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July 23, 2009


We are wearing our knickers today! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE them. They make my heart flutter..literally : ) Please make them in another line very soon. I am in love.

"i say cuz" they like eachother... isn't that how it always works? We're always worse to the ones we love. ;)
I don't handle those nighttime "mamas" very well either. If it's time for bed, then it's time for bed, child!!! My girls are masters at this.
So, Just thought I'd pop into say boo. I've been MIA. Glad to see you're doing well, mama.

I am dying to see some sneak peaks for Fall 2009 cothing? What about everyone else!!!!Eveyone in our town are having catalog parties for other companies so it is nice to look forward to MJC!!!!

What adorable pictures :) So precious!

bedtime.... Oh how I hate bedtime here..
they boys are the worse. They never want to sleep... Much like there mom, every night it's a battle of the sex's and I always win..
We do have (someone has) a wild pot bellied pig here and she has 3 piglets :)
I know b/c they eat out of our dogs feeder.. They are Soooo cute but 50 pds of dog food a wk is getting old.. lol

cute pics! Laney is cute!
got our party dresses. i have been waiting for it to come up since we first saw stella in it on the blog! SO CUTE!
you wanna know what else i got? some mighty acorns! no, i dont have a boy, but who can pass up that cutenes and great price? maybe i will have a boy someday...if not i know a lot of people! anyways, i put Mara in the board shors and the first little shirt. and....she looks just like Gabe! ok, not really, but its a cute outfit! I cant believe how excited i am about getting it without even having a boy...ha! i must be going crazy

What pretty girls! I *know* the ones in the first 3 pics- that's really cool! :)
I'm sure they must have a favorite piggy, tell us the truth, Melissa ;)

Kelly F.: Congrats! How sweet!!
Denise: Hope Joe is feeling better! Also, thanks for sharing the lovely pics!! We got our Platinum Label orders a couple of days ago ... thank you sooo much!!! As she gets older (just turned 7), my daughter is getting more and more into pants, rather than dresses (sigh :-(), and she went absolutely ga-ga over the knit ruffles I bought her. Oh my gosh, and the PT163 top ... it is so ADORABLE! It is, indeed, "Simply stunning." From the shinier labels to the cool backpack ... we're in looove ....

Thanks Denise for posting the girl's picture! That is our farm to the left (lovely gates) and the Himsel soybeans to the right! That's my farm tour!

I have been trying to talk my husband into getting me a pot bellied pig, but that doesn't look promising! :-) Maybe I will just take a baby pig from the farm, think they would notice? HMMMMM......

Thanks for the compliments ladies!
Have a great Friday!

ALright morgan and makenna!!! what beautiful girls Melissa!!!

pigs.....glad I don't have to work with pigs anymore! I only liked the babies (who doesn't??)- but can't stand the smell!

My daughter just started the "extended" bed time routine also!

Love all the beautiful pics!! Glad you enjoyed your visit with Michelle... I am LOL at Gabe and Stella not getting along *giggle* Poor Joe - throwing up is no fun.

I hope Joe is feeling better and glad you had a wonderful trip. I love seeing Miss Sydney up there with the rest of those beautiful mj girlies, she thinks she is a celebrity ;-) Thank you Denise, you made our day!

hope everyone had a wonderful time.
My husband finally saw the "ma ma" constantly, when we were on vacation. He had no idea how it can really get on the nerves :)
Love always seeing the pictures, the girls look gorgeous.

Melissa your DD's are Beautiful!!!
I wish I lived on a Farm..AWESOME!!

Denise~I have 3 children and the bedtime rituals can get hard. I give mine a heads up when bedtime is getting close. They need to get the drinks, whines..etc out of the way. The I can have my "Wine"..hehehe ;)

All the Princesses are Beautiful that are pictured tonight.

Hugs~Amy L. in SC

Isn't my next door neighbor just a doll? Laney is so cute and she can rock the MJ!!

I am glad you had a great time with Michelle. So sorry about Joe...hopefully the throwing up has passed? Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

My two fight me every night at bed time too. Its amazing what they can think of that they need when they are suppose to be in bed. I am glad you had a nice trip. I hope Joe is feeling better! Goodnight!!!! :)

YAY! Laney was not as cooperative as she looks...trust me...Austin has to work to get her photo! My hubby asked me to marry him 10 years ago today and seeing our baby on the blog was the best present ever!!! Syd looks adorable too! Hope you get out of the "mamas" soon!

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