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Girl it is so damn cute - as is your boyfriend! Is that a 'felt' mustache? LOLOL - I am loving it. Hee Hee.

When I had been dating my boyfriend for a couple of years, he gave me a very pretty gold and silver ring that I loved! I wore it every day and never took it off. Well, when we graduated from college, my grandma gave me a ring as a graduation gift so I took off my gold and silver ring and tried on the one from my Grandmother. In the chaos of the meal, the wait staff cleared our table and my ring was never to be found. I cried for days. My boyfriend is now my husband of eleven years and a few years ago he bought me a beautiful jewelry box for Christmas. I was thrilled with it and opened it right up! Inside was an exact replica of that ring I'd lost years before. I was so happy that I cried (again!) That is my favorite ever Christmas gift, not only because of the ring itself, but because my husband remembered it and how special it was to me. That's one reason I love him so!!

the year after my daughter was born my hubby got me the best gift ever- he was already in trouble...he never got me anything for mother's day- my first mother's day- and he gets the mother of his child nothing. He heard it from me....... well xmas rolls around and last but not least- was a beautiful rose and white gold and diamond art deco ring- absolutely fabulous- I had seen it and fell in love with it- and when my hubby walked into the jewelry store- the owner knew that I liked it....and so he got it for me. I was so surprised since he had NO CLUES from me that I liked this ring. I cried. I have never cried opening a present- and I cried at this one.

Sam, you're a doll-baby!! Love your new place!!
Take care.

Before having kids, I used to teach preschool. Needless to say, I have received many unusual presents over the years. However, hands down, the most bizarre gift was a beautifully wrapped gift box containing a dozen pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose? What on earth? :) I always start laughing when I think of that present. :)

Oh my gosh we had the same kind of tree as you growing up. It was skinny & tall, well for me being a kid and all. And with the same star, except our was blue where yours is green.

Best gifts. Got 2 the same day. Lucimarie was born Christmas day. I don't think people know how cool that is unless you have held your child for the very first time Christmas morning. It really brings the meaning of Christmas in a different kinda way.
I guess on the other hand it kinda sucks for her because the Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, here you go has already started.

She turns 4 this year and thinks that everyone is putting lights up for her Birthday. It's kinda cute. But we are teaching her that she shares a birthday and that they are putting the lights up for him.

The second gift I got from my husband after getting home with Lucimarie.
When I walked through the door, the first thing I saw a picture of me and hubby on our wedding day. What was so special about it was that is was in a frame that I had bought almost 25 years before. When I was around 10 years old, I saw the most beautiful porcelain heart picture frame. I saved up my money and paid about 30.00 dollars for it. I wanted to put a picture of the first person I ever truly fell in love with in there. It sat empty for 25 years. I got married and had forgot about it. A year after getting married hubby and I were moving things around to make room in our 1 bedroom apt. for the baby due in a week (little did I know it was less than 2 days) found it. I told him about it and was going to pick a picture. But Luci had other plans for me. Hubby picked the perfect picture for me though.

If you made it this far reading my jumble of words, bless your heart.
Anytime I'm on the computer I get interrupted many times from Luci and Lyra (17months) and stop to give leg swings.
What are leg swings you might be thinking? Well, I sit in a tall chair, feet about 8 inches off the floor. The girls each grab a leg and sit on my foot and I swing them. That is the only way I can be on the computer. Plus it's exercise ;-)~

Hey Sam! Ahaha on the mustache, I'll have to send ya a pic of my hubby, if you look at him funny he grows hair.
Most touching gift had to of come this year, it was a dual Thanksgiving/Xmas gift for my family and kids. We're quite hand to mouth and were not going to have enough $ for Thanksgiving diner due to timing and checks and I was feeling guilty about using Ady's birthday money for my meds. An angel on a mom board I am on sent us a gift card for Thanksgiving dinner and then a couple of weeks later a HUGE box arrived with toys and gift cards for the kids!! I was floored, so so so touched. As soon as we had some surprise xtra $ I paid it forward to a sweet little angel on the board whose birthday was last Friday. I still can't believe the generosity I've seen over there and smile every time I think about it!

And a fun gift story: The hubby and I are total kids and I keep laughing because this year all he wanted were some comics and the green lantern ring set. I told him not to get me anything so we could save the $ but he insisted so I said 'ok, find me something cheap, cute, like food with a smiley face on it' I am a SUCKER for inanimate objects that have eyes and a smile drawn on them :)
Apparently he succeeded in his search, can't wait to see my smiley food items!!

