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September 09, 2009


Awesome photos+ Precious clothes = Great combination!!!

Can anyone tell me the name of the skirt on the bigger girl in the pic of the 2 sisters? It's just darling...but I don't see it in the line.

I am so sorry about your son's eye. I will keep you in our prayers. Kids are so strong (more than us Mom's) I know he will be fine. Stay Positive and hang in there. LOTS OF HUGS!!

You continue to amaze me. Each line I love more than the previous. I REALLY LOVE Gypsy Blue. FABULOUS!! THANK YOU.

less then a week into this line and I have three orders in so far :-O!!!! But at least this time I can say almost half of that is for ME!!!! I want even more but am trying to be good and wait to get more till my Oct 1st show- I cant wait for that mommy blue dress- I dream about that one I want it so badly!!!

Lil- sorry about your son- sending prayers his right eye retains its sight. We were watching an amazing program the other day about the brain and how it retrains itself to make up for any loss- one may was 100% blind but with a machine some scientist created, he was learning to re-wire his brain to recieve signals via nerves in his mouth and for the first time- he was able to see his kids and play ball with them- it was amazing and gives hope that anything is possible

tree head,
that is too funny...
did you see the markup though...WOW!

Thanks Ladies 8-)

I just want to say I LOVE MJ! AND...Denese...you are super cool (OK that might have been the wine talking). I can't stop looking at the GB clothes. It is all so cute.

I am so in love with the Chrissy-cannot wait to get it! Denise you and the crew are amazing-sooo can't wait for GB2!

Lil-chin up sweetie-hugs to you and your precious lil boy...

BTW is this what you call an ebay trunk show?


I just got my blog prize and I can't thank you enough. Gorgeous and sweet. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Anyone know what game.php on the main webpage is????

Lil, I'll be thinking of you, your son and the rest of the family. I couldn't possibly imagine what you must be going through ....

Jill isn't it?

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply and share your story, it's seems that I can't find anyone that understands or for that matter cares.. :( We are very worried that he may also lose the right eye. Yet for now I making sure he notices things like the sunset, the clouds, trees, mountains, the things we can see and NEVER forget, Colors...... All I can do is pray and hope he answers them.. Again Thank you, my life has been so hard, he got knocked down a few days ago and we spent the night in the ER, poor little man can't seem to catch a break but he is full of so much LOVE! He's a moms boy! ((Thanks))

LOVE the pictures.....I can't wait to get my GB!!!!!!

OMG - That Chrissy dress looks even cuter on that little girl than it did on the website! Need it :)

Are those brownie leggings making a reappearance in Gypsy Blue 2? I want those very badly!!

Can someone please explain the pre-order of GB on ebay? What is the deal with that? Are these TK's that are ordering extra or just customers hoping they get extras?

Lovin it all!!

Oh Gabriella we miss you so much. Great photos. Deann you did good.
Gypsy Blue has made me poor (but my girls will look fab!!)

Is it Lil with the little boy whom you just found out is blind in one eye? I am 28yrs old and just wanted to let you know I have been blind in my right eye since I was 18months old! Mine however was from an eye injury by brother at the time whom was 8 was swining a stick around playing with it and I walked right into with my eye. I just wanted to let you know that it has not affected my life that much at all and I believe my other is stronger because of it...not sure how old your son is but if he is still pretty young...he wont know any different...people are so shocked when I tell them because no one would know if I didnt.....Just wanted to let you know there is someone out there in the same boat as him and we are thinking of you and him!

Oh, I love the Sara Dress. We couldn't keep ours because I couldn't get it over her head...very sad. It is so so pretty.

Thank you so much for posting pics with such amazing combos. For this patternly (is that a word?) challenged Mom your designs and examples on what works helps out soooo much. Plus I am going to look smokin' hot in my new Charlie!

To Denise and all who bring Matilda Jane to life,
A H-U-G-E Thank You. I just received the dress rehersal package. So unbelievably cute. My kids are sleeping so since I opened it, I have been wrapped in this blanket that is too cute for words. I have never really entered contests much before and thus had never won anything. (can't win if you don't play..right?) I can't tell you what an awesome gift this is and the timing was perfect. Winning something like this is such an uplifting experience in so many ways. Thank you. Thanks for all you do for everyone. I hope you know what a treasure you are.

Bad day here....... Not good news for my son, He is indeed going to be blind in one eye.. Pretty hard pill to swallow.
It was up-lifting to come on here and see all these goodies and I wanted to tell you that I love them Denise ~ they are amazing like always....
Thanks so much for sharing your combos...

Great pics! I love seeing all the different combinations. I'm loving the bubbly with the sraightees...so cute! Going to a show next week...hopefully there will be some goodies left!


I have my TS tomorrow, very exciting.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that my little Holly picked out the Dottie dress for herself. She is only 4 but but she has always been picky about her clothes. Once when she was 2 years old I put a plain all white hoodie on Holly that her auntie bought her. I thought it would be cute to wear to the beach. Well, she said, "Want get it off right now!" as soon as I put it on her. Then Holly pointed to her blue mohair sweater and proclaimed that she wanted to wear that instead. Holly loves to wear blue, she always has. Maybe even when she was a tiny little thing she somehow knew that blue brings out her beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. I was so excited when I heard the name Gypsy Blue for the Fall line because I figured it would have a lot of blue and I knew that Miss Holly would love it! I love it too. The mommy stuff is great!

