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August 20, 2009


Awe...lookie at Joe and his cousins...such good genes in that photograph!!

ONG!!! You have made my day!!! Thank you soo much!!

Congrats to all the winners - lucky girls. Denise, why i am NOT surprised you read each and every one of wonders. plus the fact you stayed up all night, almost like you couldnt put a good book down. i'm surprised dh didnt tell you to come to bed. fyi you can print a book on the wonder blog with all the comments. http://blog2print.sharedbook.com/blogworld/printmyblog/index.html
every month i generate one for my mother-in-law in chicago who doesnt have computer nor access to internet. plus i would have a printed archive if it went poof online. counting the days til i receive my platinum order (i'm stalking the ups brown truck).

I feel like a winner anyway because the UPS man just handed us our first Platinum order and me and my daughter sat on the floor right in front of the door and took in all the gorgeousness in that box.
Thank you so much for the headband gift. That was the first thing we tried on, Wheeee!
She was so excited by a peasant top she had to hold it while she ate lunch (age 3). Thanks for the smiles. You have a gifted talent, and a very professional yet warm and friendly company.

Congrats to the winners! I can't wait for the next contest.

Congrats to the winners - darn that one wasnt us or someone I know - I was going to share LOL
Just read some of the other comments - oh how cool would a quilt be - especially a queen size one that would fit our bed so I can get a head start on redoing our bedroom for just us - no kids stuff ;)

After having one child I wondered who else was in there. That's why I have six kids now. Still wondering, but tired!

Yeah! What about the 3 extra bags? Do the gangstas get any love in the fall? Do we need to have a roll call? Do we need to get crunk up in dis junt? You just let us know Masta Knot Crunk and we is SO wit it.

Seriously though, Congrats to the winners, wish I was one...oh well...Kyles is getting her BTS stuff on her birthday. How cool is that...it's almost like a gift from Matilda Jane that I paid for. ROFL. As a child she will think it IS a birthday present from Matilda Jane...Good for her, she'll just want to buy more...with my money.

Looks like a blanket?! OMG how cool would that be??!!

Congrats Ladies...one day I will be a winner...one day LOL

Got my Back to school order today OMG!!! To die for!!!! I need to call my trunk keeper and order more!!! Can't get enough of it!!

Ummm...yeah...echo Da to the oh...what were you gonna do with the 3 extra bags in the pic? Want us ganagsta's to duke it out? ;)

oh maaaaan, I wanted one. :(

congrats those who won. :)

I'm wondering when we're going to get a preview of Gypsy Blue. I can't wait 2 whole weeks!! Please, give us a little peek... Pretty please!!

If that is a MJC blanket/quilt then I am JEALOUS... happy for winners, but still JEALOUS!

If that is an MJC blanket/quilt... then I am JEALOUS! Huge congrats to winners.... but, I'm still jealous :-)

I think I know what's in that basket.. and I think it's a quilt something i have never owned in my life.... If ever you just feel sorry for someone and want to give one of the extra ones a way or even sell it.. Please let me know I am your woman....

Girls you are all do lucky........ WTG!!!!!!
Sad I lost but still VERY happy for you all :)

Grats ladies. Man, I am jealous!! And No More Bottles, that is awesome that you did that. I'm sure your wife is gonna love you dearly for that!

Darnit!! Oh, and I guess congratulations to the winners. I am envious. I love surprise gift bags like this!

You're so fun, Denise!!

WOW...how do you come up with these contests? This one was the best yet. I loved reading everyone's "wonders". It just makes us all the more real and personable to each other.
I'm loving what I think are blankets rolled up in the baskets! I heard about them!!
WOW! So tell me....what are your plans for the other 3 or so baskets in the picture???? I wonder if they will be up for grabs? :)
Thanks again Denise! You ROCK!

Congrats ......you guys have to let us know what was in the baskets!..........no more bottles ....ur and awesome dad!

I can't wait to see the women's clothes in the Gypsy Blue collection! I hope there are some tights for mommies!

congrats! fun contest D!

Hi Denise,

Check out this link - I thought of you when I saw this.


Congrats to all the winners...no more bottles, thats awesome! Denise thanks so much again.

I don't know if it is okay if I post this here. If not, I'm sorry! But after reading all the wonders and addictions to Diet Cola, I feel it is my responsibility to spread the knowledge!
For those of you addicted to Diet Cola-read this! And no ignorance is not bliss! ;-)

or get a video about the subject

Thanks Denise for the contest...it was great fun to read all the wonders! You rock!

I look at my children and wounder....how does little miracle step by step invisable to the naked eye, to in front of you breathing, laughing, talking and etc...Oh.. and so cute!!! At night when I go to check on them I just hold my breath with my hand on my stomach and get emotional and wounder how amazing is this. Every time I come to think about this subjet, I wounder how god is great with his wounderful miracles and wounders...

Congrats winners!!! :)

Thanks for the contest, it was fun :)

Congrats to the winners! I loved reading everyone's comments!!

Congratulations to the winners! I too liked reading everyone's wonders. They made me laugh, cry and just feel good all around. This was neat! Thanks Denise!

P.S. I wonder what you're going to do with the extra 3 baskets of goodies????????? I bet we could all DUKE it out gangsta style with the wondering for a few more days to win those babies??? he-he ;)

It was a blast reading everyone's wonders... thanks as always for your generosity! XOXOO (I give you an extra hug just to make you squirm a little) ;D

Oh, it looks like your lucky children are going to win a new Felina Knot Dress....nice! I wonder what else is hiding in there? I hope that you get lots of Flair! Thanks for sharing so much love Denise! You are truly so generous!

I wonder why wondering was so much fun that it doesn't sting AS bad to not have won?!!!! ;)
Congrats girlies! Those baskets look amazing!!!

Congrats to the LUCKY winners! And what a great surprise for that wife :) How sweet!!

Are those Matilda Jane blankets all rolled up? How cute would those be!!

no more bottles, That's cool. Really cool. I bet she crys when she figures it out. I know I would if my man won me some Matilda Jane. I say me...I mean the Bug. If he won my Bug some Matilda Jane. :0)

My wife said you posted the winners. She has no idea I'm "no more bottles". Thank you!
I'm not going to tell her. She'll find out when the package arrives.
They get so excited when a package arrives that they know is coming. I wonder what it will be like when this one comes.
I better get, shes in the room giving baby bottle of all things.
Thank you!

Congrats to the winners!

I am still wondering what was in those bags!

OMG, OMG. I can't believe it. Thank you Denise. You are amazing for reading all of them.

I stayed up reading the comments the first night you posted the "wonder" question. I think at that point there were about 200 or so responses. Maybe a little more or less. It took me 2 hours to read through the comments. I thought maybe I was crazy or something. That is so cool you read all the comments! I enjoyed reading them periodically throughout the day yesterday and today. Great question! Congrats Winners!!!

Congrats girls! I can't believe you read through them ALL Denise! I think we are all human and naturally wonder the same sorts of things. It's nice to know there is a common thread and good or bad we are all wondering the same things.

Congrats everyone!

You lucky ducks! Congrats y'all!

Congrats to the lucky-duckies! I really loved learning what other moms were wonderin' about. Such a fun activity. :o)
And with that I am off to slumber-land!

Congratulations to the lucky five!!!!

Congratulations to the winners!!!

It sure was fun to wonder!

Congrats winners!! Thank you Denise for doing this...it was so much fun reading everyone's comments. There are so many special women out there!!

Lucky Girls!! So jealous...are you going to give away any more goods?

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