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March 26, 2009


hey Da, i have been around.

I had to put a lot of stuff in a consignment and that took me forever to get ready. then i had to work the dang thing to get the early shopping chance.
and it was spring break so we were outta town.

did u get that knot that circus knot prize when the other ganstas did? i heart it.

Hi Ladies- I am back from my 4 star hotel experience at $36 a night. I can not tell you how fabuloso it was to be treated like a princess at the grill no less. Yeah I spent $30 on a burger, fries and a drink but the certainlies, may I place an order to have your favorite beverage (diet dr pepper) available for your during your entire stay, the may I get you another drink, may I get you a to go drink, may I get you more this & that, certainly miss, certainly this, certainly that, Holy Cow, I was in heaven...
Now, for 435 and Plymouth boy did I miss a lot....I am now checking on getting incredible pricing to the very best hotels in Fort Wayne and Plymouth, I will keep you ladies all up to speed if I can find a killer hotel deal, I am on the hunt, I have to be at one of these shows so I can buy more MJ and the only way to do that will be to have a killer hotel deal, Anyone else want me to check for them I will, my goal is to try for 80% off but %60 is acceptable, I will keep every one posted on the y group

hey there hot mamas - can I possibly get some measurment/ sizing help from you all?

My daughter has some shortie legs and so we need bottoms with about an 8-9 inch inseam. I am desprate for some more ruffles, but it looks like most are only in sz 2 - so if you have the dottie or goldie ruffles in a sz 2 - could you please measure them for me - also looking for help with the big leafy ruffles sz 12m or 2 (thats whats available)

One last sizing question - how is the sara top running (I have heard it was reported to be a bit wide?)

thanks for your help ladies - I need another MJ fix and am planning to order Wed morning on my friends show! Feel free to email info/ help you have
amtnbikerswife (at) hotmail (dot) com

lil-j- that rocks to.....ooo wic one to be
yall t=need to pick for me. I guess we could combine

Since we are all nuts.. and your a Dr.
We could always call you the The^Nut^DOC... lol
I love it

******* MY4loves******
Please let me know when you get your goodie, please.

Nope sashadvm wants a new name So I think since sasha rings with cash we need to make her the gansta cashr.. So help me out here...
LoChashA' Kind of hang a ring 2 it. huh?

Shout out to Masta Knot Krunk on vay-cay!!!

We were just talking about how amazing you are! You were my first Knot experience, so I decided to check out some other designers, to see the difference and NEVER AGAIN!!! You have spoiled it for all other designers because you are hands down the BEST! I just look at the other outfits on my baby and think that this is no where near as nice as the MASTA's outfits. Can't wait for that online art fair...gotta get me some more o the Krunkin clothes!

Where you been JDiddy? Are you over at that ebay group now? I still haven't joined 'cause I got enough on my plate. Trying to keep it simple and this blog is where my heart is first, I guess.
Let Loose post DEUCE!!!!!!!!!! ;)

crud bubbles, know=knot

again, dont send the David police!

ok, im ready for a new blog post because i need a chance to quit drooling over that know Sophia is wearing!!!! i NEED it!!!

lilJ- like the new name- thanks girl!

Announcing the newest gangsta gal-
CashA- aka the banker

I needa get my gangsta groove on now-

la ti da
I keep saying it- la ti da la ti da
its off to surgery I go yippee

lil- where's my gangsta name????

Have Fun :)
Have a GREAT VACATION!!!!!!!!!

Forget about work.
Just have fun.....

Lil J,

Thanks so much for the info for the gift shop. I will be sure to check it out and ask for her. I need t-shirts for both little ones because they are staying over night with a sitter for the first time ever and I want a Maker's Mark Bourbon cheese server!! I'm getting ready for my Derby party! As for the 435 trip I am in!! I already told my husband and he is heading to the final four on Thursday so I deserve a trip too!! Thanks again!

Denise dear,
You know I think you rock. I feel bad for not even mentioning it in the post before. You go with yo gangsta knot crunkin self.


Slim Jimma-
Got your FB but I haven't had a chance to wall you yet. As for teh 435 I am trying to figure out a way to fit it into the summer vacay plans. lol.

We lived near the IN/IL border so I am thinking we can go see friends, go to chi-town and then hit an art fair...either 435 or Plymoth. I wonder which one will be smaller...(like either of them will have less people at the MJ booth...lol) I think my husband would LOVE Plymoth but I have to get him on board.

Well I have to go be domestic now and attempt to cook...hopefully it will be edible. (I am a HORRIBLE cook and I am scared of raw meat. It doesn't make for a good combo)

Just wanted to give some feedback. I washed my daughters celery colored tank for the first time and the flower came off. I found it and can easily sew it back on. I just wanted to post it because I know there were some button issues last season.... The buttons seem more secure so far. We love all the new stuff. Its so fun having something new and fun to wear every day for a few days....

LOVE my Linens Big Ruffles. Wish I had a color for every day of the week. Has MJC thought about making xs size for adult? Would smile even bigger.

Head into the gift shop and see a lady named Patsy AKA Granny Patsy!
She runs the gift shop, oh the fun you'd have getting to go with her to stock that place... Oh I should hit her up to Matilda Jane... Nah, then it would be harder to buy!

She a wonderful someone one and she may even give you a discount.

hey denise!!!!!!!

whee are the pics of the adult haley???? That was the surprise dress at the TS...

I have my family photo shoot with SHANNON in 1 week!!! (hope I get my hotline order)- I would HAPPY to take a pic for you in a haley or any other dress for that matter if you want!! We are going to have a rockin good setting for the shoot- I cannot wait!

email me if you need anything!!!

so is the online one gonna be online or call in like last time?

either way im sure it will be all bought in a flash. i need to start saving now...after one last hotline purchase of course!

