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August 14, 2009


Hey Denise... Can I order 2 of those...? Fee needs 2 reusable bags for school and you KNOW I'd love her to be the only one sporting her Matilda Jane bags! :D Everyone else bought theirs from Fresh Market and I want to be different (of course). :) <3

So Fun!! Love the buttons. Everything you do Denise is gold. Love ya girl!!

please tell me you are planning another party! i missed the last one, couldn't leave 3 kids with hubs for the weekend...ooo ooo ooo A CHRISTMAS PARTY :)Not that you have anything else to do I am sure you are already planning for spring!!! An online cocktail christmas! I LIKE IT! :) I can't wait to see what I get tomorrow! :)

Hey, are those buttons on the bag? Those look so cool!! I love the goofy facebook buttons, but don't have any in real life :D.

Talking about bags, I carry Joey The Giant with me every day. Yesterday we ran into a friend of E's at the grocery store and we wanted to exchange numbers. The dad said: "You must have a pen in this huge bag of yours, right?" It only took me about five minutes to find one in there, lol!

Ok, I'm blabbing and I know it. Sorry (shucks).

SCORE! I already have one from the 435- now 2! so I can shop in style........and I am carrying my deer bag/purse- I am set.


you realize I will keep asking you for this until you tell me it is MINE. I know you are laughing at me right now.
see? HA!
made you giggle....

daughters are both still up too. watching charlie brown and the great pumpkin. ps, i heard the new ruffles for BTS are gonna go down to 12m. if true, thank you!! i dont think i can afford anyhting right now...ok, i know i cant, but still much appreciated for the little ones to match their sisters!

I'm excited just reading your post!!! Woohoo, party on!

You are so sweet! How nice to give away a reusable MJ shopping bag. I am so excited!!! I hope I get one. My TK says I'm second on her BTS list so hopefully I will get the 2 items I want and a cute bag!

Too cute! I just hope my TK is in bed so that she can be all rested for her big ordering day tomorrow! LOL JK, Dia.

Those are !!!!!!!!!!! not 11111111111111 duh :) and my daughter is still up too. It's summer time!

I'm so excited for the BTS stuff--I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Thanks for all the extras Denise! You are too good! "Our" customers will love all the fun! Thanks!!! Here we go.... mine are all asleep except the oldest who is at a sleepover- yipee!

Oh, how sweet of you...now not only can I sport my Joey bags but now I have an extra shopper too! So nice!:) I'm so excited about BTS and the Gypsy line!

Don't feel bad...my DD is up almost every night until 10pm...ugh...I hope she breaks the habit before she starts school next fall:)

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