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August 20, 2009


where's denise?????

please oh please gypsy blue pics!!!!!

Joe is one of God's special angels . he is here to teach us !!!! We love our Joe & if we pay very close attention we can learn alot from him ! Joe shines alright!!!!

Joe ROCKS!! I hope he had a great first day at school.

I knew I loved MJ and could always see a depth in caring that you (Denise) show in so many ways and now it all makes sense. I have a child with special needs and I feel just the same as you do. Sometimes my heart breaks. Sometimes I feel like I have grown to be a better person because of this. Sometimes I am sick of it. But mostly I just have so much appreciation for these amazing kids. And Joe obviously has MANY special gifts - I can tell that he is a chick magnet for one thing, and his smile lights up the blog whenever you have him on there. And now he is a cover boy!! Go Joe!!

Denise, you are a wonderful mother and he is a beautiful boy. Recall the statement: "Everyone has his or her own burden to bear." Meaning the grouchy person in line at the grocery is preoccupied with thoughts of having just lost a job, or worried about a child, etc., etc. The perfect plastic mom at preschool has worries, joys, doubts, etc. People are not just their exteriors, they need to feel special, need to feel love and appreciation. You are teaching your son well. Thanks for such a touching post. I, too, have been following the blog this year and never knew. You are special and I feel lucky to have met you and your wonderful MJC art.

Joe and the other little girl (in the blog) are so perfect in every way. I look at her blog...I saw she had braces but didnt see why and who cares really, they are both beautiful happy perfect children...want proof, just look at their smiles. Simply beautiful children. God just took a few minutes to make them extra special, he gave them the ability to understand at such a young age.

He is so stinkin cute! Congrats on the cover...it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your story. You are raising quite the gentleman it sounds like! My oldest daughter is turning 8 on the 5th and said he is "soooo cute!" LOL

What a remarkable little boy you have Denise. He is so handsome and yes, so brave. I hate to see how cruel some kids can be and I hope to teach my girls not to be judgmental.
Congrats on the wonderful cover!!
Oh, and I LOVE my Platinum Line skirts and free headband. THANK YOU!!!

Denise - Somehow in the year I have followed your blog I never knew about Joe. What a beautiful story and precious boy! We have a new addition to our family and an unexpected journey of our own with Parker. I will remember his braveness and hope to teach Parker the same although my guess is he will teach me! Be blessed! Lara

It's so obvious that you are a wonderful mother. Your boys are so lucky to have you, and of course you are very lucky to have them. Thanks so much for sharing your heart warming story!

Fantastic cover. Blog entry made me cry...just what I need right now. Joe is pretty amazing. You can see it in his smile and in his eyes. Hope Collin is that cool when he gets to be Joe's age.

Hey, I take Dr. Eisenstein's vitamin D and Magnesium supplements. My family practice doc used to deliver babies with him!!

My smallest was born at home too. What an incredibly relaxing, stress-free, loving experience.

Denise, what an incredible story. So heartfelt and well-written. We love you!!!!

I always tell my children to love everyone equally and to never judge others. God made us all and God doesn't make junk!!!!!!

I love your love for your sons:) There is nothing like a mothers love!! It was my pleasure to read Brave One!

Hi Denise,
What a touching story..and one that could have been avoided. Palsy is caused by lack of oxygen at birth which can be remedied by allowing 10 to 15 extra minutes after birth for all of the oxygen and iron rich blood to pass through to the baby, whom it was intended for. This is very common in boys and it is why it is more prevalent in boys. Homebirthing is a wonderful solution, but if a hospital birth is preferred, simply get it in writing that your OB agrees to wait for the cord to turn white. It's an easy way to protect the health of your newborn. For more info on having a healthy baby check out Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's site at homefirst.com. He has delivered over 15,000 babies at home and does not vaccinate. In over 35 years of practice, he hasn't had one case of autism, SIDS, or even asthma. It's in the shots, ladies.

Hi Denise!

Your boy Joe is definitely a brave one! Congrats on the magazine cover!

