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September 13, 2009


Okay, I found those tights!! Now I need to have my little DD let me put some skirts on her!! Can't wait for GB2, I love it ALL!!! =)

Based on stuff hitting ebay- it looks like some people have received their pkgs already. Anyone else? I am just dying to get my GB order- all 20 pieces of it!

Went to a trunk show tonight...Nicole was great, as usual. The pictures are beautiful, but it is so nice to get up close and feel the fabrics. Got an outfit for my daughter and even one for me! Funny how once you start collecting this stuff and you have several knot dresses, skirts & ruffles, you venture into uncharted territory and take more risks. Well done, Denise!

Beautiful pics. Just lovely little girls! How about a contest for your 'loyal losers'?! LOL! I can't wait to get my Gypsy Blue order!!!!!!

wow, ive been away toooo long. How cute is this stuff. This is sooo the style here in England, I will have to pick something to get my daughter!

Does anyone know how much baby Oliver weighed at birth. Sam has been MIA for too long. MIA

Thanks Julie! It's funny that I've looked over the line a million times and didn't notice the adorable details until I saw it on a different model. And I saw the line in person! Hmm, might have to add it to my order.

Does any one know how much baby Oliver weighed? Sam has been MIA for too long. TIA

That skirt is the Back to School Molly.

What's the name of the skirt on the little one with the dog? I can't find it. Thanks!


The knot top is from Gypsy Blue. It's called the Bailey Knot Top.

Just got my goodies. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much. Love every piece I have. :-)

Love the pictures. Does anyone know which line is the knot top (2nd from the bottom) from? The one with the stripes? Thanks!

Just had my show yesterday and I can't wait to get my GB!!! I love the pics but nothing compares to when you actually see the cloths in person!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Now I will just be stalking the UPS man!!!

I am really grumpy that the cocoa tee sold out in less than a week. Grumpy enough that I canceled my show that was scheduled for tonight. I hope you are considering producing more for GB2 launch. So much for "increased" inventory.

These pics are art. Thank you for posting these. Not only are these parents beaming at their beautiful girls but the work of MJC is reflected in the kids smiles!

I love it all...adorable!

Yay, glad Jennie sent ya these shots.....I was admiring them all in her studio during the trunk show. She is super talented!

Such cute photos! Thanks for sharing ;)


Can you make more striped straightees please? Size 8? I missed them!! :(


Super cute! I can't wait to get my very first order, ever...of Matilda Jane clothing for my baby girl! Yay!


Oh, forgot to say I absolutely adore the first pic of the girl with the dog! I LOVE her hat and braids!!!

Adorable pics!!! Can't wait to receive my Gypsy Blue order so I can mix and match too.

Great outfits and I love the depth of field in her shots!!!

Meredith: the brown tee pictured that says covergirls on the back is actually the Solid Gold Tee from the Back to School collection. Looks like it is still avail. :-)

The pictures are great! I always love seeing all the mixing and matching.
Had my daughters picture taken today and mixed the artfair owl knot with the green parallels. It looked super cute!
The compliments were non-stop. Can't wait to get my new items :)

Those are FABULOUS pics, always love seeing the outfit ideas. When can I get my hands on the MJC Covergirl long sleeve tee? I hope soon because its a must have for both of my daughter's.

Just had my show yesterday! Can't wait to dress up my little girl.

I was looking at those the other day- I love them. The girls are so cute and the combos are so much fun- love the line mixing to with hotline!

Love the combos!!! Thanks for sharing!!!I love this stuff!

Gorgeous photos.....I'm counting the minutes until my GB order gets here!

So cute! I love seeing new pics that give me more ideas of mixing and matching.

Happy Sunday!!

aww, cute combos!
i have had a grumpy weekend, so love the pics to cheer me up!

I see some combos I will have to try. Thanks!

I have to go with Karlee cartoons on this one...
Yummy in my tummy.. beauty all wrapped up!

happy sunny Sunday!

Just beautiful!!!!!!!!

I love how she mixed Hotline in there! Now more reasons to wear that more often. Thanks!!

Super Cute! Hoping my order comes soon! I can't wait!

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