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July 14, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my platinum order. My fav is easily the lucky charms dress. Thank you!

Please make something else with that print at the hem. It is great....girly, fun, bright, and gorgeous.

OMG my Platinum orders shipped ! Can I say WOW . You sure do have it together this year has been fabulous! I can't wait to SWOON~~~~~~~~~~

Is there any adult items in the Platinum Collection? Oh, pretty please!

Denise, you totally made my day this morning! Thank you sooo much for the replens!! I was able to snag a few pieces, including two items that I had wanted so badly!!! So excited & cannot wait to see them in person ....

Love that little blue romper Denise! I recognize the sweet & studious Ady in the 3rd photo, what a doll.

is there anyway to get an adult bluebird dress either M or L?
love that dress....


So nice to meet you all from MJC at Plymouth.

I loved the blog entry and think it's soooo true. I also loved seeing Aiden and Addy in photos.

Thanks for designing the most awesome and fun clothing EVER!

That is so totally ME!!! I was introduced to MJ last month and have been stalking this blog and the MJ website, plus ebay to get my hands on anything I can! I've always had a thing for cute girls clothes, but this is true love. Thanks for a brilliant clothing line! My girls never looked cuter!

I just wanted to point out that that cutie little baby second from the top is the baby of the photographer who took the pics I put up on my blog. She's awesome, the photographer I mean, but so is the baby :)!

it's soooo true! Her blog is perfect. How you somehow bump into your first MJ. You put it on your little girl and boom your hooked!
I keep hounding my husband "did you send my payment in?" I'm hoping to score the 1 other dress I want! I've just been buying way too much. I keep saying, WAIT! I must save for fall:)
I think he's holding back, knowing I'm ready to try to get my next MJ item :)
I think I was able to get the knot dress I wanted when I woke up early yesterday and it was there in my size!!! EXCITEMENT!
Am I sick ???? :)

Denise- you are wonderful! compliments can not come enough.xxoo

i read your site periodically! i LOVE it and love all your cute clothes. you are very talented!!!

ok call me crazy....BUT....did i dream this?....this might have even been over a year ago. but i swear that you once did a blog on some dishes you love to collect that you had gotten for your birthday or something....if so,and if that was you, haha will you let me know what they were bc i LOVED them at the time. hahaha.

im getting married and would love to remember what those fabulous dishes were. if that was even you....

ali blagg

Too cute!!

Can you give a hint as to when replens will pop up? A riddle or something!

Looking at a pic like the second one from the top makes me want to have another baby (girl)! Denise, your clothes are indeed simply amazing, for their beauty, quality and comfort. As fantastic as your creations are, I think it is also you (and your three boys) that we all have fallen in love with. Never satisfied with the status quo, you are always hard at work trying to keep us happy, and we know you couldn't do that without the boys supporting you 100%. You are one fantastic human being, and we all are so lucky to have found you and MJC!

That, Denise, is a small glimpse in to the very souls that obsessively anticipate your blogs, the contests, the opening of the next season's line (and the TRUNK SHOW'S, BUENO!)LOVE you PENNY, my kick booty little TK (SHE REALLY DOES ROCK IT!), and the replenish of inventory on your online shopping. Any chance I get throughout the day to stop at my computer and check out the very loved MJC, I DO! I'm married to this company.Hehe. I am POSITIVE you have the likes and love from many artist and art teachers at that.

I read that blog earlier too and felt like it was about me! What a wonderful description of our addiction! Ady and Aidan look adorable! Kim you do need an intervention...but don't we all?! Thanks for all that you do Denise!!! I am counting the days to teh next line too!!!

It was so great seeing everyone again last weekend!! Okay...I am ready for the next art fair!!! Now I know if K~La is reading this she is thinking that I need an intervention! I am breaking this down so the time goes by fast...
Back to school
Fall line
Halloween (would love a pumpkin knot)
Shop for Christmas
Recover from Christmas
Spring/Summer line

awww, read Ashleys blog earlier tonite actually! too cute. thats me too. sigh.
I see Ady and Sir Aidan! so CUTE. i have a stinking adorable pic to send in. just toooooo lazy and busy....oh, and it has been a stinkin 107 degrees out. and i didnt even exaggerate on that!

When I read Ashley's blog, I felt like I was reading about myself! Great job Ashley!!

Denise, you stuff ROCKS!! My girls wear their MJC every day... and they love love love it!!

Take it all in Denise. You are pretty darn AMAZING!! We love you and can't wait for more. Thanks.

i had to giggle at the blog because i felt like i was reading a story about myself. lol! i just recently discovered mjc and i'm addicted as well! denise, your clothes are amazing!!! :)

Haha! Denise, no way! That's my blog. I can't stop the giggling over here. I just started blogging last week and this has got to be the most flattering thing that has happened to me...maybe ever?! I guess I'll keep at it :). Wow, just wow. AND, you deserve every ounce of the dedication your fans show you, you and your ladies :). Can I get a bumper sticker for my car now? "MJ Crazzee", haha!

Awwwww Lady Adyson and Sir Aiden :) Blush.
You rock me lady, I needed a smile and someone told me to check out the blog, and sure enough, I'm smiling :)

I think ure pretty great denise so keep it up ;)

You deserve every kind word and pat on the back you receive. I have only recently discovered MJC and I have the biggest clothing CRUSH ever.

Can someone please tell me the name of the dress or top the little cutie has on in the last pic with all the orange on the top? I so NEED that one. If you happen to have an extra in a size 2, I am your girl.


Ooh, I see some cuties I know! Go Jams!!! I also read that blog, it was great!!

Take care.

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