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This is the first time I have responded, so I hope I am doing this right... Congratulations on the cup! My guess is that it is the owner of the Komet's daughter. Thanks!

My guess is going to be Olivia Guinn daughter of Robb Guinn the former Kommets Hockey player who died in July 2008. If I am correct I hope I win because it took some investigation!

My daughter wore Matilda Jane on t.v. when she was on my director friend's show called A Place of Our Own. I'll have to see if I can get you a copy of the show. She wore the Piece by Peace green peasant top and the Rosie in Love ruffles with the matching top from the Anticipation line. My DD was in two segments of the show.

Have a great day!

My previous post isn't showing up so I am posting again. Sorry about the duplication if it happens!

MJ hits it big! I love Taco Bell. Is that Audrey?

How cool is that? I don't know if she's luckier to wear MJC or be in the midst of the hockey team. Guess that depends on if it's before or after the game...

I think I know! Her name is Ava Chaulk. Her dad is Colin Chaulk and he plays for the Komets!

I think it's Ava! Please, please, please be right!!!! :)

Guessing that it is Ava.
Very cool!!

Throwing out a guess. Is it Denise our hockey fan?

That would be the daughter of #91 from the Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club - Colin Chaulk who is a Center.

*fingers and toes crossed* Pleeeeeeease let me be right....I've never, ever, ever won a blog prize before. Eeek

I'm going to guess Lulu???

amber comes to mind------

I'm going to guess she is the daughter of a Fort Wayne Komets hockey player :)

How Cool is that?! Um...I have no idea though :(...I'm gonna say Shirley Temple?! :)

is it sara's little girl, audrey?

No clue who the little lady is, plus I just won so I'll let others guess, but just wanted to say, HOW COOL!!!!!!

I'm going with Colin Chaulk's daughter... I googled the team, looked at the player's pics and well, the guy with the beard looks most like Colin Chaulk ;-).

I think it is Ava Chaulk.

I have NO IDEA WHO that little girls is..but that is sooo kewl MJ is on the cup!!! :0)

I'm going to guess the daughter of Colin Chaulk, the hockey player for the Komets. Is her name Ava?

This is not an entry but just a "WAY TO GO!!" for the Taco Bell cup photo AND for the Southern Living picture. I'm looking forward to seeing the SL photo. Can you even imagine how many more people are going to be excited about Matilda Jane Clothing????? You may need to rent the 3rd floor soon.

I think it's Colin Chaulk's daughter, Ava, too!

It is Colin Chaulk's daughter, Ava. How cool is that to have MJC on a Komets cup?

My guess is Ava.

I wanna see the SL pic too!

Pretty Sure Thats Ava Chaulk

I googled and came up with this .. Ava Chaulk, Colin Chaulk's daughter.


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