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August 15, 2009


You guys are so speedy. I got my sale order today and LOVE everything. (Ok my first sale order, I did two!) Thanks for the headband also! You guys rock!!!

Saw a familiar face on the cover of Tot Trends Weekly...

So cute!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the free shipping and all the goodies you are sending out with BTS. We can't wait to get our order and our looking forward to seeing Gypsy Blue too!

BTW... really like the gypsy blue tags..
and the butterfly :)
Very pretty!

I bet you are so right about the buttons..
Someone will copy Denise..... They copy everything else. :) lol
Can't wait to see mine..
Thank you!
Have a great Sunday!

no problem lovit!

katie i got a confirmation from matilda jane for my bts order...

just wondering if people are getting confirmation emails for the bts orders yet? Someone placed an order for me with her TK first thing yesterday (she was first in line with her TK) and I hadnt gotten one - should it be coming from the TK or from MJC ( I did direct shipping to me)


mommaof3- thanks so much!! i was a little lost! :] i'm so excited to see GB as well!

SO excited! I placed my order today! WOO HOO! I still didn't order everything I wanted but if I do, I can kiss Gypsy Blue goodbye. I think I have a budget this fall. That is scary for me since I've never had one. Oh well....things change. Can't wait for my bag and button. Wonder which kid will win the fight over the button? They will fight over it too!

Thanks for all the goodies! We love the little suprises we get when ordering :) I would love to see the Beast dance!!

the new line supposed to debut on September 8 on my birthday and I'm hosting a show - what a present!

send the boy to my home , I love him !!!! Serously I will babysit but their is airfare involved :(.

Julie -

Thanks for the info. My order went through at 9:36 PST. I'm so excited!!!

Beautiful baby boy!!!

I LOVE the buttons!! Thank You!! How "totally cool" are they?!
Now where the heck is my jean jacket?


this is the link of what they have left from past lines...you can still order this through trunk keeper.

there will be 17ish items available on the release day of GB Sept 9th!!!!

It is going to be sooooo cute!!!!

Holly's Mama-I did get my confirmation from my TK. Hopefully you have yours now too!

Love, love, love the bags and buttons! Thanks so much Denise for another beautiful line! Can't wait for Gypsy Blue!

Did anyone get an email confirmation for the BTS line yet?

so very cute!!
mommaof3- could you please post the link to the mommy stuff? thank you!! :]

i thini i need a few buttons! those are SOOOOOOO cute!

Denise, you are the best - that's all I can say!!!!!

I see a new collection in our future!?!


here is the link incase anyone needs it :)

it is 12 eastern i put 11 but i am central


Rachel, keep trying! I believe trunk keepers will start placing orders at 12 noon EST.

Am I too late? I have been trying to see these clothes the website, but have been unable to get through since 6:30 am.

My trunkkeeper sent me an email about this a while ago, but I can't see the clothes!

Love email? Huh? What is it? Oh man, must email my TK to find out.

Thanks for the free shipping, the bag, the buttons. You guys are awesome. I am so excited. I have MORE Platinum line coming soon and then hopefully the stuff from BTS, too!!!

No problem, anytime!

Thanks for the info mammaof3!!!

I Love these clothes! Can anyone out there tell me how to order to get in on the sale? Is this just for trunk keepers to order only? Thanks!

OHHHHHH...Gabe got a major hair cut, right??? So cute. :0)

Where are the pictures of sweet Gabe dancing??? I need to see his rockin' moves!!
So does Em since she is his future wife. LOL

Is that 300 including the 450 I just spent on platinum!!! :)
I am super excited about FALL! I can't wait to see everything...I love the mom stuff so far as well....You guys are fabulous!

My sweet, Penny Bauer (TK), sent me the LOVE email! And boy do I LOVE it! Great things are happening there and boy does it feel good to be part of the unwrapping of it all! I can't wait to get my nifty shopping bag! Thank you to all of y'all! MUAH!

Thank you so much for listing 12 month velour ruffles. Both my Girlies need them!!
Those buttons are just too cute!!! I feel like I have stayed at home all week because I didn't want to miss any exciting MJ stuff. I guess I have been trying to rest up after that Amazing Race contest! HA!

Oh...thanks for free shipping! Counting the days until Gypsy Blue.

OMG I'm so glad I stayed up. Those buttons are the cutest things I've ever seen!!!!!!!

Thank you!!! That is awesome about the free shipping!! I LOVE the buttons! So cute!!!

Ha, ha, I was right with the buttons!

Thanks for all the specials... free shipping rocks! I won't make the other one, let's just say I spent too much moolah on platinum :D.

Gabe looks adorable. I want to see him dance!!

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