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July 17, 2009


omg, that is by far the best face I've ever seen. Boys!!!
Heart you- hope you are doing well and have a blast on your vaca! xoxo

just a word to the wise...my cousin soaped her son's mouth and she used antibacterial liquid handsoap. his gums were full of ulcers afterwards, he couldn't eat for a couple of days. there must be a better way...

We must get together soon and offer support! Our kids spent the entire day in their rooms without toys for talking back! Darn kids! BTW Myles's body does the same thing when he is mad... they must be a part of a secret society!

aww just the thought of the soap makes me cringe....My kids think too that they can escape from daily chores..I say clean your room Brennan and he says "but mom, it's soooo hard"......(oh pleaasssseeee!!) :) Oh to be a kid again! :)

oh, that's too funny..
brings back memories of my Mom threatening to wash my brother's mouth out with soap!

Ah...what a sad face, but his hair looks awesome!

Jamie! Sooo funny!! Now I'm laughing my "arse" off!!!

I threatened to do that to Kylee the whole trip. She likes to back talk now and we are going to solve that problem fast. It's gotten so bad that I told Collin to do something the other day and he looked at me and said "Why mom?" He is so cute I hate to punish him. She is rubbing off on her brother. UGH! I am going to start the soap today. Thanks for reminding me of my plan! LOVE the pics!!

My sister did the same thing with her kids and it worked like a charm.....I say go for it.......

That picture is PRICELESS -- and great blackmail material for when he is a teen!
All I can think of is Ralphie in A Christmas Story - "It twas.....soap poisoning."
Have a wonderful weekend!

I asked Jack to do something the other day & he looked at me, my hands full of laundry to be put away & in the middle of making dinner & said, "Why don't YOU do it, Mom...you're not doing anything else!" Seriously, the back-talk will drive a person crazy! Needless to say, we had a little talk after that comment!

We have used a little pinch of hot sauce before & it does help get them thinking about what they say!

Hope you have a great weekend!

OMGosh Denise - that is too funny! I have to share... My youngest brother is 10 years younger than me and lets just say that the oldest 3 kids (yeah, there's 4 of us) got the most discipline while the youngest escaped most of it. Well, I think he was around 6 or 8 or so and he had never gotten soap in his mouth before while the rest of us were well experienced in it. I don't remember what he said to finally drive my mom to the soap but he was so snarky thinking, yeah, soap in the mouth, whatever... I just remember the rest of us laughing after she did it and him going, "Oooooh yuck! It's STUCK in my teeth!" My mom would use the good old bar soap and basically grate it into your teeth. Made you think about what you'd said for a while.... ROFL.

Seriously Gabe is just too cute!! My little Dude hasn't started to talk back yet. But his sister does enough talking back for both of them. I had asked Ellie several times to clean up her room the other day and she kept avoiding it. She said "but mom....." I finally said to her "Why cant you do what I asked and she said "Were kids MOM, we make messes! Gotta love it!! :)

Er, meant Dave, not ave! ahahah

Ahahahahah we use a dab of hot sauce. When ave was little his mom tried the soap and he said he'd blow bubble out of his arse!! Yea, he got pepper from then on!

We've been having that same issue here!

I love that one of Gabe! I have quite a few of those sort of pictures too.

I too threatened with soap today.. I told you she wasn't as good as she looked..more like Gabe than you know!

I am lauging so hard right now! Have a GREAT weekend.

What cuties your boys are... nope soap in the mouth is NEVER good... I remember that from when I talked back - ewwwwwww!

Have a great weekend :)

That is quite the face! HAHA~!

That face is priceless!!!

Oh man, I need to try that. Helena has been quite the beast herself lately!

It didn't take Carlos long to figure out he didn't like soap when he was younger. I may need to return to it since the mouthiness has returned with a vengence here.
Have a great weekend!!

soo funny!!
Have a great weekend too!!

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