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September 23, 2009


I loved the knickers...just so you know. :)

Can you please make tights for women? For tall women size 5'10". I love the girls tights because they are so soft and cozy. I am jealous and want some too.

Oh, and I so want my Chrissy dress! I received my Gypsy Blue order on Tuesday and it had a note that my Chrissy dress is back ordered. That is my fave GB piece and I was so looking forward to it. My friend and I both ordered on the same day and she got her Chrissy dress. I'm so jealous of her ;) Do you know when I will get my back ordered Chrissy? I'm trying to wait patiently...

Please please please dont give up on the knickers...because we loved ours, we have almost worn them out :( I've thought about buying another but cant bring myself to buy the same thing we already have...especially when there are so many new goodies out there...but please give them one more try and everyone else try them on at a home show because they are way cuter on than they are online.

Thanks for the fun post about buying food locally - what an important message! Just to speak to your question about how we can feed "a zillion cows just on grass"...it's call Management Intensive Grazing. Long story short, many farmers doing grass-fed beef move their cows daily (or a few times a day) to different small sized fenced off 'paddocks' (movable electric fencing). That way the cows eat everything evenly in one small area, leave their manure and then move onto another area...allowing each area behind them to be completely undisturbed and have a chance to fully re-grow. Didn't mean this as a lecture - just FYI! :) I second more lovely leggings!!!

I vote yes for fresh veggies and yes to knickers too! Maybe I'm in the minority, but how much cuter can you get when you pair them with tights?

Maybe we're just ahead of our time. I think you should try them again in another collection. Just my two cents!

check out www.eatwild.com
to find local meats and learn why
they really are so much better for you!
supply and demand is true...if we demand more grass-fed...

Loved reading about farmer Joe and just have to give a shout out to all the ADD moms out there! :)

Yes, as another poster said... Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - great book, very eye opening. Not a book to gross you out or anything. Just makes you realize how buying locally can effect the entire economy (something crazy like if every family in the US ate one locally grown meal a week - we would save aprox 10 million barrels of oil per week) and what we have done to some of our food chains through factory farms. Also, very well written - Barbara Kingsolver.

Next, please continue supporting my local economy by purchasing more and more from Fresh Market. They started here in Greensboro, NC and I would love to see them do lots more expansion!! One fo my hubby's first jobs was bagging groceries at their first store.

I am going to miss the farmers market....... I love seeing all the colors and smells..... we always take a big bag with us...

We're with you...we love our local farmers market! Gret tomatoes, and great green beans!

Now I'm dying to know, what lens you're using for your beauteous photos??? Absolutely gorgeous effects going on there! You've got this photographer wondering...and wanting...

Can't wait for the next round of MJ!!!

I also try to buy local and organic (and free range). You might enjoy a book that I picked up just today from the library. It is called Animal Vegetable Miracle.

We also planted a garden right in our yard. It has been so much fun checking the garden each day. We have plans to expand next year and we started a compost pile, too. Totally organic. (we even used ladybugs for insecticide and fun). Gabe can be a farmer in his own yard..which reminds me, did you get the house?

So sad about the knickers. We love them.

There you go talking about tomatoes again! I still think you've got a name for one of your lines, maybe holiday season, lots of reds, and call it "Tomato Soup"!

I couldn't agree with you more. We have been shopping at Farmers Markets every Saturday since my babies were born. The food tastes so much better. The kids also have a great time meeting the farmers, popping fresh produce in their mouths, and learning about where the food comes from. My daughter even joined her school's organic gardening club. I can't even remember the last time I stepped foot in a grocery store.

So that makes you a locavore Denise! The #1 word added to the dictionary last year. There are some fabulous cookbooks that feature seasonal cooking and cooking with Farmers Markets ingredients, oh, and of course, tomatoes! :-)

I can't believe you told everyone about 'Farmer Joe'! With produce like that I suppose it is a good idea to share:) Btw, how do I get some of Ann's soup?


I love tomatoes- can't get enough of them.
Our local college arboretum has a "monster tomato and pepper sale" (yes they use the word monster...)

over 200 varieties of tomatoes and 150 of pepper for sale- all potted and ready to plant. love those heirloom varieties!

here is a recipe for you to enjoy tomatoes- it is divine.

Grilled pesto cheese sandwich with tomato-

best when using 2-3 cheese varieties. Slather pesto on the inside of the bread when assembling. Place a nice thick slice of tomatoe as well and grill it up- yummy. You WILL NOT be dissapointed.

i really enjoyed this post and all the comments. i'm planting my tulip bulbs soon for spring and was trying to figure out what to do with the garden when they are gone. and this gave me the idea to plant my own garden with tomatoes, basil, cucumber, etc. thank you! also reminded me that i have to go to the local farmers market next week! :)

You know how much we love the Fresh Market over here ;0) You and Lily are two peas in a pod~ fresh tomatoes are one of her favorites!!! Thanks for always making me smile.

