July 26, 2009


I was trying soooo hard not to buy right now!! Oh well, keep it coming!! Kayla, I know..only 365 days in a year...what can I say except I am addicted!!!

Mimi-Thanks for the update....I did manage to get a few (well, I put 2 back and kept 2). I'm looking for the Joey Bags so, maybe they haven't come up yet...YEAH!!!!

Hello, my name is Robin and I have a serious addiction. It's been 3 minutes since my last MJ purchase. I can't help myself - it's all the cuteness! I thought I was fine and then the aprons came along! Thank you so much, Denise, for so many great things!

Thanks, Katie! Woohoo! Let the buying begin. :-)

Eva- you can use Paypal funds by having them make a ' secure card' master card number for you - either a one time use cc number or one you can use again for the same merchant - I've been shopping this way for awhile and love it!

Can you use paypal? If so, I might be in serious trouble.

I know there were several "very" cute aprons.

Did I miss the accessories for platinum? Can someone tell me:)

Thanks for the free shipping! I thought I could resist. I WAS WRONG! LOL!

I was able to get Francesca aprons for both of my sweet girls. They are so cute, love the circus print! Thanks for the free shipping days, Denise.

Denise, can u please block me. Seriously, i cant help myself and im going poor. please

this Free Shipping offer is so bad for me - I mean GOOD this is GREAT for me (and you too!) OMG- those aprons were TDF- cant wait to get them - yes "them" - I couldnt pick just one teehee - you picked a great weekend to do this - I have Paypal funds burning a hole in my computer :)
FYI- feel free to add more ellie dresses and the "irish knot' in sz 2 ;)

Thanks for the free shipping! That dress in the photo up there is TDF!

Fabulous. Free shipping and I have to buy teacher supplies. lol.
Love the couch. Love the pics...I am dying for that knot top/dress in the top one (and the capris-even though we have the older version). TOO CUTE. If it's there next week it will be totally worth the shipping.
Happy Monday!

Thanks for the Free Shipping! I got some super-cute items for my older daughter...thrilled, thrilled, thrilled! Lots of stuff for 'the little girls' - especially the tank dress. Oh, how I wish that was available in a 4 or 6! Cest la vie.

OH NOOOOO!!! I'm so bummed! I had some caa-ute stuff in my cart when the site went down. I hope it doesn't get dumped. :( I truly think I might cry. Just kidding. I'm not that CRAZEEE.... Well, maybe I am! hehe! ;-)
Thanks for the free shipping, Denise!

oh no...we BROKE Platinum!!! uh oh!!! The CRAZEES are back! lol

I am digging the the new couch! (ok, and the free shipping, too!) I just ordered some cute skirts for Parker so that she has more cute stuff to wear when we return to Ann Arbor for parent's orientation weekend in September. I am sure Zac's little sis will be the best dressed 5 yr old there. Maybe the only one...but very cute anyhow:) Hockey and MJ go hand in hand, right???
BTW, loved meeting you and David in Plymouth.

Thanks SO much for the free shipping!!!

And I so hope you get better very soon! Our whole house was sick ALLLLLL last week - not fun at all.

Hang in there and feel better.

Denise! THANK you! THANK you!
now let's see if I can get something in my dd size :)

Oh Denise... give yourself a kiss for me! LOL Can I just say how much I adore the new Platinum dress (the one you have pictured in this post.) You come up with some of the most beautiful creations and this one has topped my list of all time favorites. I managed to snag one in 18 mo. and my poor Hanna is a size 3, LOL. I'm soooo hoping I can squash her into it as a top. I'm still going to sit here and stalk the Plat. site to see if I can get a 4 or even a 2 though, that's how much I love it, LOL.

I wanted to thank you so much for the free shipping too - that rocks my world. (Not so much my husband's though... hehe.)

What a treat Denise! Unfortunatley every rootin tootin cutesy thing I "need" is not available in a 4 :(

Thanks for the free shipping! Anything helps when money is tight. I was hopping to get my sweet princess something for her birthday (Aug. 23rd) but I can only afford to buy one thing and was debating because the shipping prices are so high for just one item. Now I can get her something! Thanks so much again!!! You're awesome!

Denise, as if having my little one grow up wasn't hard enough, you are KILLING me with this size 18 month cuteness! These dresses are TDF!

Thank you, Denise. You rock!

Hope today is a better day. Love the new furniture, it will be perfect to already have it when you move into that awesome new house.
Hockey season...LSSU starts their regular season in 69 days...that really isn't so much. Don't tell Isabella though. (I went and counted for you).
Take care.

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