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August 17, 2009


I wonder what the rest of the year holds for me. And, I wonder what my children will be when they grow up.

I don't know if you are still doing these...I started typing the the other night and got busy with bath and bed and didn't come back to it...thought about it and this is the first chance I have had to sit down ... so he it is:

I wonder if I did the right thing holding my son back because of his birthday...I wonder if public school is the right move...I wonder if it will change is innocent sweetness...I wonder when he will tell me to stop saying I love you out the window as he gets out at car pool...I wonder when he will stop yelling it back with that huge grin on his face!

I wonder why my 1st daughter is so high strung and my youngest one is so much more like my son...I wonder if middle child is really something or something we have imposed...

I wonder how I am suppose to have self control when it comes to matilda jane...I wonder how I am suppose to dress all three of us girls on a budget...

I wonder what it is like to run a successful business and really make a difference with it while doing something that you love...You guys are amazing!

I look at my children and wounder....how does little miracle step by step invisable to the naked eye,to in front of you breathing,laughing,talking and etc...oh.. and so cute!!! At night when I go to check on them I just hold my breath with my hand on my stomach and get emotional and wounder how amazing is this. Every time I come to think about this subjet,I wounder how god is great with his wounderful miracles and wounders...

I wonder why some religions still abide by the Old testament law (before Jesus was born) like not cutting their hair, etc.?? We are to live by the New testament law because Jesus died on that cross to redeem us from our sins because we could NEVER keep the ten commandments on our own!! May be random but I do always wonder this!!

I wonder if U2 will come out with another album after this one...
I wonder why I can have the most rotten day with my girls, lose my patience with them a zillion and three times, and then, after they fall asleep, and I'm watching them just breathe up and down, I fall in love with them all over again...
I wonder why Diet Coke tastes better from a can than a liter, and better as a fountain drink than both a can and a liter...
I wonder if I made it just in the nick of time with the time deadline???

I wonder if there is such a thing as, "too much gelato. (i don't think so)

I wonder if you can eat flaming hot cheetos without getting flaming red fingers. (oh, don't touch your eyes!)

I wonder if toblerone can be counted as a fruit. (ok, i guess not)

I also wonder where I find the super cute big girl pieces in the photos above? Are they even for sale yet?

I too wonder where the name Matilda Jane came from.

I also wonder if I made the right choice sending my daughter to public school and not homeschooling her.

Never mind.... now it worked. I wonder why my comments disappear and where do they go?

I wonder if you turned off the comment section... since I can't see my last post... mhhh, wondering if you are picking a winner right now.

Seriously....I wonder what Hillary Clinton would look like in a MJ knot dress.

I wonder why we have a den of foxes living next to us? AND.... I wonder why everyone around here thinks it's normal!

I wonder if my wife will buy the ENTIRE Matilda Jane line or only 99% of it.

I wonder if I should go to bed since I have to get up in the morning for work.

I wonder if I should go ahead and go to bed?

I wonder if you fell asleep, dear Denise. ;-)

Funny, Dana... I just wondered earlier how our girls would get along. And imagine all the pretty pictures we could take of all five of them in their MJ.

We gotta meet someday!!

I wonder what my little girl will learn in kindergarten tomorrow.

And today SHE said:

I wonder if The Beatles will get back together.

I had to inform her that 2 of them are dead and so I figured it probably wasn't likely. This devastated her but some of mommy's diet coke made it better.

Which leads me to my final wonderment:

I wonder if there is a sweeter sound that your almost 5 and 2 year old singing Elenor Rigby in the backseat.

I wonder if anyone has this Matilda Jane Heather skirt to sell me, size Medium?


E-me at smhazelnut AT aol.com :)

I wonder if my older daughter will ever go to sleep for the night and I wonder if my baby daughter will stay asleep for the night. Either way- I'm tired.

I wonder will Eric Clapton will see his son in Heaven? Will I see my Grandmother in Heaven? That one more day with anybody, my Grandma. I wonder what IT really is like, in Heaven. I wonder why I'm even trying to make a coherent thought this late. I know, it's not that late...but I am that old...not telling. It takes a Dr Pepper to get me going and keep me going. I wonder if Geritol would work better...hmm. Good Night, Sleep Tight, and don't let....

