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July 31, 2009


Hope you are having fun. Can't wait for your return and those fall previews... and where is platinum, it is time to bring it back now?

Can't wait to see the fall goodies. I should have this baby any day now so I hope you make some of those smaller sizes in the fall so I can get her into MJ ASAP. Such cute pictures!

awe- how sweet are those two pictures! I wish Molly had some friends around here to share the MJ love with!

Enjoy vegas - we are only about a 3 hour drive to there but yet I have never been

oh and about 5 minutes from us - there is a 'place' called "little darlings" - but I uh- dont think you want to go there LOL

Vegas!! Sounds fun! It's somewhere I've always wanted to go. Hopefully I'll get to go soon! Go to the Beatles Cirque show while you there! Some friends have told me IT IS AWESOME! They said I would go the whole time.

Have a blast!!

Look at all those pretty girls! Can't wait for some sneaks peeks!!

Have fun in Vegas - go crazy!!

The pics are just gorgeous! Have a wonderful time in Vegas. Hot! Hot! Hot!
Can't wait to see fall...favorite time of year.

ps, any word on sara and that sweet baby boy of hers?? i know its gotta be soon! so please keep us updatede, i have been thinking of her!!


Thank you, Denise, for posting our picture. We happened to be up VERY late as the girls were at a carnival this evening. I just checked the blog on my phone and couldn't believe what I saw . . we all ran to the computer and saw the photo. The girls were so excited !! Me too!! :)

Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to seeing Fall previews.

Have fun in Vegas "little darling"! :)
The boys will LOVE it!!!

hope your having the best time !!!!! wish i was there to meet them all! And most of all meet you! have a great trip to Vegas !

have a fun safe trip ! cant wait to see previews when u get back!!!!

Miss you all!!! Have fun in Vegas and WIN BIG sister!! So glad to hear everyone else is getting to know the Denise that lets loose...she is soo much fun!!!

Have a safe trip to Vegas!!!! Have fun and I can't wait to see fall previews!! :)

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