Local is the way to go. Sure it takes more work, but it is soooo worth it. Our town's farmer's market has had the best corn all summer. I see the same little ladies every week and every week they tell me the corn was picked "this morning" and you can tell that it was just picked - oh so good. I just went to the Apple Orchard today with my daughter and her class for their field trip. It's so much fun to see them fill their bags with apples and then sneaking a bite amongst the trees. Of course we go for the doughnuts and cider, but those are local too. Anyway - So Worth IT.

I love to buy local. If I could drive up to Fort Wayne and pick up my MJ, oh man, I would so love that. I'd even help you pack.

I am the fourth generation to work on our family's farm. Everywhere I go, people outside of agriculture are asking me about Food, Inc. I encourage everyone to be proactive about learning where their food comes from. Agriculture has been consolidated like so many industries - it is VERY difficult to make a go in farming. Most farmers are not the quaint, "oh shucks", wearing overalls, carrying a pitchfork, back-forty hayseeds that a lot of people think they are. They are smart and they have adapted to a lot of changing forces in America - changes in U.S. eating habits, consolidation of seed, fertilizer and equipment companies, rapidly rising energy inputs, skyrocketing land costs, labor issues, and numerous political factors. Agriculture is a complex industry and I hope everyone thinks about it seriously. Buying locally, understanding where your food comes from, and being willing to pay for GOOD food (our food is so cheap here) is a start!
Also, I love my MJ, but I would love it more if it were made in Indiana and not Peru!!!

Ahhhh....the Fresh Market! I shopped at those when I lived in the bigger cities in TN. Loved the flowers and fresh foods!
Miss having one down here is southern IN. :(

I share your sentiments on TOMATOES exactly. I have been desperate for a tomato and not able to squeeze in one more stop, so I have had to buy the store tomatoes. Tasteless! However, if you put it in a sunny spot for a day or so it helps a bit with the flavor. Can't wait for Gypsy Blue II!

I do remember you saying that all of MJ was going to be made in the good 'ol USA. Well I received my GB order and while I absolutely LOVE everything I couldn't help but notice all the stuff was made in Peru??!! Just a thought...

I happen to love your knickers and was shocked they didnt sell out as fast. I want them every season! :(

Dear hubby grows a garden and Im also a believer in the home-grown tomato. Im so over the yuck store ones. UGH, I wish we could grow them year 'round.

YES BUY LOCAL/MADE IN THE USA! One reason I love MJ so much is that it is made by US workers supporting US families. Please do not ever switch to overseas production. One reason our economy is suffering is because of manufacturing jobs moving out of the US. We need to produce our own products here to provide jobs......those people will then spend money to provide more jobs.....then more jobs.....

Ok, off my soapbox now. Please take extra time to buy good produced in the USA.

My 18 month daughter loves tomatoes!! Her favorite food everytime she sees one she says "peas" her version of please! It's too cute.

I love tomatoes! Our garden is overflowing with them right now, I just spent the last two days with my tomato press making puree for gazpacho and marinara sauce. We are also growing basil and I have fresh mozzarella, there is nothing better than Caprese salad! We also have purple beans, peas and jalepeno peppers.

I try to buy locally as much as possible, we buy from the farmer's market and I've looked into buying into a co-op for vegetables.

Denise I wanted to tell you my daughter Clara is wearing her beautiful Eva Fiona top today for picture day!!

I love to shop locally, be it food, clothes, stationey, whatever. I live in a cute town in NJ that actually has alot of small businesses (is that correct?). I want to see them stay in business, for sure!

I received my GB order, yay! But Chrissy was backordered, I cannot wait to get it, especially after seeing it on the cutie in your post. I really need to learn how to use my SLR digital camera better. Love your leggings too!

And one question.... not sure if you want to share. But what kind of camera do you have? and lenses? Your photos are so nice and creamy with nice bokeh.

I'm with you totally. I think you make perfect sense.

Buying local is always the best bet. Lower cost, better for you all around.
We have always grown our own tomatoes because there is nothing like home grown. And they are soooooo easy too. Unless you have a major Bambi infestation like we do and have to block them out. Other than that they are the easiest thing to grow. lol The zillions of deer are nice to look at too. :) But they'd better not touch my tomatoes. :)

I love the leggings too. We just have one pair. (the aqua from last season) They are the softest things ever.... ever ever ever..... I want some for me.

hmm.... I"m not thinking I make much sense.. oh well.

