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July 13, 2009


hmmm, atleast we know how to get on DAvid's good side....or sabotage him....hmmmm....

Always on line to look at 24 hours a day 7 days a week... What more can you ask for??

How many push ups does David do a day to KEEP those wash-board abs???

I'm lurking for a few pieces of Platinum but am soooooo excited to start seeing fall! I'm weak with anticipation and saving my pennies!

LOL...Cookies....So Jealous!! I guess we will have to settle for Platinum MJ!!

Mmmmmm cookies! Love the platium label... what a nice (non-fattening) treat for us!!

hmmmm cookies. Have to get into a bathing suit in a couple of days. Really not looking forward to it :(
Have you ever tried Potbelly's brownie cookie?
rrrrr too delicious.

OMG!! I just saw the beast on there!! too cute!! I love it!! I can't wait for more mighty acorn things to buy for my 9 and 5 yr old tough guys!! Here in England the whole stripped sleves and the darker colors are huge!!!

Awesome!! I love the idea that we get these anytime!! yeaaahhh... Anyhoo...thanks again!!!!

there is just something about the word 'platnum' that makes me want to drool - oh wait no- its the word cookie that makes me drool- platnum makes me want to shop LOL

Thank you for opening this option for us - I am sure it will get a lot of use from us all

Look forward to seeing hints of the fall line in blog pics - hopefully soon! Thanks for all your hard work - we appreciate it everyday here in our house!

PS - just got back from san fransisco- and got so many compliments, stares and smiles at all her MJ she was wearing -I'm sure I will send you pics in a minute ;)

Thank you for making Platinum 24/7! That's totally awesome!!! I am now craving a cookie...good night!

LOL Your Husband sounds just like my hubby :) Can eat 10 cookies and I have to be careful about a couple.

Last week was amazing!! It was so great seeing you and meeting Sara!

FINALLY meeting David was the highlight of my week. You both are too cute together and he is just GREAT! Steve, the girls and myself wish we had more time with you all...it was loads of fun and we are looking forward to next time...

Thanks for some awesome experiences Denise!!

Love, Me

ooh... cookies. great. now I want a cookie- LOL!

Platinum is wonderful- thanks! Now we can get a fix whenever we need one... ;)

Platinum......I NEED IT--I WANT IT--I LOVE IT--Keep it coming please :)

Cookies sound really good right now!! I hope you get some good sleep!! Goodnight!!!! :)

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