I wonder what it would be like to win such a cool contest! :)

I wonder why life is so unfair sometimes- why do children have to get hurt?

I wonder - if women ruled the world - would there be less war and ugliness, and more beauty and love?

O wonder when I will see the winner's names...and I wonder when I will not feel so tired anymore.

I wonder if Denise will even be able to find my first " I wonder" post since I can't.

I wonder when my husband is going to get home from playing hockey...

I wonder when my toothache will go away? 2 hr dental surgery today and it's now throbbing.

And to think I need to go back for a root canal and 2 crowns. Like I wonder if I'll ever go back, would you?

I wonder what Brad and Angelina are doing right now?? I wonder if Angelina's has ever heard of MJ??

I wonder what my kids will grow up to be. And why does fountain soda taste so much better than canned? So addicting!!!

I wonder why I saw a girl wearing a scarf when it is 90 degrees out?

I wonder HOW, in this this world of wonders, your ever going to pick the right WONDER?

I wonder where my orignal comment with... it has vanished...

I wonder when my 4 year old will finally go to bed!!!

I wonder if everyone "PEES" in the shower and just don't admit it LOL ;)

I wonder if I am random......

I wonder why people can't be thankful for what they have, instead of always wanting more?

I wonder why people feel entitled to things they shouldn't?

I wonder why there can't be peace on earth?

I wonder if all this wondering we've been doing will finally help me remember the spelling difference between wonder and wander without having to think so hard... And I wonder if I'll be able to get that dang Barbara Streisand christmas song, "I Wonder as I Wander", out of my head so I don't have it painfully swirling through my head as I sleep??????

I wonder* why the worse ache felt ~ is a heartache?

I wonder* why one of the prettiest things in the world is to see the happiness, the smile on a childs face?
Or why it hurts us more, than them to see them in pain?

I wonder* what a cloud would feel like?

I wonder* if Angels really have wings?

I wonder* if there is a such thing as reincarnation?

I wonder* why there is no much violence in the world?

I wonder* if you will pick a winner tonight.

I wonder* if it could be me?

I wonder if I might be pregnant?

I wonder who is going to win the MJC goodie baskets?

I wonder if I am too late to post!

I wonder how I can love my wonderful children so very much without bursting my heart!

I wonder why my sister doesn't move back to Indiana.

I wonder if I will be lucky and never have to go down range my entire military career....I wonder if my husbands decision to enlist in the AiR Force reserves today was a good idea while I am active duty (and he used to be)....I wonder if we will ever be able to leave Mississippi...I wonder if the rest of the world is sitting around wondering about lifes wonders....what an awesome thing to wonder!

I wonder why I get on the scale the day after vacation...I wonder if I will ever win the lottery...I wonder if my children will remember as much about their childhood as I do...I wonder if the world will be at peace ever...I wonder if I will get a good night's sleep. :-)

"I wonder if my husband will stop telling me "NO" when I ask him if we can adopt? Poor guy is probably still mad I begged him to get his vasectomy, he did, and now look what I want!LOL

I wonder if anyone else saw that Platinum is back up? :)

"I wonder" if my daughter's, niece and two family friend's Christmas dresses and my future birthday present (Dec 24th) is on the loading dock? LOL j/k....I'm a planner...YES, I am already thinking of getting Christmas out of the way!:-)

I wonder if I did make Monika cry, would Grace be there to wipe away her tears, or would it be Erina?
I wonder why we have to live so far away from each other, because I think we'd have good times and our girlies would be kindred spirits... you know, like Anne with an "e" and diana...

Anne Shirley: Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?
Diana Barry: But I don't have any black dresses.
Anne Shirley: Your hair.
Diana Barry: All right.

I wonder if I made Monika cry, would Grace be there to dry her tear, or would it be Erina?
I wonder why we have to live so far away from each other, because not only would we have good times, but I think our girlies would be kindred spirits... you know like Anne with an "e" and Diana....
Anne Shirley: Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?
Diana Barry: But I don't have any black dresses.
Anne Shirley: Your hair.
Diana Barry: All right.

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