There is nothing more delicious that fresh from the garden tomatoes and basil. Now I'm in the need to make Caprese Salad or Bruchetta. So yummy! Now if only I could find a Martini that tasted as good, my life would be complete!

Could not agree more about buying LOCALLY and supporting our local businesses. As well as with food -the health benefits. Have you read Barbara Kingsolvers' book - Animal Vegatable Mineral? Really a good study on this subject. Now I am craving a tomato and it isn't even 9apm.

Can't wait for my leggings to arrive either. :-)

I really want to see that movie. Tonight my husband and I are going to see Fresh. It is a "foodie" movie as well.I am a total "foodie". I buy all my grass fed beef, free range eggs and milk, honey, and some produce from a local farmer. I even have the met the cows and the chickens. I have brought my kids to the farms and they love it. I really love supporting the farmers. The food makes a huge difference. Grass fed beef has the right balance of Omega 3's, whereas the factory farmed beef has way too much Omega 6. That can cause inflammation in the body. They are also fed GMO corn, soy, ect. The blog Cheeseslave has lot's of info on food subject. I will just say that I have cut out all processed food and have lost 20-25 lbs in the last two months, pain in my ovary is completely gone, pain in hands is completely gone, digestion is better, Skin is clearer, allergies are about 75% better. I still eat meat, veggies, fruit, eggs. My kids are so much healthier. Yes, I spend more money on food and yes I can't buy as much Matilda Jane(I am totally working on a solution to that :)
It is so worth it. Keep supporting the local farmers and MJC.

I AGREE! Everything from a local farm just tastes better too! My next door neighbor has also kept my kitchen counter covered in fresh home grown tomatoes... my husband can't help but moan and groan over their goodness every time I slice one up. : )

And BTW... when do we get our first sneak peak at GB2??? Can't wait!

Yummmmmm...my daughter and I are heading to great grandma's today to help her pick some more of her tomatoes. Grandma is 94 years old. I think this may be the end of hers for the season but this has been such a great experience for my daughter to learn about growing things in the garden. We love grannie's food she grows. Grandma also loves MJC it reminds her of the days when she was a little girl. thanks denise for making grannie smile. Luv MJC.....

I grew up with a small family business and was taught that you support your friends and not the big guy. That sounds like what you are doing for the farmer. And in turn teaching your boys the same thing! I am glad to call MJC my friend and will continue to support you as I am local!

You are so funny. I love how you write the way you think. I grow my own tomatoes and you are correct there is nothing like home grown. I never buy store bought as there is a huge difference. Oh and I think it is the cookies. lol

Sometimes I have the same thing, even when I speak. I feel I didn't get the whole story in to explain myself. My mind keeps going but the words don't catch up to the thought.
By the time I come back, I forgot. Dah!

I live near the city and we have a farmers market every tues & fri. I try to detour my walk to work from the train to hit those markets twice a week.
It's amazing how a tomato can taste like candy!
One polish bakery comes and I could buy everything. The custard sweetroll. hmmmmmm
Breads, pierogi, quiche.

Plus can you imagine the time it takes these farmers to get up, pull, drive to downtown, set up by 6:30am and drive back in traffic. WOW! That is work.

Sweet lady, I think it's the wave of the future - to get back to our roots. My grandparents, great grandparents, etc. were farmers. I think we are teaching our children great things about food and how to raise/sustain independently. Kudos to you for showing Gabe a farmer. :-)

Here's a great recipe from my blog that I use for my "home grown" garden basil and tomatoes. Enjoy!!!


Well I'm not offended...confused a little LOL but I'm blonde so that's not saying much LOL so is corn fed bad? or is grass fed bad? okay I'll stop before I embarass myself LOL

If you want to never eat anything again read Skinny B!TCH...scary...

My husband grew some delicious tomatoes this summer. You are right that the ones grown in the garden taste better. I don't even really like tomatoes but I loved the ones my husband grew! I always enjoy shopping at our local farmer's market. We usually make it a family event on Sundays. My little Holly absolutely loves it at the farmer's market!

Okay, now I am hungry!!!! Love the post! Love the comments! Love tomatoes! Now I am off to bed where I will probably dream about tomatoes!!

Oh, when will we get to see GB2???

Local just tastes better! Currently I'm surrounded by umpteen pounds of apples we picked on the weekend. The dehydrator is hmming around the clock making apple rings and I've hardly made a dent in the supply! I'm thinking a couple pies tomorrow and some applesauce in the crockpot.

