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September 08, 2009


Opening day was a HUGE day for us here in GR...first day of Kinde and preschool, my bday and our MJ Party! Glad to be part of the festivities.

Hi there....love the GB! So many great pieces!! I had my show Tuesday and it closed out yesterday.....a problem though on the size of an item....I let my trunk keeper know she ordered the wrong size but she is so super busy doing shows not sure she can get to it before shipped....who do I contact to let know to change? Love GB..even ordered for me for the first time!!


I <3 Gypsy Blue!!!!

Oh La laaa!! Went to the show Tue! It was soooo exciting!! I was like a kid in a candy store. I asked my daughter who is 4 to pick her favorite outfit and she loved loved the Chrissy dress.My little one got the Dottie dress. I got some good stuff for me too =). Thanks for such a beautiful line!! (I may have to order more later =D )

September 8th was a great day. GB came out and it was my birthday!!! So a great day all around. :)

I hear ya on the gym thang...definitely much better with a friend!! I need to drag my hiney to the gym..or somewhere for a little exercise so I look GOOOOD in MY cute GB garb I ordered! (I already know my girls will look adorable! :)

Loving the GB line and can't wait to see what collection 2 has to offer!! THANKS!!

Yay for you, going to the gym!!! If you can just put in your schedule (like you have plenty of free time!!!) and go and do not make excuses, it will eventually get easier. In fact, if you go on a regular basis, you will be down right grouchy if you don't get to go!!! Don't believe me huh?

My pick for top 5
Dottie dress
Disco ruffles
Chrissy dress
Pink Big ruffles
Dottie leggings

Keep the pics coming!!!

Such awesome new stuff! SO excited!

Wow! I can't believe it! I haven't won anything since 4th grade! A huge jar of bubble gum. Yeah, I guessed how many were in the jar. LOL! Thank you so much Denise for being so generous!

I'm so with you on the gym thing. I have yet to enter a gym without my 2 dear friends. I don't think I ever will either.

Congratulations on everything and thanks again!

I love the new Gypsy Blue line! I put my order in on Monday. I am in love with the Libby shirt for my daughter. I hope to use the pieces I ordered to dress her for our family photos we have coming up. Keep the cute clothes coming. We get tons of compliments when I dress mt daughter in MJ :)

Going to the gym is hard!

Congrats on starting the gym! I need to follow your lead. Must get in shape before I turn the big 3-0...just 3 short months away!

I'm dying to attend my show on Thursday! Can't wait to see everything in person. And as far as the gym....I was always all business (in quick, out as quick as possible). I work out at home now & the one thing I miss is yoga class. I totally recommend it!

Congrats on a successful Fall launch! We love GB and can't wait to receive our pieces!

Can't wait to order Chrissy tonight!

My fav is the dottie dress!!! It's a must have. Well, a must have for next year. LOL gonna have to catch it on the resells. :)

I know you are going to sell out of tons this season. It's such a gorgeous color palette.


I'm soooo scared that everything will sell out before my trunk show on Sunday!!!! Heres hoping that you guys made tons of stuff for this season!!!!

Hate going to gym as well!!

Super exctited going to a trunk show tonight. So far without seeing the pieces in person my favorite must haves are

Chrissy Dress
Striped ruffled leggings
Dottie Dress
Dottie Ruffled leggings
Striped Tights
Sara Top
Pink stripe ruffles
Pink Lap dress

My show is tonight and I am beyond excited.... WTG on the gym. I HATE going there too. :-)

Well, I thought and thought about which one piece is my favorite that I ordered, and I've decided it's the Stew Ruffles. The pink patch knees surpised and and definitely pleased me. I can't wait to get them and see Amelia running around in them. Thank you for the "new" stew!

love love love the gym- dd not so much

Congrats Denise on both beginnings. Thank you for such adorable clothes and thanks to the trunk keepers for all they are doing right now!

Congrats on the big opening day and congrats on the gym! I'm the say way, I actually flew off the back of the treadmill on my first trip to the Y b/c I was trying to look cool and relaxed and decided to talk to people while I was on the running. Not. even. kidding. But wish I were!
So pumped about my upcoming trunk show!

Top 5 - what about the Cocoa Tee? I broke all rules in buying a plain brown long sleeved tee - but what about the silver thread? Those are the details that keep me coming back - and breaking all of my half hearted rules! (I ended up buying 3 - one for me, one each for two of my girls)!

I can't wait to see what I ordered in person. I had to end up going to work for a project instead of the trunk show :( but was told, everything is so vibrant and rich in color!
I understand about the gym, I finally just signed up for a zumba class. I start on Thursday it will be my first step in the gym in years and it finally gives me a moment for myself. Which I need :)
Saving up the pennies for round two in October:)

congrats on such a successful first day- now Im just hoping the rest of what I want to order in two weeks is still around! Its been fun watching everyones pictures popping up on the boards and seeing what people have ordered and are thinking will sell out first!

