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September 19, 2009


Shoes and little kids, they just go together! My middle son is going to be 13 this Friday. Another teenager in the house! When he was 3 he wanted shoes with buckles. Well, shoes with buckles are girl shoes, except for his saltwater sandals. So, he had a pair of mary janes that buckled. They were brown and very scuffed looking and he adored them. We were in Sacramento for a short stay(1 1/2yrs) so we didn't know many people, so between the lack of familiar people and his being so young I don't remember too much kidding.
Amelia will go with me to try on shoes and she will have tried on every 5" or higher stiletto while I'm trying on clogs-I do not do heels or hose-the two things I rebelled against as an adult...Ha! I'm glad Gabe got his shoes and he loves them. Shoes are important...for the soul....as well as for running and jumping...and dancing...and just looking coo!!

Love those shoes and the pics! My GB items are due to deliver today, I can't wait!! And I can't wait to see GB 2. Question regarding the platinum site, are these items Art Fair pieces? How does someone who doens't live in an Art Fair city purchase AF goods? I saw some gorgeous pieces on Ebay, but the asking price was way too high (not that your clothes aren't worth it, but Sophie is only 3 and I spend so much as it is). Love your stuff, I'm totally addicted!

UNISEX.... a word that all of my children learned from a very young age... partly because of hand-me-downs... partly because I LOVE my girls in big clunky boy boots! : )

Love those shoes of your son's!

Can't believe I missed a contest... how did I not see that? Probably because I was reading the post on my phone... and my eyes went straight down hill on my "29"th birthday!

One final note... someone asked me the other day why I like MJ so much... why I drool : ).... I thought about it and really, it is because It is so cozy... so eclectic... so warm. I have lived all over the world and walking into my home you can see that immediately... MJ reminds me of my home... crazy, cozy, and warm and so lovingly put together.

Hoping to go from looser to winner one day also! : )

So tell me how you're going to fit in being a photog when you have to keep making us cute clothes??? Did you design some extra hours in the day too? How do you do it all... and so stinkin' well. Sigh. Good for you, girl. LOVE these pix!!!! xoxo

love, love, love, those shoes! Can you tell us where you got them? They are so perfect for fall!!

Congratulations to the winners!

Is there a super-loser contest going on? :)

Here is my 2 cents on the scrubbing bubbles.... they don't scrub - you do:) They give the illusion that they are working - with all their cute little bubbling all over the place but honestly if you are looking for simple non-scrubbing action for showers, sinks, walls, - the magic eraser wins hands down..... and for carpets and furniture you have got to try spot shot... no joke this is the best stuff I have EVER used...... there is NO scrubbing and it will take out grape juice, mudd, grass stains and -- red, red wine for those times when it "makes you feel too good" and it spills I "pinky swear" my daughters latest thing to make sure I will stay for her WHOLE gymnastics practice..... between the magic eraser and the spot shot I feel like I pretty much have it covered!! And I have never had any fading incidents -- at least not yet. Heading off to the fun and fasinating world of marketing.....peace out and happy cleaning!! Oh magic eraser also works on white wood doors and trim.....

Are you going to make some Fall Platinum stuff? I would love to buy some Fall art fair stuff but I live all the way over here in Cali :( Love your creations as always...

wooo hoooo.... so excited I won. :) My daughter is so excited too. She went running to tell her daddy. She just loves MJ. (uses her MJ clothes for dress up!!) :)

I was inspired to look for vintage boys shoes and found these. If they were even close in size to my little man I would snatch them up and have them resoled.:)


OOOOH, Denise...take the Bubbles and layer them with Soft Scrub!!!! VERY little elbow grease, BIG results :)

and these ones- these are TDF!!


I love those shoes!

there is an ebay seller who sells new vintage shoes- his inventory is always changing- but you can find some awesome gems for a great price-

check it out- id= on-the-hill-antiques

here is cute pair-

You are taking so great pics girl! (what kind of camera do you have?) Kudos to you everything you touch is SOLID GOLD! Love the Pics of your boys! Gypsy Blue 2 less than 2 weeks away I think I am gonna have to have another party..... So darn addicting.... Enjoy your weekend..... =)

Ah, a loser ones again. Try, try again. Maybe one day : )
Congrats to all the winners!!!
I love the shoe pic as well!!

