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April 17, 2008


ohh childhood! and the adult look....would look wonderful on me! are those boots made for walkin'? lol!

No eyes! that is hilarious and adorable and so sad! what a sweet boy!!! You can remind him of that in a few years when he is setting the poor eyeless ants on fire with a magnifying glass in the sunshine, LOL!!!!

I LOVE Isiah Thomas - I need to send you a picture of us together when I was 12 - I just melted when I met him. Maybe all Indiana girls just loved him..

I am laughing out loud reading this. You are too funny! I thought I was bad with my crushes when I was younger but I can honestly say I never even thought to invite them to my graduation:) I love that skirt. I need to order one or two asap since the weather is actually gettting nice finally.

Ok I had to look it up because I had not heard of him being relieved of his job,but because of current circumstances I am not surprised. Still sad though, I did like Isaiah when he played for the Piston's, he had great and magnetic athleticism.

i loved isiah when i was in high school because he was the shortest player out there and yet, he was still one of the best!! (needless to say, i was the shortest player usually, at an exaggerated 5'3" and was a strong one on my team, too. i love basketball!) he has the most perfect smile, gorgeous teeth and, at the time as i haven't followed him lately, a beautiful complexion. BTW, received my dandy knot dress and celery ruffle pants and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! audra has worn them twice already and luvs the comfort and attention she gets. THANKS for doing what you do!!

Oh my hubby loves Isiah Thomas too (in the "greatest basketball player" sense). So sad, poor guy!
I love picturing Gabe sad because of the poor ants without eyeballs! Love the new banner - such a cute picture!

2 year olds are the best! Love em! And those chunky little legs in your previous post, fricken cute!!!

OMG!!!! You freakin crack me up....off to google Isaih Thomas....who is he???

Oh goodness...I Love 2-year olds!! My guy is two as well; yesterday we found an earthworm and he wanted to know where the worm's book was??!--it took me a minute to remember that we had been looking at a photo in Wondertime magazine where a worm was reading a little book. Like I said, I love 2-year olds (most of the time ;)...).
Also, did you see you are on the designmom.com blog? Yay!

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