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September 15, 2009


Stinker Butt. . Tee Hee. . If We Call You This. . We love Love Love You!

My daughter will say "Moddy!!!" in her raspy little morning voice to let us know she is awake. I guess that early in the morning she is too lazy to say Mommy and Daddy and just puts the two together :)

I think adorability is a "real" word...and so did my spell check!

DER-RANGEROUS...that's how my son describes my driving (learned it from his daddy).

Iloveyew-- one word. Because it's the best thing a mommy could ever hear from her little one :)


My favorite word would have to be CHILLAXIN'

With 5 kids under 9, I don't get to do a whole lot of chillaxin' but it's one of those words I love to say because it sounds so cool coming out of anyone's mouth, whether you're 13 or 63.
*Now if I could convince great grandma to introduce chillaxin' into her vocabulary, that would be a total HOOT!

Mamasita...this is what my 2 year old calls me..I love love love it!

Here's a new one: "Chrissy" as a verb

Definition: To don one's darling daughter in an adorable dress of beautiful pieces of fabric complete with sleeves & hood.

Try using it in a sentence:

I am so going to "Chrissy" my daughter when my Matilda Jane order arrives.

She got Chrissied!

Chrissy that kid!

mine is a phrase---
Let's Roll!
this time of year i have3 a hrd time shaking the 9/11/01 sad feeling. I find it truely heroic those pepole onj flight 93 that took that plane back--knowing death was probable.
i know the phrase was popular imeediately following, but i still think its amazing.

Poopstick - My grandma always called it a poopstick when someone's pants were in their butt. Funny!

Ack.. I thought of one more thing. Not so much one word but a two word phrase. My grandma always said "CHEEKY BUM" if we were being silly.
She is British and it always made me laugh when she would say it in her thick accent. I still love it!

A word that makes me laugh every time is when my daughter talks about Santa coming down the "chewme" She always had an advanced vocabulary and rarely said words wrong, but for some reason could not say chimney. She still slips up and says it sometimes and she is 5 now. :) So cute.

aaaaaaah...can't wait for Christmas!

96 days left. :) yes, we have a countdown to christmas app on my phone. My daughter has to look at it at least twice a week.

I just want to say too that I love the new line. I haven't been able to buy any yet, but I hope to be able to before it's all gone. We'll see. Love it!!

We have a "Princess Meewanta" in our house. ( Me want a this, me want a that....)

ninnimuggins (sp?) from the movie Elf :)

"youstacould" or "you use to be able to"

youstacould sounds better. lol.

HOT and Hotness are my favorite words Denise because it describes US back in the good old days in Cheboygan when we ruled the scene! So yeah HOT HOT HOT!!! I know I am a winner for sure!

What my grandaughter says when she wants to play with her magnets.
"Maw-maw, can we play with my maggots?" :)

The first word I could think of is HEAVEN.

* S P A R K L Y * because anything that sparkles is always good! Jewelry, white wine, moonlight on water, the stars, shoes,clothing (tastefully sparkly!), playdough, paint, etc. ****** LOVE SPARKLY******

Hope is the most beautiful word in the English language. It offers spirit, opportunity and the promise of a better day.

I'm late, so..so...sooo late. So, my favorite word for this phase of my life..."sorry". I'm sorry for so many things I didn't do, didn't do right, sorry for being late, not getting the socks washed, sorry that someone is grumpy, sorry that someone has too much energy for library lady, store clerk, etc. Just "sorry, and I'll try and do better next time.".

My wifes favorite word is Matilda. Seriously...our daughter says "mom, I wear my Matilda today?" Talk about happiness and smiles galore. She cannot stop smiling when she hears that request! LOL

Husband to a MJ shop-a-holic!

My favorite word in the whold wide world is PAYCHECK! Yep, that about says it all....lol. Cause when we get our PAYCHECK we get to buy more MJ! :)


Shananagins - yes, also not a real word but at my house is used to describe behavior occuring just before bed time or just before we need to get in the car and leave for work/daycare. "I need a drink of water", "I want to put my socks on myself" " I want to read another book". A collection of stall tactics devised by two 2 year olds and a 4 year old

My very most favorite word is sparkle, especially when my daughter Stella says it "Look Mama it parkles"

It's probably too late to put in this one but I will go for it anyway:

As parents we really try not to curse in front of our children. I mean the last thing I want is for my 5 or 2 year old to blurt out a curse word at school, in the store or worst of all in church. So when you hurt yourself you have to hollar something and that is how "FU-SHnizzle!!" came about. Unforfortunately my kids now also say it so we are working on a replacement word for "FU=SHIZZLE". Because when Fu-anything comes out of their mouths people tend to look. Still I think...they ddin't say the real word right?

