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July 29, 2009


I would love to see more peasant tops in a size 4. Pretty please? I love the peasant tops!

Now I know you love me because PT 144 knot top was restocked today in sz 2 and I GOT IT!!!! Thank you so much - I cant wait for all these orders to start rolling in - my poor poor UPS guy LOL oh well - maybe I will tip him with any extra blue bags we get LOL - gotta share the love right!

Oh, I'm back online after five long weeks and there's a new site AND free shipping???? Must be my lucky day :-),

We got PT237 and put a little orange ruffle t-shirt under. I can't believe it is even still available on the website!! This is a must-have! ADORABLE!!

I would love to see more of the owl tie dress. Only got a small glimpse of it, but know it's too cute.

If you catch it at the perfect moment, you might be able to land the PT189 Peasant Top in a size 8. I am tempted, but at this point I have placed so many orders I am not even sure of what is coming my way! Every day has been fun, though. :o)

THANK YOU for restocking PT 110 knot dress - I have been eyeing that baby since it first came online and now we have one ordered for us - WAHOO

and in case anyone there is reading and able to help - please feel free to restock PT 144 knot top and PT 215 peasant in sz 2 - or give me a call and I will give you my CC info ;)

Thanks everyone at 435 - you have made this a fun week for this mama - you all ROCK!!

Did anyone see the cute little "apron francescan?" I saw it and then it was gone! Super duper cute.

Oh.. I have spent out..
but back to looking.
Thanks David..

Chelle Belle- I know what you mean! I was able to snag one (PT189), but I almost missed it when it popped up because I was so SHOCKED to see a peasant top in something bigger than a size 18 months. Now I just need to try to refrain from placing any more orders!

Can't a girl get a peasant top? No size 6! :( Oh well. Loved that blue, yellow, red one.

Just what I needed. An excuse to spend more money. Thanks a lot, David. No, really...

Thanks, David. Now I can go spend more money.

Very generous! Lots of mucho gracias!!!!! and tres bons too!!!!

Thanks David! Don't add anything new today though, wait until tomorrow or Friday, Tax free weekend!

Thank you David for feeding my addiction!!!

I am loving the free shipping. Thank you.

Thank you David!!! What are we going to do when fall comes? It's to hard to resist.

Thank you David. :)

wahoo - thanks David
here is hoping for either some replens or some new things to pop up!!!

Thanks David and Denise! I get paid Friday! WOO HOO! Now I can shop a little. he he...

I'm all for new stuff to look at!

Thank you David!...
so, now can you tell Denise to add some more 'new' stuff!

Thanks David. Actually, no, because i will be more tempted. so NO THANKS DAVID!!!!!!

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