Here is to an awesome season where everyone gets what thet want and no one has to resort to bidding wars on the bay LOL

cheers- off to bed

best sellers (no order)
The Chrissy
The striped ruffles
The Dottie
The frankie
and the pinkie lap

Am I close?

Joni....... Good for you
Sasha......... good for you
Lillie ........... bad for me but
I love the line and I am healthy and somewhat happy, so all is well......
I do take Chance back to the eye dr tom. Please say a prayer for him that his eye has gotten better and that he is not going to be blind in one eye for life (please all of you) that would be the best blog prize in the whole wide world.

Congrats Denise & MJC crew! I wish I could have ordered more...but I think some other ladies picked up my slack ;)

Thank you! My mom did the ordering for us today. I had picked out 2 outfits each for her to order for me and tonight she let me know that she bought them each one also...Can't wait for the girls to see them. She said the Chrissy dress is TDF in real life.

On another note. I'm so curious to know what was in the baskets that were won a few weeks back. Did anyone get there basket yet?

I was wondering the same thing C's mom, I had heard that the willow ran a bit small. Anyone try that beauty on?

Did my long distance ordering today. Thank you Penny! Now the long international shipping wait. When are they going to invent real teleportation? :)

Anyone who has had a show can you tell me how the willow is in real life? How does it run?

It was so awesome seeing everything in person today...all so fab! I can't wait to get everything! Sophie loved it too....she tried to steal the dottie dress while running around in just a diaper....then she ran face first into a door, and laughed. mY child is weird.

WOMEN are all so beautiful. I wish none of you felt that insecurity and could see all the real beauty you each posess.
I am new to blogging. I am new to computer communities. I just want to take a momment to thank Denise. I have sooo enjoyed reading about everyone and participating in these contests has brought back lots of great memmories.
Thank you Denise. Thank You for your generousity. Thank You for the gift of creating..not just you clothing, but for ths amazing little community you've created also. This wonderful place where people can connect, whether they participate or are voyers. Thank you.

Good job on going to the gym! I love being able to go to the gym here on base because it is usually pretty empty and there is a play room that has a window looking directly into the gym for my daughter.

What a great opening day for you! I can't wait to see all the goodies on Miss Sadie. Now I can't wait to see what GB2 has in store for us!

Grats on a great opening day!! I can't wait to get my pieces.

Yay for a wonderful opening day! Can't wait for my show in a couple of days! Looking forward to seeing all of the goodies in the flesh!
Wishing you a beautiful season! Thanks Denise for being you & doing what you do!

YAY!!! I'm so not surprised that it was a great opening day!!! I totally got EVERYTHING I wanted today for both of my girls. I am soo soo soo excited to get it all, and I know my little Izzy will be ecstatic to try everything on! Thank you for such beautiful and fun clothing!!!

Did I mention tomorrow is my birthday? 9/9, still not giving out the year, Amelia wants to celebrate with pink cake, which will be fine since everyone else is at school or work. Happy Birthday to me! I'm going to make myself a . . . . treasure box....and I'll put those teeth in there.

I have to say THANK YOU! I've gotten so many compliments when I wear my Pink Bird dress, especially when Amelia wears hers with me. I love the Gypsy Blue line and have ordered my favorite three things for my daughter. I want to order more but am waiting for the Texas Lottery Commission to realize that they keep picking the wrong winner, duh?! Anyway, THANK YOU also for inspiring me. The ladies at Cabbage Rose Quilting are quite amused I'm sure that I keep purchasing more and more fabric. It's always been a weakness, but now, I've gone way overboard. I've actually sewn three pairs of ruffle pants---TA DAA!!! I've got enough fabric however to sew ruffle pants-so, so fun-, skirts, and dresses for Amelia for the next three years. There is just something about teenagers and their schedules/requests, husbands who travel, which makes the sewing difficult. However, once the weather cools down and the rainy days come......

Congrats on a great opening day and good for you for getting to the gym. I so need to do that!

I feel you with the self-consciousness...... I am the same way! Props to you for getting to the gym!

I am SO excited about the Gypsy Blue collection and I am hosting my very first show on Monday. I can not wait for my show, but even more can't wait to get the clothes I order and take my little girls pictures in them!

Thanks for designing such amazing things!

congrats on a wonderful opening day!!!

I would definitely be dragging a friend to the gym with me- no way would I go by myself! I wouldn't know what to do and I'd be standing there like a fool. (in some cute work out gear & shoes of course)

Thank you so much! Everything was sooooooo beautful! Can't wait to get my order in.

I just realized that my hubby won me some MJ!!! He's Brian!!! Woohoo!!! Thanks, Denise!!!

Ok, so who is J. Diddy, because I swear she's won at least 3 times in the past 6 months, lol!

What's the secret Diddy??? ;)

COngrats on a great opening. Way to go on the gym! I so need to go and quit wasting the money I send them every month.

Congrats on overpowering your fears!!!
And a huge Thank You for GB. Our new Central Florida TK, Tracy, is just amazingly sweet and seeing everything in person was fantastic.

Just don't sell out of anything! My show closes the 12th! LOL! So happy the line is doing so well. It's all darling.

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