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July 19, 2009


OK... I can't help you with the loan...

I can help you with the monthly payment :)
If you could would you PLEASE find me a red ballerina like the one up there.....
Please with sugar on top???

Love the colors and so ready for fall....
Have a nice time away.. I am sure Sam will take care of everything.

I just got my daughter's puppy skirt, and we LOVE it!!! She keeps saying, "It's Oscar!" Oscar is our pug. :) Thanks Denise!

have a wonderful vacation Denise you all deserve it so much ! The platinum arrived today I am in my bliss & you have helped me accomplish an amazing mission today as well. Wanted to send all my love & thanks to you ! You have the biggest heart & MJ is the love that grounds us all! pure swoon I tell you!

The third one from the bottom (colorful, swirly, dotted-lines???) & the ninth from the bottom (red, blue, green, brown, etc.) ... all I can say is: 8's & 10's!!! Please!!! Or, for us grown-ups would be nice, too! Good luck with the house; we sold our old house -a 1918 Craftsman- to a family who, we later found out, had wanted it for a long time. They were so very happy to finally get it, and that made us feel really good about the house, especially as we had put a lot of work into it ourselves.

Just walked in the house from our Amtrak trip from St. Louis to Chicago. (hate driving and the metra is 3 blocks from our house)
Family reunion every year!
Hope you have a great time....very moderate weather. The pool was cold.
Have a great time!


I have some connections to Citi Mortgage, I might be able to help :) You can reach me by e-mail at twopamommies@aol.com :)

I wonder if I can get a bank loan to buy Matilda Jane Clothing? Anyone.....

Denise, Who do you need to speak with at Citi? I have some connections that might be able to help:) Hubby still works there... Is it a bank foreclosure?....lol...that might take a little time:) Have a nice vacation!

That stack of 18 must be what the fall line up is all about.

Oh stack of 18
How I wonder if I will own you all.
How does one pick just one piece.
I guess my trunk keeper and I will find out in the fall....

Thank you for putting Mighty Acorn stuff up on Platinum. I was able to get my little dude some cute stuff! Now I don't feel so bad about buying his sister so much MJ. Have a great trip!! Be safe!!!! :)

Oh, that sneak peek looks fantastic! can't wait to see the collection. Baby girl needs some new MJC.

Two things - The St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park is AMAZING and free and also check out the Magic House as the boys will love it! The City Museum ROCKS and it is the greatest exploring place! Have fun...

Ode to the Stack.
Oh beautiful wonderful stack of MJ beauties how I long to order you come fall!!


Denise...Best of luck with the house & have a great trip!!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you about the house! enjoy your trip! i'm loving all the fabrics. . . can't wait to see the fall line! :)

oohhhh...I love the warm tones for fall!!! This is my first REAL fall, since I no longer live in Florida..I get seasons again!! Yeaaahhhh!! Can't wait to see what you have!!

I LOVE it--especially the brown with bright colors on it! :)

Have a wonderful trip!!!
And what a delightful treat to wake up and see my darling daughter on the blog! She's the last little beauty...thanks you!!!

Bring on Fall!

Love, love, love City Museum. If you have never been there before, all I can say is where your tennies and leave everything that you may have to carry in the car! It is so, so much fun! Have a great time!

LOVE those colors. I want to see more.....please! Have a great trip!

Have a great trip! I hope you get the house (and some Citi magic).

So fun to meet you, David and the crew at Plymouth!

Look at those cuties!! So pretty!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get some Citi Mortgage magic. Squeeze Stella and Lukas from my me and my girls (and Michelle too)!

I am drooling over that pile of goodies... something to dream about...

I love all of the fabric, but I'm starting to wonder what I don't like with MJC. I can't wait to see more! Thank you.

Have a safe trip and thanks for the pretties to ponder...the colors are delicious!

ah, crap, im not sending an email right this second, i will send it later! my computer is being suckeroo right now

I love that you are trying to buy the house afterall, I know how much you want it! Tell Michelle I send my love and I cant *wait* to see her next spring!! Take care, and thanks for the fall peaks.. I love what I see, but isnt that always the case?

Oh, such pretty things to ponder, thank you for the peek! And, gosh, Helena doesn't *look* like such a little beast in that photo, does she? I still haven't tried that soap trick.

Ahh, Jamie, you are going to go poor in the fall season!!!!

We sold our last house to our neighbor across the street. She always wanted to buy it and would remind me anytime we saw one another. It worked out wonderfully for both of us. Hope you get good news!
Re: the fabrics: purdy, purdy, purdy! :o)

mmmm, pondering!

i am sending u am email......

Have a great time!!!
Take care.

I will third what Bridgette said!!! Can't wait to see all the new goodies!

I second what Bridgette said, BROWN AND BLUE RUFFLED LEGGINGS?!?!?!?!?!?! I loves you Denise!

are you kidding me?? Are those brown/blue striped ruffles for fall??? maybe??? OMG!!

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