My hubby is soooo thoughtful.... But when it comes to buying gifts, well lets just say he wasn't blessed with the perfect gift buying gene, to say the least. So, I have a cute little tool set, with everything I would need to be as handy as I get. But one year he decided I needed more(maybe he secretly wanted them for himself or was just trying to get out fixing anything?!?) I never did find out. Anyway, on Christmas morning I was surprised to open a HUGE set of tools I didn't need and for sure didn't want! So to say the least, they went back to the store, and I bought myself something I needed, well really wanted;)

Sam I am totally loving the vibe of your place...from the curtains to the chair and skinny tree - love it!

As for your BF - he is a hoot with that 'stache - so 70's Show!

OK here is my story...a few Christnmas seasons ago I ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up tape or wrap or something. Brae was 2 and I lifted him up into the shopping cart, otherwise he'd turn the store upside down. As I lifted him into the cart I banged my hand - ouch.
As I was doing my shopping (and browsing), Brae reached for my left hand and said , "ouch"...I looked down and saw that he poked himself with the prongs from my engagement ring! The diamond was GONE...so I am on my hands and knees looking around the Dollar Tree for my 1.25 carat diamond - do you know how much glitter is on the floor at Christmas time at the dollar store?!

Needless to say I was very upset but decided to look one more time, starting at the front of the store...sure enough, there was my sparkler right near the shopping carts where I had banged my hand -a miracle- whew!

I got home and showed my husband the ring with no diamond-he lost all of the color in his face. I told him I did find the stone-color came back.

On Christmas Day, the very last gift I received from him was a HUGE engagement ring, like, it fit around my wrist and the "diamond was as big as my fist....it was a gag-he said there was no way I'd lose that one....it totally makes a great paperweight ;)

Best gift I ever received was a framed picture of me and my newborn daughter. My hubby took it (candid) and decided it was beautiful, framed it and gave it to me. So special - because it was a true surprise and a really sweet representation of his "two girls" from his point of view.

Loved it.

Best Christmas gift I ever gave was a custom calendar to my Mom. Each month had a picture memory from our family growing up. She cried.

The best Christmas gift that I have ever received is my engagement ring from my husband. :) The story is so cute! He had already told his family and mine that he was going to propose, so he was afraid someone would let it slip during the Christmas celebrations, so he decided to give it to me on December 23rd. I went to his apartment, and he wasn't there when I arrived. He had left post-it notes all over saying "Don't open" and "Don't look here", etc. When he got there he gave me my gifts and everytime he gave me one he said, "Shut your eyes." On the 3rd gift, I opened my eyes and he was on one knee with a box in his hand. I remember telling him, "If this is another pair of earrings..I'm going to get you!"--since we had dated for so long, ;) After he proposed he told me about all of the other cute ideas that he was going to do, but it was too cold to picnic outside, and to go where we first met, and he was going to let our Pug puppy carry it on his collar, but he was afraid that he would eat it--LOL! It was a very memorable Christmas!

The best gift I have ever given is any gift to my little girl. I LOVE to watch the excitement on her face! It is so very precious to me! :)

Sam...Great to see a picture of your place! I love the green, well also my favorite color.

I have to say my funniest, was when I opened up the box and found this bright orange shirt blouse. (the orange of parole jumpsuits)
That not only the color was horrid but it also had a snap button leotard. Yep, I guess so I didn't have to keep tucking in the blouse into my early 90's jeans.

My grandmother from England was coming into town for Christmas (I was in grade school) Cabbage Patch Kids were the rage. Fighting in stores, they were sold out everywhere. I opened up my Christmas gift and there was my CPD, straight from England. I still have him, Timothy. I just remember how badly I wanted one as a little girl.

PS...the serious look on Mark's face is priceless :)

Looks like your place is coming along!! My favorite christmas present was a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was in 1st grade. I know it isn't a touchy story, but it is still the best memory! They were sold out everywhere! I overheard my grandparents telling my Mom that they had waited in line for hours and didn't get one. I figured if my grandparents couldn't get it....Santa was surely not going to! Well, Christmas morning I opened Peggy Sue and was thrilled beyond belief! I couldn't wait to run down the street and tell my best friend (who is still my best friend). I was sure Santa had brought her one too! However, that was not the case. In a way it made me feel more special. We played with that doll and dressed it up for years!! Anyways....that was my best Christmas present!

The best present I ever received was last year on Mothers Day when my daughter was just barely 4 , my husband helped her write out a Mother's Day Card that said "I love you Mommy". To see this in her handwriting just made my heart melt. I am going to keep that card forever :) Last week I came home and she made me a bead necklace the one with letters. It spelled out my name, my husbands name, her name and of course our dog's names! She was so proud and the look on her face was so sweet when she was giving it to me :) I think sometimes its not what you buy but rather what you make that can win the hearts of others! Those things are my most treasured gifts for sure!

By the way love the tinsel on the tree it takes me back to when I was growing up we loved throwing it up onto the tree!

Happy Holidays :)

Okay, this might be a strange favorite gift and it's kind of a long story. So bear with me, lol.

