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Awwwww, big hugs! Hopefully you will get to see him often!!

OMG the Jersey Shore is so funny... it is the trainwreck that I can't stop watching!

Oh you're going to love to visit him. No. Cali. is so pretty. The coast is awesome and there are a lot of pretty amazing old homes and buildings.

There you are, :), you slow blogger you.
Careful in CA, you'll get discovered walking around all gorgeous and modest and then leave us for Hollywood.
Ady says hi, you're her new love!

Awwww....I know that is heart breaking girl :(

Humboldt county...the northern part of Cali LOL oh wow really shouldn't go there with that song heehee

Girl you spend as much time with your guy.
At least you have Cali to look forward too.

No you have to be busy can't believe next month, spring already!

So excited to win!!! Thank you so much! I live in California. I hope you enjoy your visit here when you come!

Opps, didn't mean to put my real name!

So glad to see you are back - aww your love muffin is going away...well like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder...and you will have a blast when you go see him in Cali :)

OMG I saw Jersey Shore for the 1st time the other day! My hubby & I watched it toegther & laughed our butts off because those kids are so crazy. 'Snookie". Lmao!!! How awesome you get to go to Cali!!! I've never been but definately dream of going!!! There & NYC too!!! :0) One day!!! ;0)

I cannot believe I WON!!!!! Thanks you so much SAM and Matilda Jane! Love Ya All!

If you make it to San Francisco on your visit, please come see me! I'm a fantastic tour guide and I live right near the zoo and across from the beach! Would love to treat you and your beau to a drink for all that you do for us! :)


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