Gypsy Blue arrived today.......it's already washed and ready for tomorrow. Anna loves the Sara top, anything with a pocket for her treasures! :) Thank you Denise!

I love tomatoes. Its nearly 2am and now I have to make BLTs! I bought my tomotoes from Meijer. They are the kind that are still on the vine. I love them. I have been wanting to go to the farmers market at Minnetrista (sp?) but cant seem to get up early enough and drag the kiddo out of bed. I hate grocery store lettuce! I think Im going to try to grow a small garden next year, although Ive never grown anything.

Denise, I think all of us women relate to a T! A mile a minute brain and the words just never seem to flow other than out of our mouths!LOL It's all good. A tiny glimpse into your mind is fantabulous! I bet you just might find that, HEY, there are others that totally relate! BTW, Poor cows but hey, I never made friends with them and my husband has to eat!:-) I'll stick to the fresh locally grown juicy love at the farmer's markets and local farmers' stands! Yummy pics! Thanks for sharing!

Love this post, I am new to MJ for the most part and am anxiously waiting for my first order, love tomatoes yellow and red. My daughter could not stop eating the yellow ones that her aunt grew this summer. She ate them like candy! Love that as a mommy. I agree buy local and fresh it taste better... Looking forward to Gypsy Blue two... :)


I just wanted to say I love how your mind works :) Your rock...and yes I buy local :)

I'm blessed with a hubby who has an extremely green thumb! We grow our own tomatoes and because we're in CA, they grow until November! We eat tomatoes with every meal... you gotta try the green zebras... they are so scrumptious!

We also have lots of fruit trees and my favorite... avocado trees!!!

I'm too tired tonight to discuss the cow thing. I don't want to see the movie. That's for sure.

Good night!!

Oh, and I would have totally gone for the knickers had they come in bigger sizes. And knickers in winter are super cute with knee socks or tights!

Funny- I just saw a sign today at a neighborhood deli we go to that said 'thanks for shopping locally'

It is so much more fun to buy local. Though my weekly errands do include target (have yet to find anyone local who makes toilet paper LOL) and trader Joes- we also make regular stops at our farmers markets for the veggies fruits and breads. We also started growing some of our own which the kids love and makes them more willing to try new things!

As for clothing- I was talking with a mom I met at barnes and noble the other day- she had commented on the MJ Molly was wearing and asked if I had made it- conversation turned to etsy (she sells bags on there) and we agreed how with etsy- you never have to be at a loss as to what to buy someone and you dont need to feel lame for going to a big box store and getting something generic. Buying local or handmade is so good for everyone and the earth

I think more and more people are seeing the benifit of buying locally and I for one am excited about it!

(pics today were AWESOME today- love the colors and textures and shapes- I would frame those if I could)

Please everyone read Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." It is so excellent, eye opening, fun...I learned even the SEEDS we buy to plant our own gardens are important. Buy heirloom seeds!

And read that book, seriously. Another my mom recommends is "Grub", but I haven't read that one yet.

We go to the Mill City farmer's market every week, and I am flying high when we get home. There is something to be said for locally grown and handmade foods. My children can't even wait until we get to the car to start eating the sweet carrots! And I love the goat cheese and wild rice crackers...oh! And the grape jelly made from grapes picked by Bob!!

I am somewhat convinced if we incorporate these locally grown and wholesome foods into our daily lives, we will actually eat less because our bodies won't crave more, more, more. It may be more expensive, but it is so much better for our local economies and our bodies.

And did you know it is also more environmentally conscious to eat locally grown seasonal produce? When we ship foods across the country or continent or world, we are using incredible amounts of fuel and resources. What a waste! Think of all of the money that is wasted when we want a peach in January!! Or apples from New Zealand! I have to admit, I have purchased many products from all over the place, at all times of the year. But those days are over for me. It's going to be frozen or canned fruit in the wintertime and eggs and chickens from my brother's farm all year round.

Thank you for posting about this subject. You are so right on! Can you tell I am passionate about it too?!! Go, Denise!

I too love your leggings and am anxiously awaiting mine!! Yippee!

I live in a small town in TN. We have a tomato festival. SO that tells you what we GROW.... The best tomatoes in the world :P
I kid you not. We are talking about farmers with 20.000 tom plants in one field. I do buy from HOME and I suppost the little man/woman!
:) I think u said it well....
BTW, rumor has it some of the material you have is defective so we will be short some of the GB2 stuff, please show us some sneak pictures :P and buttons...... We want collector buttons (maybe with ever order over 100.00 you get one?) Please!

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