I received my Platinum sale order today and everything is beautiful! I'm glad it came in time for my daughter's birthday. Her party is tomorrow and her actual birthday is Sunday.I am going to wrap the stuff up and give it to her as one of her presents. She is going to absolutely LOVE the apron! I like to give my kids clothes, books and toys for their birthdays. I think it is a nice mix.

Oh, THANK YOU for the free headband! You are so sweet!

Take Care,

Ok, I am sitting here crying my eyes out! I had never read "the brave one" before, but man have you found a friend who understands in me!! I'm not sure, Denise, if you remember when my TK "shared the love" with my little Olivia who was injured at birth with a brachial plexus injury?? I wrote back thanking you so much for such a sweet gift for such a special and yes, brave girl. She too had no use of her left side when she was born, and I have become friends with so many parents of kids who had strokes in utero or at birth. Their symptoms and treatment are very much the same. Botox - we know it well. The bravery these kids have surpasses my understanding, and now I sit here holding my newest little miracle - a boy after two girls. All I wanted was a baby who was born in one piece, so we opted for the planned c-section. Everything went perfectly for him, but not for me. I have blood clots throughout both of my lungs, and everyday I am at risk of a stroke or anurism. I look to my brave Olivia for strength because she went through so much more pain than I, and she wasn't even old enough to express herself. The stares people gave us were the worst. I will never forget flying home from Houston with our 12 month old baby in a huge brace, and people would give us dirty looks like we were abusive parents or something. I was not prepared for that judgement. Anyway, sorry to ramble on, but I get it. I understand. And these children, my Olivia and your Joe are going to do great things with or without their arms in full function!! All of my love to your sweet, brave boy!!

Anyone know how to get in touch with MJC? They screwed up my refund/return (returned it to someone else's credit card)and I have been trying to get in touch with them for 2 days with no luck. It is starting to irritate me- a little attention to detail would go a long way.

What an amazing blog and an amazing kid! I teach first grade and some of "my babies" that have had some type of struggle in their lives always end up being my favorites. There is just some sort of sparkle within them. Thank you for sharing your story.

geez Denise...nothing more beautiful to me than the love of a mother for her babies. The love we have for our kids runs so deep and raw and yes, they do break our hearts, daily. And Joe...I mean, could he be anymore adorable and brave? He is such a gem...with that gorgeous smile. He is one of the luckiest little boys in the world to have you as his mommy, and for you, to have him as your little boy :O)Thanks for sharing your story...sure brings tears to my eyes to see such an undeniable and unconditional bond between a mommy and her little boy! Too sweet...think I will go hug my 3 babies now !

Reading your blog today brought me to tears. You are a special mommy with an adorable and special little boy (2 little boys). As someone who works with children with varying disabilities and having a child with a disability myself I know how hard it is. Being a mom is a hard job but is one I would not trade for anything. You are a wonderful writer with a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing!

And you are a brave mommy. For putting yourself out there to be an independent business woman, for raising such a wonderful family, and for being open and talking about your family.

It's no wonder why Joe is who he is.

What a beautiful cover. You have much to be proud of. He has the best smile!

You are an amazing mother.

I have to agree with the others that this one was a tear jerker but he's so happy and I would have never known..

Now in the stop picture he look like a hot man with hot chicks after him and I love it and from the expression on this face.... I dont think this he hating it tooo much either... lol
You go Joe!


What a great blog entry! Congratulations on the cover! :)

WOW!! I did not know Joe had Cerebral Palsy. Denise I knew the boys were the cutest kids I had ever had seen and Joe always has a sparkle in his eyes. He is even more special now knowing the challenges he faces daily and the big smile he always has on his face. What a brave happy young man and what a wonderful Mother you are. You can tell you and David do a fantastic job raising them both. I am so thrilled he got to be a model and his pic was on the cover. I always considered both the boys model material. As a Mother we only want our children to be safe and happy.

Joe sounds like the most wonderful little boy. I hope that one day my little Sophia will marry a man who is as sweet, kind and thoughtful as Joe is. My heart goes out to you as a mother. God bless you all.

