo excited that it was all I thought about. I remember after about a week of googling everything there was to google on Egland, I had the funniest dream. I dreamed that I was Austin Powers sidekick, that blonde girl in the one movie. We would go around London in his little convertible and we would just scream "yaaa babbbyyyyy!!" I looked much better in the little short dresses than I look now, if I must say so. I remember we were driving down the street and all the sudden we were walking down a hallway to meet the queen and standing along the wall (like the kids in the high school halls)were the spice girls and the beatles. They were all giving me the thumbs up, like "go gettem tiger!!". I dont remember actually meeting the queen, but it was the funniest thing ever....Im so glad I have the support of the spice girls and the beatles when I need them.....we go way back. lol :)

One day when I was 6, I got into my grandma's sewing room and messed up the threading on her serger. She was so upset and yelled at me. It was the one and only time that she ever yelled at me like that. That night she had a stroke and died. Growing up, I always thought that that I had somehow caused her death.

One night in my college years, I dreamed of my grandma. She was exactly as I remembered her. She told me that I didn't cause her death and that she was sick. She told me it wasn't my fault and to not feel guilty for it. Even though as an adult I knew these things, just hearing her say these things instantly lifted any guilt that I had harbored as a child. It wasn't the typical wonderful dream, but I thought it was wonderful.

For some reason I have dreams about zombies every once in awhile.
I can't remember every detail but this was a bit of the dream.

There was a few of us still alive (at work)
we were still changing mannequins and doing our jobs. (why am I still working on changing my mannequins when there are zombies trying to get in? Weird.)

when I was pregnant with my first child for the last month of my pregnancy every night I would have a dream that my baby came out brown color(I am not sure what race she was just not white) I fully prepared myself for the moment when she was born becauae the dream was so real. The first thing I asked the nurse when she came out was what color was she. I am sure they thought I was on some medication:)

Gosh I hope I can put this in words that make sense. 10 years ago today I gave birth to twin boys (Cody Nicholas and Zachary Patrick) Sadly due to complications they were born too soon and only lived a few days.

While I was pregnant with them and before I knew there were problems. I had a dream that my twins were spending Christmas with my Grandmother (she had died while I was in college) and with her was a man in the dream called Andrew. At the time I had know idea who that was. I just remember waking up and being freaked out that by the dream because it was very detailed and vivid.

Anyway they were born on Oct. 3rd 1999 and as I said before they both passed on a few days later. In the months afterward I told my mother about my dream (the grandmother in the dream was her mother) As I told her about it and the man named Andrew. She told me that my Grandfather, who died before I was born, middle name was Andrew :) I never knew that about him. I always assumed he was Kyren Charles because that's my Uncle's name and I thought he was named after his Dad. Apparently they chose a different middle name for him.

During that first difficult year. That dream actually brought me a little comfort. I thought it was God's way of letting me know that my boys were being taken care of and I was going to be ok. :)

A year later I gave birth to another son who I named Bryce Andrew. We now have 3 total at home with us and I would not change a thing about my life. :)

Thanks for giving me a chance to share this today.

I have a small family. Growing up we always spent the holidays together. As we got jobs, married, and/or had children we did not spend as many holdays together as we used to. However whenever anyone missed a holiday, we always got a phone call to wish us Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas and the phone was then passed around so that we could actually talk with everyone.

A few years ago, my cousin was killed by her estranged fiance. It was obviously a very sad and tragic event for my family. About a month after the memorial service, I had a dream. We all were at my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving. The phone rang and my Uncle picked it up...and was chatting. He then passed the phone to me. It was my cousin who was calling. She said, "Hi Jack. I just wanted to call and let you know that I am OK". I don't remember saying anything back, but I remember feeling an immense feeling of peace. It has been almost three years and I can still here her voice. I always wondered if she suffered due to the horrific details of her death. I never had any doubts about that again. Dreams are so powerful and it is amazing the power of their ability to heal the heart.

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