I love "mines" which is what my two-year-old says instead of "mine." It's too cute to hear her say, "That's mines, Mommy!" and giggle when I put on her hats or headbands for fun. : )

We seem to have our own language at our house, so I am not sure as to what my favorite word is, but the one that sticks out the most in my mind is "booty hooty." My 2 year old, Kennedy, uses that to refer to her ... well ... booty. It cracks people up. My sister has nicknamed her "Booty Hooty." She loves telling everyone that Aunt Ryan-O calls her that.


Beautious! My 11 year old uses it regularly and it kinda grows on you. Try it you'll like it.


It's fun to say and oh so yummy.

I like the word "remember"
Also, I found it interesting from the comments that someone else calls their little one "Pumpkin-noodle" because we use that one as well & I think it is such a random pairing of words!

My three year old calls me "Mommy Dude" Too cute. He's such a ham.

belligerent. Like sometimes at Walmart when waiting in a 10 person deep line, I can get belligerent.... :) (just in my head though!)


That's what I call my two princesses. Before they were born thats what my husband called me. Now its been passed down. When I say that word their faces light up. Gives me the best feeling in the world, much better than rocky road ice cream and that's pretty high up on the list :).

"kank ku daddy" is my favorite...as in "kank ku daddy for winning a matilda jane outfit for me!"

"Family", God's greatest earthly gift to me.

I tried posting before but it didn't go through my favorite word is "ANGELS" Because I have four "ANGELS" sent from heaven for me to love and dress in MJ!!! So "ANGELS" is it! My four precious "ANGELS"!!

My almost 5-year old still calls her gramma "papa". I have no idea where this came from, but I want it to last as long as possible! And it's only my mom, too. She calls her other gramma "gramma marineau". Go figure.

"Lollygagger"...which is a perfect adjective for my preschooler...I love that she always has "time" to look at a flower/bee/piece of trash which she finds so enthralling...no matter how LATE we may be running! One of the many beauties of children...she has no concept of time! She is my favorite "lollygagger" and makes me laugh when we are running late and she tells me, "mommy, daddy is being a lollygagger!"


It's been a favorite of mine for quite a while, and I only use it in the most opportune times. Almost everytime someone will say - "Well said!" (A few Yankees will look utterly confused...)
A close second would be: TART - such a simple word with such layered meanings! It makes me laugh! ;)

GREAT contest! I swear I was a linguist in a former life, OR I'm destined to it!

My favorite word is not really a word either. My oldest daughter used to call pretzels "swawas" We couldn't figure out what she wanted for the longest time.

Pumpkin little, my mil started this when my children were little.

"lord have mercy" is my favorite. you can pretty much use it in any sentence. "lord have mercy that matilda jane outfit is to die for". or "lord have mercy" my kids are driving me nuts". or "lord have mercy" the new gypsy blue is beautiful". my southern girlfriend says it all the time and it rubbed off on me. and no, i am not from the south.....but am from "south" dakota

My favorite words are "upabove" and "bubba". My Lila spoke very early and she called me "bubba" instead on Mama. She also called stars "upabove" all one word.

We use scrum-didili-ous (no clue on how to actually spell it!) around here a lot for when things are yummo. :) I tend to use dagumit a lot too when I am frustrated!

I love the word Frizzy Izzy! It is my daughter's nickname and it makes me smile each time I hear it. My favorite word she says is Pinano (piano) she has taken lessons since she was 2 and still calls it that at 4! I figure it will end soon enough so I can smile each time she says it still. I also have a phrase "Mommy you are my most favoritist and I love you the mostest!" I melt. I always blog but never win! Oh well Matilda Jane is my most favoritist clothes for my Frizzy Izzy

An online dictionary says that adorability is a noun meaning extreme attractiveness. So David, adorability does exist! LOL Actually, and since we are in the Hispanic Heritage month, it has a translation: adorabilidad!

Applying that to MJ clothes, we may say talk about the adorability of MJ!!

"SCATTERS" That's what my little G calls splinters and I have been working so hard lately that I have many, many "SCATTERS" But it's all worth it - I so LOVE my work, but not so much the scatters.

We have lots of "words" at our house...here are a few of my favorites:

scrumptilicious = really,really, good
sportafake = not trying your hardest or being lazy
woosed = overly excited

Not sure where they came from, but we use them probably a little too often! :)

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