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Thank you again Sam for the wonderful gift you gave to the 2 little girls. I finally got to see them a couple days ago and they were both wearing their new MJ.
They looked so adorable and everyone was gushing over them. I think they really enjoyed wearing such beautiful girly clothes and they had big smiles on their faces.

Thank you, to you & Denise for such a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise!

Oh Sam....what wonderful people you are and an amazing company you are part of! So glad y'all exist!:-)

It's so "full circle", isn't it?? I truly believe the good you do comes right back to ya....and just making someone's elses day is usally good enough!

You are such a blessing to so many others.....I'm sure you will only be blessed in return :)

We missed you Sam!!! glad to hear from you again hope your holidays went well :)

It was an amazing gift in sooooo many ways! THANK YOU!

Is always so much better to give than recieve...
One of the MANY reasons I love MJ :) one of Many.. Theres so many reasons.
Bless you Sam for sending them and Denise for allowing you to help those in need...

Thank you all so very much for putting smiles on faces .Your true love and generosity was much appreciated.The clothes are adorable as always,and turn heads where ever they are worn.The youngest little girl was so in love with her new striped stockings. All she could say was," I have stockings like Pippi ". God bless you and yours this Holiday Season. Luv ya !

OK so why are the comments disabled on Denise's blog?

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