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September 27, 2009


My husband has the same "disorder" therefor I put portion sized amounts in ziploc bags that way he still feels like the "completist" that he is.

My sister calls my 4 month old daughter FLUFFY (that is after I got on her for calling my beautiful girl CHUBBY). I call her RIGHT SIZE - because she is - just the right size for a baby. So, I'm pretty sure that you can not be FLUFFY.

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays on the main MJC page?

Are you going to put up the pics for Gypsy 2 soon? I like to try to see if I can keep my selections within my given budget :)

I started pulling out all my daughters' fall clothes and I had to say to myself. She does not need another thing!

But Matilda Jane doesn't count. That's a different category. It's in the must haves:)

I love it too! I am so bummed you have no Jane's here in Arizona! :(

I've seen pics and you are definitely not fluffy~~!!!! LOVE the outfit...hope it's available in GB2!

So, I have to disagree with the others and say that you are not fluffy at all. But, I am loving the vocab.

I also loving "completist". I am feeling like a bit of a completist myself when it somes to MJC collections. Why do I feel like i have to get my hands on every piece? But, I can leave ice cream in the bowl and often do. (That does not mean that I don't consider myself fluffy, too)

Not fluffy, from the pics I've seen.

Loving fall! Can't wait to see what is for 2!


You are sooooo not fluffy or anything close! I know we always see ourselves differently than others but just know that others think you are perfect ;) Now, I sound like I'm from a lost episode LOL


Can't wait, getting so excited.

um...HELLO Denise...Yes this is reality checking in...

I have met you...in no way are you "fluffy", you are barely curvy (I mean that in a nice way). Now I on the other hand am fluffy...in fact I am fluffy in the same way taht the stay puft marshmellow man is fluffy. In fact Completist is probably what people think when they see me...that or just fat...but I'm a skinny girl on the inside...I think in gaining close to 100 lb. with my son, I just ate the skinny girl amid the foot long coneys and milkshakes.
You though my dear are DEFINITELY NOT fluffy.

I LOVE those socks!!!!!

The completist... that sounds sophisticated, doesn't it! Be proud to be one ;-)!

I am soo bad Denise at this.

But, mainly when we eat out. My parents NEVER took us out to eat, so when i go, i PIG OUT. like to the point of nausea.....its gross. but, i can totally relate!

Um, Denise I've met you, you are in NO WAY anywhere near fluffy!
Although that is the term my grandma always used for herself :)
And are those freakin BLOOMERS!!!!?!?!?!

What an amazingly lovely skirt!
Designed by an amazingly beautiful (and un-fluffy) lady!

im not fat, Im fluffy..... lol

A completist, I love it! Now there's a label for what I am. :) The question remains...do I complete the ice cream or tortilla chips during Desperate Housewives tonight? :)

I thought your title was a typo and it was suppose to say completelist as in the "complete list" of gypsy blue, then I scrolled past the picture expecting to see more pictures of the "complete list" and then I read the blog...I'm such a dork, lol. I'm a bit of a completist myself, I like to think of it as not being a quitter! :)

I would be a completist myself. . . probably the reason I have put on quite a LBS in the last year. Loving the sneak peak! Can't wait to see the rest!

You are not fluffy! I am a completist... think box of little debbie swiss cake rolls!! That six pack keeps me from ever sporting one ;)

LOL...we call my little one fluffy! Thanks for another great layering tee!

For myself, I always try to remember this: one is never enough and a thousand is never enough, so just don't eat it.

Adorable picture.

Oh, and you are so NOT fluffy.

I'm a completist...........when it comes to shopping!

In my family we are sadly completist - with the exception of our youngest two daughters who were adopted from China when they were toddlers. They will eat a bit and then say, "Mommy, my tummy is full." They do this with EVERYTHING, from a boring dinner to a candy bar. They will actually leave ICE CREAM in the bowl! Who does this?!?! I have often thought about this, and about the eating 'lessons' they must have learned as small children. Eat until you are full, and not a moment after.
Both have the best shapes, and I wish I had their restraint (I could NEVER leave ice cream in a bowl!!!).

LOL! I always said that I was a little chunky bc I minded my parents and always cleaned my plate :). Thank you for the pink tee!!! Can't wait to see GBII!!!! Soooo excited!!

I am a fluffy completist too!

Ooh, I'm soo loving the GB2 pic!! I can't wait to see the whole collection. And your Holiday line...always something new to look forward too.

I have the same issue, must eat all that is on my plate! And I always overload it.

Cant wait for part 2! Cute stuff.

Must have the skirt and the socks (!!!). Pleeease tell me they all come in 8/10 (want the socks for myself, too, though
:-D)! I actually like the sound of the word "fluffy. You can design and name a coat Fluffy one of these days, perhaps, since you suuure aren't.

I like the word FLUFFY!

I cannot wait for my next show on Thursday!!! I also can't wait to get my GB1 order! It is like waiting for Christmas all of the time!!

Fluffy?? Are you CRAZY! You look amazing everytime we see you. If you are fluffy, then I want to be be just like you. LOL Love the outfit~ those socks are TDF cute. Thanks for peek.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

ROFL!!! You have a great figure!! I have seen all the pics. I am so loving that outfit from GB2!! :)

Uh, I met you at the Plymouth Art Fair, you can't post a blog like that and expect the people who met your skinny body to believe you...go eat!!

Are these items in the new October collection?

Fluffy my fanny...you're fabulous!! Did you know my children aren't allowed to say fat relative to a person? They say "medium" instead, lest anyone hear ever hear them say it. But Isabella also says fluffy. Birds of a feather...
Hope the walk was great!!
Take care.

You are not fluffy! HUSH! Just keep running and you'll run those potato chips right off girl :)

I love the scarf and the socks.. Its all in the details!

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