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August 30, 2009


The boys look really cute. Their smiles are very infectious.

This is a weird question Denise, but if they don't fit anymore, could I buy the red pants that Gabe wore last year? I have looked and looked for red pants for my 3 year old son, but have found nothing cute!! Told you it was strange, but thought it was worth a try!

JV said Joe is the best goalie ever! Can't wait to see them in action this season.

Your boys have the most beautiful smiles - seriously! Look at Joe the MVP Goalie... so cool!!

I just got my BTS Peasant Top, and all I can say is wow!!! It is beautiful--my 2-year-old was smiling from ear to ear and was saying she was pretty in it! :) I can't wait for next Tuesday and Gypsy Blue!

Is that corn??? Really??? We have lame freeways, or Air Force Bases in the background of our playing fields! The corn is so... "Field of Dreams"! How cool!!!
Your images make me smile! You captured pure joy! Thanks for sharing!

Your boys make me smile :)! Can they be any cuter?

Ana comes up behind me as I am reading your post and starts going cuckoo bananas! Why?! Beause she sees all of the littles playing soccer - then she says that is what she wants to play..."please, mommy?"...so we are headed out to have our own game before her big brother's baseball game tonight.

Looking forward to Gypsy Blue!

My daughter is wearing the Back To School Sara dress today and I just want to say I LOVE it on her! The colors in the BTS line are amazing!

I can't get over your boys...they are just too stinkin' cute!

I didn't know and still don't know MUCH!
but i know those pictures are precious!

Love them!
BTW.... How tall is Zac? Man he looks really tall from where I stand..

Gabe's look in the first pic is priceless. I wonder what he was thinking about...

Woohoo for Joe! He looks like a profi goalie!

Is that the Zak who likes to play video games A LOT?

Mhh... did we know... that you love us all to pieces???? :D

Oh, my baby is starting to lose the baby chubby cheeks too...so I am trying to feed her more so she keeps some chubbs...but she's not cooperating!!! I guess I'll have to give in and let go of my sweet baby chubs...sniff sniff

Your boys melt my heart Denise. They are too cute. Congrats to Joe having a great game! Beast is growing too fast. :(
Thank you for sharing.

They are such cuties those boys of yours!!

We saw you and David Sat night at Granite City...I was too shy to say hi and also a little in shock at my celebrity sighting! ;o) Of course Isabelle chose Gap to wear that night. Booo! I was the psycho lady who gasped and stared openmouthed as you walked in the door! My husband is now convinced I need help (and a life!)! :o)

Can't wait for Gypsy Blue!!!

I love that you share your boys with us, they are adorable. Congrats Joe on a great game! and yes, the beast is looking more grown up every time I see him :-(

Only in IN can you enjoy a corn field at a soccer game!

I am loving all of the pictures of the boys. They look so sweet and how great that Joe got to be goalie!

Lindsay, as soon as I saw the title of this post I was totally singing the same song in my head. Do you happen to have a 7 year old girl in your house too? :) I want, I want, I want.... it all!

Look at all the gorgeous boys you are surrounded by :)

Adorable! All of them!

do we know...??
Do you have a surprise for us??

Oh, I can't wait to hear. And as always your sons are adorable!

did we know you are planning a special something something for us????

...did we know that Gypsy Blue comes out in 9 days!? Just kidding. Your boys are darling. I will use any excuse to point out my girls are the absolutely adorable myself. Totally understand. It shouldn't be any other way! By the way, yup, my youngest is losing her baby belly and it seems like yesterday her sister was asking to have her returned!

know what..... your boys are the cutest (after my own of course - cause right now - he is 4.5 and so dang funny and loveable and oh so cute!) Looks like Joe did awesome as goalie and Beast looks like he was having a blast running crazee!

I cant wait to start seeing more pics (in color next time please!!!!) - I have *almost* stopped spending on other things so I can be sure to have money for the new stuff

Thanks for the sweet post Denise - now I gotta go pick up M&M from my moms and bring them home for bed

Your boys are the cutest!!!! Gonna dream of Gypsy Blue for the next 5 nights!!!

Love the soccer pics! Holly has been asking me if she can play soccer, along with many other things! That girl wants to do everything! She already does My Gym, swimming and dance. How many things can one little girl do? Maybe she will be like you and start her own business! I guess I should sign the kid up for soccer already...

Thanks for sharing the cute pics of the boys, but do you know we are all dying with anticipation here? Nine more days is too long to wait! Please throw us a bone!

That is the most adorable pic of Gabe. My daughter had her first soccer game yesterday. They are so adorable at that age.

It warms my heart to hear about the boys! I love hearing about what children think and seeing their little minds working. Most of all it is so rejuvenating to watch children experience life. What a great feeling for Joe to be a goalie! Good job buddy! I see the passion emanating from his smile!

I know I am a big dork for thinking of this song..... but this is what I think about Gypsy Blue.(and I haven't even seen Gypsy Blue)I keep singing "I Want It All" from highschool Musical 3. Sad, but true!! I already know I WANT IT ALL!!! For both my girls! I just gotta figure out how to pay for it! HA!

BTW, love the pics of your precious boys!! I got a package from Old Navy the other day for my boy....He asked if it was from Matilda Jane. I just had to laugh!

I love the pictures of your boys.

9 days until Gypsy Blue. Only 5 days until the pictures of Gypsy Blue are up. I can't wait.

6 days until Bella's first birthday.

I actually really loved this post. Thanks for sharing your boys with us. It means a lot.

Love pics from soccer! Joe did a great job as keeper! We saw him from our field! See you soon on the soccer field with Graham-bo! I had not idea Zak was how soccer coach-how cute is that???? It was good to see you this weekend! :)

Love the pictures Denise-such joy in their faces . . . does it get any better?!? :)

nicole k.

know what?.............It's only 9 days until gypsy blue!!!!

I love the pictures of the boys

Daniel loves playing soccer!

can't wait for more pictures...

You know I love when you share pics and stories about the boys!
Aiden (4) told me today that my boobies are flappy but not to worry because the milk will come in! Observant little thing isn't he? Oye.

You know my thoughts on the images of the boys, one of my favorite things. I love Joe's determination and dedication!! Thank you for sharing the story.
Take care.

soccer rocks!
Zak, never seen him before, but he looks pretty cool too.
i suppose i will let u slide tonite on the no MJC post. but, you have to make it up to me. i expect a good one tomorrow then!
have a great week!

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