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August 24, 2009


ya, on the Fawn Dress it was made here so we were not able to use the pattern/spec sheet we use on all the others. Fall will be consistent with past seasons. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Rachel, Hi Mary:
Thanks so much for sharing, re. fawn lap dress. I guess I will be keeping it too, as it is cute on (and practical) even though the screen print is really too faint. I did not get the Solid Gold tee nor the bag but wish I had. Good idea on washing it inside out --thanks! As for size, my sz 2 fawn dress is a bit short on my 3 yr old. I think it's only about 20.5 inches long. Looks cute though with pants underneath.

I got the Fawn Lap dress and the Solid Gold tees and mine are faint too, I hope it doesn't come off. Otherwise it is all too cute!!! The Joey bag is so stinking cute!

Oh I just figured it out!!!! That is the loading dock in the picture, and those clothes are the BTS and Gypsy line!!!! Is that it did? I get it right?!?!?!?!? I have been staring at it forever!!!! I hope I got it right...cause if I did...I am SO proud of myself! :)

Just got my dress and Bambi was faint. But I kinda like it that way. What I was disappointed in is the size. Just when I think I have MJ figured out I don't. The 4 is huge!!! I washed and dried it and it is a little smaller. But man my daughter probably needed a 2.

2 wonderful MJ days in a row... yesterday I got some wonderful goodies from the Platinum line (thanks so much for the headband!!). Then today my BTS order arrives - and to my surprise I have another goodie. You ladies are so generous with your give aways. Love the bag and pin - can't wait to get more!! Thanks so much for everything!

Oh, and Denise, I also wanted to thank you et al for the lovely bag and uber cute MJ pin! So cutel! I love, love, love it and will be using it quite a bit. :o)
You guys are just soooo thoughtful!
Hope you are having a bit of fun while here in Miami!

SH- The doorbell just rang and it was Larry, my beloved UPS guy. ;o)
OK, I think you are right: the metallic screen print on the lap is pretty darn faint. On mine it is also a bit heavier in one area than on the rest, but that part I chalk up to perhaps being hand-screen printed. At any rate, I suppose it was more visible in the pix online due to camera lighting?
I also ordered the solid gold tee. It has equally faint screen printing. One thing that I really did like about the tee was that on the back it says, "Matilda Jane covergirls" "back to school tour 2009". Very cute (but again, super faint)!. The tee will go great with a few of the skirts one of my daughter's already has.
Due to the faintness of the screen print on these items I will be turning them both inside out and hand washing them in cold water/laying flat to dry. God help me if they get a stain on them! LOL

I received my BTS order and I LOVE everything!!! The peasant top is gorgeous just like I thought it would be but the Sara dress is even more beautiful in person. Oh and the velour ruffles are a beautiful color. Thank you for the free shopping bag.

I bought a Platinum dress for my Tillie. It's size 2 and she's 3 months... She's got some growing to do! It's adorable!


BTW, Denise...I am going to email a pic of my daughter at the shooting range. She had to wear MJC to the range. So cute with her big old shooting ear muffs.LOL

I absolutely LOVE the BTS Sara dress! OMG! My daughter nearly fell running up to the UPS guy today and jumped and twirled while holding the dress when she pulled it out of the box! I love seeing her reaction to MJC packages. The UPS guy said, "must be some special stuff in this box." I was like," Oh yeah, very, especially to a little girl!" I wonder how many little girls will have the same reaction this year...Syd plans on buying MJC for all the birthday parties! I need a J-O-B!;-)

Awesome!! Your going to be like 20 minutes away from where I live. Have a fun, safe, and productive time here in SoFlo.

Mary --
Thank you so much. I will look for your posting. Minus the fawn lap dress, I do find all the other BTS stuff just fabulous. Thanks again.


My order is to be delivered on Thursday. I will post to the MJ blog (whatever the current post is on Thursday) and let you know how my BTS lap dress looks.

ACK!!! Oh I am so excited!!! I can't wait to see!!! In color puhleeeeeese Mast Knot Krunk ;)...you know I have to plan what I NEED... :)

If any of you ladies are looking for some NWT MJ, shoot me an email....I have so much that I need to part with in order to make room for MORE! LOL

I have ballerinas, knots, ruffles, tops, lots of ellies!


No black and white!! I need the real deal so I can budget my money. I'm having my first trunk show!!

I can't wait to see some sneak peeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have already received the brown fawn lap dress from the BTS line? I received ours today and the gold screen printing of the little bambi deer is so faint that it is super hard to see. I even worry that after the first wash, the screen print will come off completely(it's that faint). Did anyone else receive the same? I am just trying to decide whether it is just mine that is faint; and whether to return the item back to MJ or not. Thanks so much for anyone who has comments/kind suggestions. -first time lap dress buyer

have afun safe trip!!!

Have a great trip! Can't wait to see some pictures when you get back. I am so not a patient person so this is driving me bonkers ;-)

have a wonderful trip! can't wait to get a sneak peak upon your return!

Oh Miami is fun. I used to live on South Beach....before babies and Matilda Jane! Enjoy~can't wait for pics...especially the mommy stuff!

I cannot wait to see the pics of Gypsy Blue! I'm super excited about Gypsy Blue Two because my show is in October! :) Have a great trip!

Oh, I live in Miami! Hope you have a blast while here...so much to do and see! It is hot, though. Today I woke up to 79 degrees and 94% humidity. It was like swimming through the air. Blah....
But other than that, dress comfy and flip flops are required. LOL Have a mojito in your hand and you will be just fine! :o)
If you need any recommendations on eateries, etc, just let me know. Also, though I am not sure where you are staying, if you come down again I highly recommend Hotel Ocean (http://www.hotelocean.com/index.html) on Ocean Drive on South Beach. It is one of the few hotels that actually SITS DIRECTLY on the ocean/beach (most are on the opposite side of the street). Hubby's friend is the GM, so typically we can get some really awesome rates. Just let me know!

TWO collections? AND I am only allowed to buy 10 outfits? HOW is that going to even work? Seriously...It sounds like a lot until you take into account that I already have stuff, I bought 3 BTS sets and Gypsy Blue isn't even here yet. Oh my. I think I am in trouble.

I am wishing Jacksonville was closer to Miami... can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! My BTS is arriving today, so I will be euphoric from that :)

Have a great time in Miami! Can't wait to see the pics. Just got my invite for the fall trunk show part, trying to see when I can fit in a garage sale so I can buy lots of new pretty things:)

I can't wait to see the pics of Gypsy Blue! So exciting!!! Also, excited that my Back To School Stuff will be here Wednesday! I really need to sell my daughter's stuff from last winter to get some money!

Is David trying to tell us something? Or am I just reading too much into this (have never won anything and am quite desparate ... the baskets from last week looked so beautiful ... still wondering what was in them ...). Have a safe trip! Bring back lots of pics!!

Have fun... Have a laugh on me Lynette..
Please send me a sample piece of each so I can give you a mom's opinion.

Color please? not black and white.

You tease, you!!! Just give us a little somethin' somethin' to hold us over until you're back!! Just one picture or two??? (giving you the puppy look and all)

Travel safe!!!

Have fun and be safe!! :)

Oh the pre-release tease. It's killing me!

Such a tease....lol. Just kidding hope yall have fun!

Waiting to see all the wonderful things you have in store......

Have fun in Miami!!! Can't wait to see the new goods!

Oh the anticipation...we are getting very excited!! I know there will be so much to love!!!
Have a safe trip!!!
Take care.

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