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July 13, 2009


I think I officially am a "crazee"! The 7 hours in the car with my kids saturday was worth it to go to the Plymouth Art Fair just to bask in the MJC tent and see all the beautiful clothes and of course to leave with a few! Which I did get the must have items on my list! I had a blast talking to you and Sam of course. Your staff is wonderful! My husband and I plan on coming out next year and staying the weekend(if your there of course). Plymouth is a beautiful place. Hopefully my daughter's pic will make it on your blog. You have also gotten my creative juices flowing again! Just maybe I will make some hair bands. Thanks for the inspiration!

Such a sweet picture of TM's kiddos. They are adorable.

I have to disagree on the stocking the Platinum items at the same time. I love not knowing what I am going to find when I check it 157 times a day. Yes, I have missed items I want, but I have also been able to get a few things. If people know when it is going to be stocked they will be expecting items and will be let down if they don't get anything, but if they by chance check it and happen on something beautiful they will feel like they won the lottery! Just wanted to add my 2 cents!

It was awesome to see you Friday Denise! Hope you get some rest! I'm in love with that picture of Eloise & Esther! I stalk tracy's blog too. LOL

Thanks for the info. on Platinum - can't believe I missed it on the website! I check the blog daily and did not see any info. - pretty sneaky:)

Denise, I love your 'platinum' idea! I just have to plea that you consider having one regular time that you stock it. However often you decide, but that we would know ahead of time. When it went up last, I had no idea and was not home and now I keep checking and checking and checking to see if more has gone up. I am sure I'm far from the only one! Maybe that makes me a "Crazee" (ahem) but I would so love it if I just knew that it was the 2nd Tuesday of the month, for example, and that one morning is when they will go up and if I miss out, I miss out. Did that make ANY sense? LOL.

I just LOVE your art fair offerings, they are always my favorites and as of yet, your "road show" hasn't come in my direction. ;)

Thank you!

I have both those dress the Jenny and the Strawberry Tank......
Love them both!
Leaving for Vacation tom night and I am SO ready.............
Sure wish you could join.. No place like Litchfield S.C.
It's great!

I just got a puppy skirt for my daughter! She was so happy when I showed her the Pug in the picture! :) Thanks Denise!

Master Knot Cruncher ~ Can't wait to see what you brought us back from Plymouth!

I wish I could nap today also!!

Melissa K - go to the Matilda Jane website and click the lower right corner that says "Platinum". There are still a few pieces for sale.

Did I miss a sale online for those of us who could not make the Art Fair's?


Denise, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH for "Platinum!" That was the best fix after seeing 435 yumminess! Hope you sneak some more of that scrumptious fabric on there!!!

When will more items be up on Platinum?

Hope Plymouth was a blast!!
cant wait to see pics!

My first Plymouth Art Fair. My family had a great time. My daugher has a ton of stunning clothes. I was so nice to see the MJC staff. You all look like you love what you do and that's is why we all love your wonderful clothing line. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

It was great to finally meet you!! :)

Loved the Plymouth Art Fair!! I was great to see all the MJ people in person! My girls love their new clothes. I hope you get that much deserved nap!

OOoh a nap sounds nice. Hope you can get it!
And a nice vacation, too.

Happy Monday. Thank you for the surprise Platinum Line on Thursday. You're so sneaky! Love you!!

I know what you mean by the middle of summer! This is my LAST week of summer vacation and then it's back to work for me! UGH! I wish I had at least a couple more...heehee!
Glad your Art Fairs were a hit and I saw yesterday where this was your 14th year at Plymouth!!! WOW!!! Fantastic! You are a "seasoned" pro at this stuff now! ;)

Have a great Monday.

Happy Monday to you too!

i hope you had a great time! Sadly, for me...it means that I FOR REAL :) did not get to atend either Art Fair this year :( but I hope yo had a fabulous time. It was my birthday this weekend, and I had a Fantastic one....get some rest, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

You are so sweet to share the pic. Thank you!

Hope you get the nap in!

Sadly (in a way anyway) we are not home yet. We are in Chicago for a couple days and then we are booking it home I hope. I need to start getting ready for school. Only 2 and a half more weeks!

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