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August 28, 2009


LISA R that halter is the Ellie in Blue, I have it....shoot me an email if you want melissa@grannybroom.com!!!

Thank you so much for putting Ca'mya on the blog, you made my week!! We love MJ and appreciate the gorgeous clothes!!

Great that brown fitted shirt at the top of the blog will really accentuate my mom gut. I might be skinny, but put me in a shirt like that and there is some serious muffin top going on. I guess I'll be breaking out the spanx if I order that!!

They are the cutest girls ever :)
I always love seeing everyone in their MJ!
Also seeing how other mommies mix and match there MJ :)

Awww! Thanks for including my Ellie! The circus knot is our fav dress ever. And it is just perfect for her wild personality.

The girls are adorable! Chantelle you have to tell me where you got those cowboy boots. My dd loves them!

Eva, Thanks for the info. I will check it out!

Lisa, I think that is called something like the little blue ellie. I believe it's an artfair piece. I've seen lots of them on ebay. You might be able to snag a deal now that fall is here.

Wondering if anyone knows what line the halter that the little girl with the sidewalk chalk is wearing???!!! I LOVE that pattern and would love to get it in a 4 for my little one (for next year of course, since summer seems like it is already over in Michigan). Thanks

Thanks for posting my pics (I have the ever so serious little girl in the tree!!). My little girl was tickled she made it on the MJC Blog and was telling all of her friends!

That pic cracks me up.....my little motorcycle mechanic. Lovin all the super cute pics. :)

Ann B.- If there is something you really want I would order with a trunk keeper. Sometimes items are available online, but they often sell out before items become available to buy online. If you want to email me julielynch1997@yahoo.com I will send you my trunk keepers information. She has been great to work with. Hope this helps!

Loving what I am seeing! Wishin it was all in color :)

YEs! My kid made the cut! Wahoo!!! We are the one with the girl in cowboy boots holding the pool rope!
WE LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it coming!
Big Love!

teehee - look at my diva up there
Thanks Denise - its always fun seeing what the girls are wearing

So many girls wearing MJ so well.... Gotta love it!

Look at all those precious cuties! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!

Super Cute!

Cute, cute! I just recently discovered Matilda Jane, a few days before the Platinum sale actually, and am totally hooked. Quick question--how long does it typically take for the new collections to be available for purchase online?


Adorable Pics!

Love the summer pictures! Too Cute of all the little girls in MJ! :)

Am I the first one? Haven't been the first in a while. Just want to let you know lovin the sneak peeks and can't wait to see the color pics!! =)

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