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September 21, 2009


Why are Joe and Gabe so dang cute? I am loving his new shoes. *SWOON* I need a boy so I can buy those shoes! LOL

Ah the bandaids...we go through boxes over here too. Somehow it makes everything just "feel" better?

Just wanted to say that Gabe so reminds me of my little one with the bandaids. She goes through boxes...and boy those suckers are not cheap! LOL!

Denise - Gypsy Blue is amazing!! Rec'd my order on Monday and wow, I am in awe - I think this is your best work to date! Congrats to you and your continued success!

Almost makes me want to try again for a boy... I have 4 girls and love them dearly... but we will never know what it's like to have a "little man" around. Cute story!

Denise, just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you, I received my Willow today and cocoa tee, I love them, and didn't realize how great they look worn together! So soft, just a beautiful pair. The quality and detail of the Willow is so amazing. This is MiMi's first purchase for me, it sure is fun. It made my day.

Your boys are too funny but I can relate... My girl thinks she needs band aids all the time and my boy is upset that he can't try on the MJ dresses!! T

We got our GB items on Monday and needless to say the straightees are too big in the waist for my daughter so guess who gets them?? My son and he is ecstatic...you should have seen him...I will have to send you pics.

What is it with the band-aids? I have to ration them around here. One bump and suddenly they need a band-aid, and I do not even buy the cutesy ones. I'm glad he changed his mind on the adorable shoes. I miss dressing my boy like that. He still doesn't mind, but since the first grade dirt and grass stains have entered our world. Well, we had a good run of it.

Anyway, sooo...any GB2 sneak peaks coming our way? :)

Love the Band Aid stories and Gabes shoes! My son has a similar pair and he loves them! My son also gets to try all of his sister Matilda Jane on ... well he does not get to, I make him and he isthen rewarded with Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies and Chocolate Milk! I have taken so many pics of him in his sisters clothes, my husband and friends tell me I am going to mentally ruin him for the future, my thought is if he is 10 and wanting to wear his sister clothes, then I might have to wonder what I have done, but he is only 2 and I force him ... he says Mommy thats not mine it Pretty for Sissy!

Now Denise I have shared my pics of my son with Kayla and you ... I would love to see some of 1 or even both of you boys?! So I know I am not the only Mom out there that does this!

So how many other Mom's do this to there kids? I think we need to send all of our Pretty boys in Matilda Jane to Denise for her to post ... Watcha think ladies?

Joe sounds like he was doing the Wii version of "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" heheh "try on girls clothing?" "HECK YEAH!!!"


My kids are bandaid fanatics. My girl thinks bandaids cure the hurt. Seriously, it can keep bleeding and bleeding but if a bandaid is on it, it doesn't hurt. I don't get it. I asked her one time...do you want me to kiss it? She said, "no, I just want a bandaid." Not the answer I wanted.

Thanks for sharing as always. Funny stuff. I get my GB order today. WOO HOO. It is the first of 2. :)

I get to place another one in a few weeks. SO excited.


Crewcuts, Janie and Jack, some baby gap stuff. We need MORE mighty acorns (hint hint)

Yikes, we went through the band-aid stage too recently... thank goodness Sadie is almost completely over that one, I was constantly running out for band-aids :)

And isn't it funny how kids always look for ways to benefit themselves, hahaha. He has already learned the art of bartering. The other day Sadie told me that if I didn't let her watch cartoons then she wouldn't let me type on my computer, lol!!

I am sure you have been asked this a million times but....I have a 2 month old baby BOY...how do I dress a boy?!?! I already ordered everything left from Mighty Acorns. Any shopping suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!

They are too too cute!! Hey, does anybody know when we'll be able to see Gypsy Blue II????

Tell your boys that my two girls appreciate their sacrifices! Keep that sizing accurate!

So . .. What'dya make with flowers??

Oh man, does Gabe remind me of Brittany! High drama with the bandaids. She has her very own box that no one else can touch... they are hers for her mystery boo-boos.