What brand of pants is Gabe wearing? I have a hard time finding cute boys clothes besides Monster Republic!

Cute shoes!

So what were the winning words?!?!

Gabe looks tough and handsome - and those are definitely NOT girl shoes! LOL
Congrats to all you big losers! ;o)

Scrubbing Bubbles...that's hilarious...they should do the scrubbing for you!

Congrats losers!! I just got a inventation to Gypsy Blue 2!!! I am in big trouble =D! I haven't even received my Gypsy Blue 1 and I am already drooling about line 2!!!!

Isn't it amazing at how young they already form an opinion on what they want to wear.
I was pulling my little one outfits for pics (just 2 yrs) I thought I would try the brown peasant with the green parallels.
Right away "too brown", but I posted a bit ago we did wear the art fair owl knot with the green parallels and the pics are too cute!

LOVE the pictures... "Connie" makes everything better with my little one. I guess the in-laws introduced her to Connie Stevens lotions :)

CONGRATS you lucky loser-winners!

Are those boots from Bu and the Duck? I love strong shoes and ordered them for Isabella in the wine a few years ago, maybe that's where Joe saw them. All of my shoes look masculine and I'm passing that onto the girl.
Love the picture of Gabe, he's outgrowing his baby look, yet he's still beautiful!!
Your photo skills are getting better and better.
The soup sounds divine. We love toasted bread with tomato sandwiches here. Simple and fresh.
Glad you're back.
Take care.

Goodness, your pictures just keep getting better and better!!!! I love the shoe picture... love, LOVE it! I have a thing for shoe & feet pics though.... and I promise, it's not some weird fetish, lol!!!

I cleaned for two days straight and right now you could eat off the floor. I love it when everything is clean and sparkly... sadly it won't last long, since we'll have guest over in a bit.

Who makes those shoes? Grace just saw the pic and said she loves them.

My son woke up on Tuesday and said, "what is that sweater vest doing on my chair?" My husband told him that he had to wear it to school for pictures.(not like we want the school pics anyway ...but at least he had to wear his cute outfit to school!) My kids dont get a say on what they wear either. Good thing my Alli wakes up asking if she can wear Matilda Jane!!! My one year old started walking and it's a good thing....she needs to show off those big ruffle pants!!!

How about some peaks at Gypsy Blue 2?!!

My daughter sported a band-aid on her forehead this week too! She wouldn't let us take it off! Must be all that thinking she's been doing in school! :-)

Durn...not a winner...LOL....but so stoked for the loser winners! Congrats y'all. And Scrubby Bubbles....yeah, gave up on them due to the elbow grease. Has anyone notice the blast of Owls lately in the designer world? Lovin' the Kate Spade owl bag!!! Have a great weekend Denise and e'body else too!

Those scrubbing bubbles are not helping much with my house cleaning either.

Mmmmmm, that sounds good! My girls are tomato fiends too! They'll go through a bowl in five minutes. In fact, how about that for your holiday line?? Flu season and cold days are coming! You could name your new line


:-) Sounds good!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family! Keep the good stuff coming!

It is a most fabulous beautiful weekend!! I hope you get some great photos of your boys. Have fun!! :)

Yeah, I was just cursing those "not" scrubbing bubbles last week!

Been a horrible week :( death and funeral, storms. How can one person cry so much?

Brother in law has more less moved in on us and I hate to say this outloud but I don't even care for him. "I'm not the bad one he is"
Plus I only get to see dh a few days a week myself.(we need family and us time)
I am trying to find somewhere that I can run away from home "to"

Only one thing that has been sweet was very little sleep I have seen, however last night I dreamed I was a winner (from being a loser) I cried in my dream I was so excited, even my dreams lie to me.. lol
Imagine that?!?!?!
Thanks for the games Denise :)U always rock.
Btw... that bottle lies like my dreams best cleaner you can buy. However "they do the work do you don't have to" is bull cuz here in my house i still have to do a lot of work~!
Enjoy lucky loser (now WINNERS) :)

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