One of my friends gave me a huge hammock for my 20st birthday. I was living in a small apartment in a small town in Switzerland back then. I had no use for a huge hammock and I found it to he an odd gift. The hammock sat in a bag in my closet for four years, never used once.

Now you might think, why would that be a favorite, best gift? Read on, girly!

When I was 24, I went to the States, met my now hubby, got married, had kids. The hammock was now stored at my lovely grandma's house in Switzerland. I had forgotten all about it.

Then, in 2004 (by now I was 30!), my grandma passed away. We just happened to be on vacation in Switzerland anyways. Grandma made it convenient for me ;-). Or maybe she held on for dear life until I had a chance to say goodbye... I loved that granny of mine TONS. Soooo... I had to clear out all my junk from her house and what did I find??? THE HAMMOCK! I was contemplating what to do with it, it was big and heavy... too much trouble to bring it to the States. BUT... my hubby insisted to pack it in his suitcase. Let's say he fell in love with it at first sight.

And you know what? Ever since summer 2004 this once neglected hammock has gone camping with us. And it has brought us comfort and joy... many hours of relaxing or rough swinging (depending who's in it, lol).

And every camping trip I think of my friend who gave this to me so many years ago. And I also think of my grandma, since I associate the discovery of the hammock with her death.

That's it. Strangest, but best present ever. A hammock.

Our adoption agency had called us before Christmas to ask if we were interested in a little almost 11 month old little girl w/a heart condition. My husband was VERY reluctant of adding another child w/special needs to our family (we already had 3 kids, one with special needs). I cried for days, since it really seemed quite obvious that he was saying, "No." Then, he came home with a card that simply said that he loved me and that he was ready to go and get our little girl.
That was the very best Christmas gift ever. And our little girl - our caboose - just turned 4 years old yesterday!

Christmas was the ultimate fun time for my brother and I. We would stay up all night and wait for Santa. My all time favorite present was the black Cabbage Patch Doll. I loved her so much even though she didn't look much like me.( I am pretty pale :) I still remember her and I wish I would have kept her for my daughter.

One of my favorites was from back when I taught first grade. I got pregnant in the fall and was hoping to finish out the year (I was due in May), but when we found out it was triplets, I had to leave early and go on bedrest. One of my students made me a homemade book of night time prayers to read to the babies. It was the sweetest thing and made me cry on the spot. While some of it was hard to read (although I was an expert at reading first grade writing ;0)...the drawings were priceless and it still sits on my boys bookshelf. So priceless...luv it...

Sam! This is not a real entry because I just won a great blog prize for my lil sis. But one of the best gifts we ever got was our blog prize from you (on Oliver's weight). We are still pinching ourselves round here. Thanks a kerjillion.

Well lets see, the most heart warming gift Ive ever received was a few years ago from my mother in law....My second daughter was born severely premature at 26 weeks...it was bad....before I had her my husband was pulled aside by the nurse and told to "make arrangements" for the child....she spent the first 80 days of life in the NICU and today she is a beautiful spunky little 4 year old....she is our miracle....a couple years ago for Christmas my MIL gave me a figurine from Willow Tree, the angel of Miracles.....the second I saw it I burst into tears...I have collected them ever since for milestones in our life. That was DEFINITELY the most memorable heartfelt gift Ive received.

Funniest gift or re-gift I should say.
A neighbor gave me a picture album. Paging through it I saw that she had forgotten to remove a couple of pages of her photos from a trip abroad. Still has me laughing. But can you believe it, a few years later someone else re-gifted a photo album to me. No pictures this time but lots of hair in the photo slides, gross.

The funniest gift that I ever got at Christmas was a pair of queen sized white kneehighs! I don't think that the gift from my grandmainlaw was intended to be funny but the shock that I had as a newly married young woman opening Christmas presents at my inlaws was a bit overwelming. I don't know what I expected but queen sized kneehighs with the 99 cent price tag still attached was not it. So here 's to wishing everyone a Christmas without 99 cent kneehighs unless of course you ask for them LOL.

My Best gift was given to me by my hubby...back when he was courting me. :0) See...I would not give the poor guy the time of day! :0P I wasn't interested in having a boyfriend but for some reason they were all stalking me at the time. LOL (There goes the wanting what you can't have thing! LOL!)
I kept joking about needing a sword & a shiled to fend off the guys! lol

So For Christmas...he buys me a teddy bear, made him armour out of felt & a sword & shield out of POPSICLES sticks!!! He named him "Sir George" haha!
I gave him the time of day after that! ;0)

He made it even cuter (or more corny...take your pick! LOL!) By proposing to me with a female bear holding my engagement ring...and on our wedding day I received 3 little bears. (representing the kids we'll have together)

yeah...he's not as sweet anymore. lol I'm pretty sure I haven't got another gift from him since. :0p

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