What a cute tender hearted boy you have! You should be proud!

Denise I say it all the time-- but really, give yourself some credit. Those boys are as well developed and adjusted to crazy life because you have always been there with them- when they needed you. Thats the way it should be for all children-- Every little kid needs Mom to protect them- from the dangers you can see, from the ones you can't , and from the ones you can't predict. So, God Bless you! Keep doing what you're doing, it's working-- even on little Gabe :D

I hope you read this.... Being a mom is the toughest thing I ever did. However, the toughest part is that it opened my eyes to the reality that not every child is felt the same way about. For instances, when I see a child in trouble or a troubled child (with not parent to guide them) my heart breaks for that child. Maybe they are loved,however the parent is not fortunate (bad sp) have all the resources that I have - it breaks my heart.... I know that my husband and I have worked really hard to be where we are and have what we have, but it still breaks my heart....

What an awesome cover - I know all of you must be so proud... could he have been more perfect!!
You have brought tears to my eyes this morning Denise... Joe is lucky to have you for a mother.

Beautiful! I have spent every day this week with my little buddy at lunch because the sensory overload of the sounds and people are just too much for his autism spectrum and he can barely handle the giant tray and the many steps and the choices of over six milks while in the lunch line. I actually thought of you this morning because I was "wondering" what he thinks about every day at school and what his world must be like each and every day. We love him so completely and joyfully yet we fear for him on so many levels too as we stub our toes with the heartaches. Life is so much more complete when we look through his eyes though and I don't even know if I would have truly appreciated the "twirl factor" of your dresses until our Alex saw his sister dance and he smiled and giggled. Life is good!

wow! trying so hard to hold back the tears over here! you are such an amazing mother, i hope you know that! and joe is just the handsomest litte man ever! even though it doesn't matter if he has a zillion friends, i don't think he'll be far off from it! and ashlyn is such a beautiful girl! thanks again for sharing!

Denise, not only are you a designer but a beautiful writer. I just sent my beautiful baby girl to kindergarten and i sure hope that she can make friendships just like the everlasting one joe and ashlyn will have.

It took me awhile to respond...it makes me so teary eyed each time I try. Denise sent me an e-mail on probably one of my most difficult days...the weekend before I sent Ashlyn to 1st grade. I had been in tears because I was so sad for Ashlyn. School is the biggest most difficult part of her day...yet that is where she will spend most of her time. I hate that things have to be so hard for her.

I get home, open my e-mail, and see the sweetest e-mail from Denise. It made me smile! I was so proud that Ashlyn made Joe smile...that she made someone's day.

Denise your outlook is amazing. Joe is absolutely ADORABLE...what an intuitive little guy! Thank you so much.

We alays worried about our kids no matter what but when they have anything that makes them different than other it makes it so much harder. My daugther has asthma and in the winter months after having attacks over and over I think, "this isn't what I signed up for" and it is hard but I would never change it for anything in the world becuase she is the best person I know. I hope he had a good day at school and he always seems so happy.


Add me to the long list of ladies bawling like a baby after reading this post.
I *thought* you were an amazing woman before --- this just confirms my thoughts.

What is it about these little ones who maybe didn't get the best breaks when born? It's like they step up and dare the world to try to break them.

Isn't it an incredible gift to watch them grown and flourish?

lovely post denise...'nuff said!

What an amazing tribute to your sweet little Joe. He is a blessing all the way around. His smile makes me melt. I bet every night you watch him go to sleep and count your blessings...you have been blessed in more ways that one can imagine. I have a son too....my Cooper just makes me so proud to be called mommy. And then there is Lola, what more could a mom want....the unconditional love of innocence :) And yes, he is a model! :)

you made me cry=( you sound like such a great mom!
Im so emotional lately (no not preagant)

I have a little boy Zane that sounds alot like Joe.
He starts kindergarten on the 8th=(
He has a severe speech delay and didn't start talking until 4 years. He has the best outlook on life and the biggest smile ever..I call it contagious because no matter how your feeling, sad or mad as heck..he flashes that baby and I cannot help but breack into a smile.