I am sooooo excited about the 435 show!!! I can't wait to get more info on it. I am so super excited that I don't know if I will be able to sleep from now until then.

Where's part 2!!?? LOL!!?
D- I sooooo need a Today mirror! Anytime girl- you make it, I'll buy it! LOL! Well i can dream right!?

I am new to MJ but have placed 3 orders in the last 3 weeks :) I can't wait to get everything and I am in LOVE with that first dress!!! Can't wait and hope that one is available to be bought. It would be perfect for our hot summers :) Thank you!!!

We HEART you DENISE!!!!!!

I know you guys are hockey fans! Are you heading to D.C. to cheer on the Redhawks at the frozen four? It was a tough choice, but we are heeding to Lexington for bourbon and horse races instead! And did I read correctly there is going to be another ballerina dress?? YAH!!!

puh leeeeeze art fair items for mommies
puh leeeeeze art fair items for mommies
puh leeeeeze art fair items for mommies

you rock denise! again I sentiment- if you make it....we will come buy it

Yes, another Ballerina...pretty please! She needs one!!

Denise, Please come to California to do an Art Fair!!! You sure have a lot of fans out here in Cali!!! I love Art Fairs!

Hey Slim...

Someone got an email from the Masta.....
This is what she had to say about the Ballerina!

~~~ QUOTE ~~~

You girls!!!
I'm on it
It'll be about a month but it'll be cute!!!

Sent from my iPhone

great info, thanks Denise!

would love to go and also hoping you will come to Milwaukee later this year!

sent you some pictures of Lola yesterday

thanks for mommy MJ this season - love IRIS dress and shrug!

Hey KeeKee, That would be OFF THE HOOK!!

But I think my husband would think I was crazy if I spent $500 on plane fare to go buy baby clothes =( But BELIEVE ME...I have been thinking about it for weeks now...I can only dream

Gangsta gurlz,
I'm thinkin we need to meet up at 435 this summer? What choo think?

I am SO there...I say that not having a clue when it is or where I am going but I am SO there. :) Guess I need to check with the hubby...but since he is forcing me to go to his family reunion (BAD in-laws) I think I can have a trip to the art fair? Maybe even Plymoth! Okay well that's all I got and my boy is up- I can hear him singing in his room so I gotta go.

LOVE the pics! Will send some good ones soon. I have an awesome camera but no patience for using it. :(
I also think I have all of Hotline now and almost all of Anticipation. My girl is set for the summer! ha ha ha...

Sure Slim..
I got your back today.
and digging my own grave all at the same time, oh me oh my!

I didn't mean it to "sound like that"
Shoot you know what I mean. lol
I would have spelled it another way if I was trying to be nasty.. I meant they come to see to movie bacause he was in it or to the corn field,,, ???/
I am just leaving this....
Sorry didn't mean this to be nasty but it is.

OOPS sorry Denise

LOL...Thanks for the support Lil J

Well it worked for Kevin Costner however when you look and him and then look at me...
I can SO see why they come for him...


Something like a ballerina!

Something like a ballerina!

Something like a ballerina!

Something like a ballerina!

I'm a 14-16 and can't wear a Large but these are the All Linen ruffles that have NO give to them at all....

Thanks ya'll

If you make it...we will buy!!! =)

Hey Masta Knot Krunk! I have a request...=) Can you make another dress like the ballerina that has a super soft top and gorgeous skirt. My baby girl loves wearing it so much that ours already has pulls on the front of the dress. Maybe another pink or purple dress? You know how all of us love the pretty girly colors =). So sad they sold out so fast and the only way to get another one is for $150 on ebay =(.

Sure McMONey! I'm cheap labor. Hopefully I won't be in your neck of the woods at the time of the 435 Art fair. We do go to Cali every summer, so hopefully they don't coincide. And don't worry, I checked in often last night, and it was quiet!!! We would never party without you.

Lil J, I'm about a size 8 and the small mommy ruffles were big on me. I definitely think the medium would fit a 10-14. A friend of mine is a 14 and she ordered the mediums...they have some give to them :)

Are those dates for the plymouth show right? I hope not, I am due to have my third baby on july 7th.Call me crazy if I can go three days later, and if this baby decides to come late. I suddenly got depressed at the thought of not being able to go.

Reading your blog today reminded me of when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's. My mom and my aunt both paint so we would go to art shows/fairs every weekend. It was so exciting to travel to all the different places. We stayed in my aunt's RV most of the time. Oh what fun we had!

Hey girlz!!! You were trying to have a party without me last night??? I was online, but didn't check here...

I wish I could go to 435, but since I live on the other side of the country, I don't see it happening. Da to the oh and StankyG, will you shop for me??

Lill J,
I never have enough money to spend on myself after all is said and done, so I'll be of no help to you my lady! lol Every stinkin' nickel and dime goes to my 3 lovelies. Maybe someday I'll be able to snatch up a li'l som-som'm for myself!
I went offline before you responded. You totally have my back. We could've got some convo going. Maybe later. Funny how I miss Denise when she doesn't pop in for a HOLLA!!! lol We're pitiful. But I think we should shoot for a road trip to 435 FO'SHIZZLE!!! That would be off da hizzo crunk! Let's watch for the dates and see if it could work.
Hey Denise... Da to the Ho-Oh and Stanky G road trippin' it to 435! WOOT! Hope the dates work!

LOVE the idea of an art fair at 435! Can't make Plymouth this year because of vacation plans.....but the 435 option sounds like a fun road trip! THANK YOU!

OK can anyone help me out here...
I need to know what size a large in ruffles for mommies would be...........

Does anyone know?
I'm thinking
either 10-12
or 12-14 but 14 falls into the plus size and I don't think Denise makes a plus
Anyone know?

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