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Can't wait to see it girl - I bet it is fabu!

ps - so do I send you my addy? *winks*

congrats on your new place!!

im such a dufus! yes, winners, PLEASE send me your size and address!!!

SOOOO nice to see you back!! I have to admit... every time I see an owl anything, I think of you - congrats on your new place... that is SUCH an exciting time!!!

So nice to have you back Sam!! Sorry you had the dreaded swine flu :(...but Yay!!! on your new place :)

Please don't ever leave us for that long again!! We miss you too much!

Hey lady, I was starting to worry about you. Congrats on the new place! Oh, the Lady Adyson had eye surgery last week, so no glasses. It was to correct her lazy eye, she was a trooper!

Missed you girl! Glad to see you are back and congrats on your new digs!!

So glad you are back. I am excited to see pics of your new place. Talk to you soon!

Ok - Now I'M the dork - where do I email you? LOL

Glad you are feeling better and with some fantastic news!
How exciting to be able to decorate.

There are some fantastic owl pieces out there:)
Have fun!

So excited for you and your new place. Can't wait to see pics!!

So glad your not sick anymore!!

Jen G and the many other winners, email me at samm@matildajaneclothing.com please!

Incredibly excited for you! I remember the first place that was just mine. That was such a great time in my life.

Really looking forward to you pics.

Congrats on your own place! A milestone to remember. I'm now a mother to two teenage boys and a just turned five year old girly girl.
Sometimes, not too often, but I will close my eyes and think of all "my own places" that I had. The best part....the quiet. I do love my kids and their many varied noises, even dear husband and his talk radio, teethburshing/flossing noises. It's amazing how loud dental floss can be when you want quiet. Oh, the point is....enjoy!

Oh how exciting! I didn't move out until I was married (at the ripe age of 19 lol) but LOVED my first place. A dinky dinky place but I was sooooo happy! I have the best memories and I try to tell my kids (who think you can only be happy in a mansion) that you're probably the happiest when you have the least amount of stuff because you usually are working the hardest to have it and appreciate it so much more.

Can't wait to see and congrats to the winners! Oh and it was only a month and a half...*sweep*sweep*

welcome back & wow.. can't wait to see pics.

Welcome back !!! I've missed :( reading your blog and was worried when I heard you were down sooo sick. My 15 yr. old grandaughter had it for 2 wks. ! Thats alot of missed school... I know the girls at MJC missed ya! Congrats on your new place ! I think your colors sound great. Will be waiting to see pics.

Welcome back and congrats on the new place! You stated that "WE" signed the lease. Is there something else your not telling us??????

That is such exciting news....I remember when I got my own apartment and how excited I was to paint, shop at Target, buy a new toilet brush and just sit on my couch and admire my baby blue walls :) It was one of the best times of my single life! Oh those were the days at 1510 Southampton Drive in Benicia, CA.....ahhh, sometimes I wish I could just go back and have one more night in the shoes of a bachelorette! lol...You rock girl, have a blast!

So I've been meaning to ask you....what kinds of bracelets are you wearing these days? :)

Happy Thanksgiving to the best gal in the world!

San Francisco, CA

uuuuooohhhhh....I've been away from the blog for a couple of weeks and look at what I have missed! Congratulations on your new place Sam!!!Can't wait to see pics.

What an AMAZING dress you made for photo love!!! I so want one for my girls!!!

Congrats on the new place!!!!!!!

oh and i had the swine flu and felt like dying.....blah...oh and it was right after i had recovered from my seasonal flu vaccine reaction!!!!

Nice job on the dress.

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