Those outfits are gorgeous and those girls are too cute for words! I love seeing all of these new combos!

Terrific pix, for sure. Love the combos, and seeing the cuteness from the perspective of another photographer. Though my order has been placed, now I am feeling the need to add 'just a couple more things'! LOL

What great pictures!! I love how much Miss Gabriella lovin her look in the mirror!

LOVE seeing all the photos. LOVE seeing the different combinations. I was already wondering about the striped ruffled leggins with the molly and then, there it is for me to see! Gorgeous!

LOVE Gypsy Blue I and can't wait for my trunk show. Looking forward to seeing Gypsy Blue II.

Hi. If there is anyone in Sonoma, Marin, Napa or Solano County California having a show... I'd love to attend. I make for a good guest. Email me at davidkatherine@sbcglobal.net Thanks a bunch and to all a good night.

Just finished my show and put the girls to bed. What a fabulous collection!! I even bought my first pair of ruffles...for ME. I would have never believed that they would work, but WOW, they might be miracle pants!!! Now the waiting game until it gets here...I might camp out on the porch! :)

SO beautiful! Wish I could have bought more...love love love it! Adore the idea of lots for mom...got one thing but wanted it all! My middle dd went absolutely MAD over the Chrissy! I let them each pick one dress and she LOVED the Chrissy ...and she is definetly a fashion diva ;)

Loves those brown ruffles! Are those last years or new to come?

Bravo!!!! Congratulations on your new collection......it is amazing!!!!!

My show is this Saturday and I am soooo looking forward to it. I agree with a couple of the comments. The pictures are very pretty but a lot of time it's hard to see the clothes. I almost ALWAYS fall in love with pieces that I didn't think were great in the pics.

I just wanted to say that I love this GB line. The colors are so perfect for my daughter and it was so hard to narrow down my choices. I'll definitely be back for more!

i'm pretty sure that chrissy dress is the cutest thing E V E R.

I agree- I love the "art" of the pictures but it is really hard to see the actual clothes. I was really glad I got to go to the show b/c from the website- I didn't like very much of the line. It shows much better in person than in the pictures. I close up of the clothes would be very helpful! Although, I would have spent far less if I had not seen them in person. Very cute line! Can't wait for the GBII release!
One more request- for those of us bigger busted ladies- can you make some items that are not so fitted? I love the ruffle pants and skirts but can't wear any of the tops!:(

Can't wait for my order to come- I am in love with the pink dress!

I am excited about my order, and cannot wait to see my goodies!! The pink dress is looking more and more pink!!
I do have a polite request.... I love the photographer you use, she is very talented, and I love the catalog pics she takes for you, but on the site, could you include another picture next to the photog's pics, a pic that maybe we could zoom into, or see all the detail. I do understand why you have trunk shows, and I wish I could have one, and perhaps I will in the future, but I have always done an online order, and it would truly help so much! I hope this doesn't offend, and I hope i am not the only one too! Thank you for making my daughter's stand out in a crowd, I sometimes wish I could tell them that I made it, but I CAN'T!! lol Thanks!!

LOVE the pictures! The layering is the best!
oooooo can't wait to see what is next :)

OMG......Thank you! Thank you!

UPS just knocked and left a box on our door step. I opened the door to see a big box and screamed when I saw the MJ sticker. Hubby ran out of the room see what happened and ran for the camera.....The little stinker was "no more bottles".
I don't how he kept it quite for so long...No wonder he started to comment more on the girls clothes.

My hands are shaking trying to type so fast. Oh, duh..it's a picnic basket with the most beautiful throw, that will be used a lot(the baby is already wrapping herself up in it).
A few other things that I don't want to say because even though I'm on the west coast and probably the last one to receive. I don't want to spoil the surprise for one of the other winners, just in case they are still waiting.

Thank you so much Denise...Words can't even express my appreciation of your generosity and for the beautiful clothes my girls love to wear.

If you really want to know what was in the basket just email. Annedvd@hotmail.com

And here I was just asking if anyone got there basket because I was so curious.

I am SO glad I got to see the tights underneath the striped pants. So darling!
I get to go to a show tomorrow! My first,ever! Yay me! :)

Oh this is going to be a long wait for our order. I can't wait to get Anna dressed up and take some pictures. Yesterday she received a dress in the mail and she asked me "Mama is it Tilda Mane?" I said no it wasn't, and she replyed "But that's my favourite!". She's going to love her new Dottie dress. :)

Less than 2 hours until my show, and i could jump out of my skin! I love the collection, esp. the headband, love the reflective pose; and the brown ruffle tights... very sweet!

thoes girls are gorgeous and love the shoes the one in the sara dress is wearing! Look forward to my first of many orders to get here and to keep seeing pics from all these great photographers who make me want to order even more!

Serious cuteness!!!! Glad I ordered those pieces.
Take care.

Those are some beautiful pictures!!! What a talented photographer. Amazing!

Oh,I can't wait to get my goodies!! Give Zak (right?) some red bull, will ya?
Love all my BTS stuff - ESPECIALLY the Sara dress! I can't wait to layer it with the cocoa tee and polkie ruffle leggings. Please tell us there are brown ruffle leggings in GB2! My trunk show is Oct. 3 and those will be a big hit, I'm sure.

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