I think he is truly a blessing and having him like you said has helped me understand and not judge others with children that are not "perfect"

here is zane's smile-

congrats on the cover!

Beauty comes in such diverse packages. It is one of the greatest gifts just to recognize it.Thank you.

Denise I normally do not post on your blog but I read it all the time. This post just brought tears to my eyes and just made me realize so much more and all that life has to give. You truly are and Amazing person with unbelievable children! You should be very PROUD of all you have done and what you have become, as a Mother, Wife, Employer and Business Owner and Friend!

Awww congrats on the cover!

The other night when I was up ALLLLL night reading the whole entire blog for that contest LOL I read that entry. I had NO idea he had CP...none. What a sweet amazing boy.

My niece has CP but unfortunately is blind and has never been able to even sit up on her own but she's absolutely beautiful. :)

I have a special place in my hearts for kids with anything not "normal". In high school I would yell at the kids that would make fun of the mentally handicapped kids...broke my heart and still does. Kids are so fragile and some kids are just so darn right mean. I have raised my kids not to treat people differently...it's what's on the inside that counts. ;)

Joe is lucky to have you. Oh and let's not talk about school starting...might bring on another anxiety attack LOL

Such a beautiful entry, Denise! Joe is such an inspiration! You must be so proud to see him come so far. Congrats on the cover!

I am lost for words Denise. I think I have read this post about 10 times now. I have seen several "sides" of you but this entry has made me see "all" of you. Thank you.

Denise, this is one of the best entries I've read...actually, the most heartfelt. Written with total love and sincerity, I totally felt it across the letters/computer.
Humbled me and reminded me of the important things in life.

Thank you.
oh...thanks again for the 'wonder' contest too. Reading everyone's wonders was a blessing.

Oh Denise...talk about tugging at my heart! Miss Ashlynn and Joe are amazing littles!
Thank you for sharing Joe's story.

My Ana is delayed with her gross motor skills...walked at 22 months but at almost 4 she still cannot run like her peers BUT she will holler at you until you slow down for her-what a set of lungs!...she told me the other night she wants to play soccer... we finally agreed to try gymnaastics first. :) I let her know that she will play soccer one day soon, yep, she will!

What a wonderful entry, I remember reading your previous entries and being amazed at what you guys have been through. I'm glad he gets to see he's not alone.

We haven't had those struggles but I still want all of that for my kids and the heart break? Man, Aiden starts jk in a few weeks, I'm so not ready for school and all the various heartbreaks it means for him! I get a lot more upset then he does.

I am a mom, blessed with 2 beautiful girls. Like other parents, I want the world for my children, but most importantly, I want them to be happy. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story.

Just as a side note, SW Mom in the NW, and for what it is worth, our daughter's SPD (SID) is much more of an issue than her CP. The sad thing w/SPD is that knowledge about this condition is relatively new, and so it just feels like I climb a mountain everyday with our daughter's SPD and getting her the care and therapies that will help her.
These kids are fighters, and they amaze me every day. :o)

Awesome Little Boy! And Beautiful Ashlynn. Love this post :)

Great read. . . it made me go back to March 2008 (before I had even heard of Matilda Jane) and read the inital Blog entry. Wow! Gabe is really insiring, and you are a great Mom. As parents, we all know how your heart breaks. My younger daughter has a severe speech delay. Her speech has been categorized as "unintelligible." We have been to lots of therapy, and she is making wonderful progress. Sometimes, the road feels long, but the milestones are oh, so sweet and meaningful. One day, I walked into the room and saw several older boys, mocking her and making fun of her. They looked at ME and said, "we can't understand her, she doesn't make any sense, what is she saying?" She was in tears. I was speechless, and had no idea what to say or how to respond to this. It caught me completely by surprise. I just held her and told her that it was OK.

I firmly believe that all of these things, these burdens and challenges, make us better people and make us stronger. When you face them, you have a choice. You can become bitter and shut down, or you can choose to live and embrace your life, your road, your challenges.

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