Love the shoes! They are cool :)

And, LOL at Joe for his negotiation, even if it wasn't successful. I sure hope you take blackmail pics of your boys helping you with MJ sizing to share with their friends and girl friends when they are older!

I love the shoes! They look like Buster Browns- very retro. Does anyone remember Buster Brown shoes?

I love that your boys are so real!! What great memories you create with them, and keep such great records because you keep a blog! Thank so much for sharing!!

Addi Grace is 3 1/2 (the 1/2 is important) and she also loves bandaids! I don't get it but they seem to work no matter what!! She keeps asking me if the Beast is in my class! Too cute!

We have to use two Bandaids to make an "X" marks the spot.

And my 5 year old just got his first pair of Nikes. He was born with "internal tibial torsion," just meaning his shinbones were turned inward, and it mostly corrected itself (as the orthopedic surgeon said it would) by the time he was 3. But until then he tripped over his feet a lot when he walked & bulky sneakers were out of the question. We went from Robeez to Crocs, and then he got Merrells just like his dad, but this is his first pair of sneakers & he loves them! He says, "I was made for these shoes" and zips all around the house. He says shoes are the reason Carson is the fastest runner in his kindergarten, and he says he now be able to compete. I think so too!

awwww, thanks boys for taking one for the team. anything to play wii, sounds like my DH

My son is now 14, and some of the best times we have had, were him snuggled on my lap, showing me EVERY boo boo, scratch, & scar. He still does it, although he is too big to sit on my lap anymore. Thank goodness he is not playing football this year. :)

Got my goodies.... love them! Thank you :)

I was sad that there was no pin on button....
Thats what Karlee was most excited about. lol

That outfit is some kinda fabulous.

My 7 yr old son is waaayyy into his clothing and putting together his idea of a perfect outfit. Hilarious!

Love the shoes!! And my youngest boy of six (three girls& three boys)loves pink! The more it sparkles, the better:)

he is taking one for ! way to go!

where is sam??? that girl needs to update her blog.

anxiously awaiting the ups man today....

Hey Denise, I will offer my son to you, so he can be your personal manikin! He loves wearing his sister's clothes!

LOL! Cute boys and very stylish looking shoes. I am still waiting on my GB 1 order...I am getting anxious ;-).

Last week when we got our new order of Matilda Jane, Bella and I were having a Fashion Show for daddy with all our new goodies. (I actually got more than Bella this time, YEAH!). Noah was so jealous that he actually tried to put on the Chrissy dress. He then said, how about we go shopping for me, I want some new Puma's.

always enjoy your stories about your boys!
'almost' makes me wish I had one..
but still happy w/ just my 3 girls! :)

ROFL!! your boys are the cutest! :)

Your boys are just adorable! I love the new shoes too.

Oh how I miss those boys!!!

Ah, the fine art of manipulation is dealt...and lost. We mothers need to keep our wits about us.

Carlos picked a pink shirt for picture day. He had never worn it to school, I warned him someone may say something. When he came home, I asked. Sure enough someone had commented, he said he just walked away. I'm proud of him. I'm proud of Gabe for loving his shoes!! They are quite fabulous!!

Savannah has to have a bandaid on every little cut, scrape or bruise. It doesn't matter that her momma is a nurse - she thinks bandaids heal everything!!!

:-) Love the shoes!

Aaah... kids are so much fun :)

Those boys are just way beyond cuteness.

I try dresses on my Monkey too. He actually LOVES his sister's lime Velmas. I don't let him wear them though; he would probably put holes in the knees.

Thank you for your great stories and awesome photos. They always bring me smiles!

That is so perfect! Your boys are such troopers! Love the new shoes. You got style & your passing it on to those boys!

or, mommy I would like some milk. You get up to go get it. She screams no "yucky" I don't want it. You start walking away with it, and all of a sudden she must have it.
Right now it is 10:30 at night and my daughter is screaming bloody murder for the past 20 min. and won't go to bed.
When is my husband coming home from work :(

Funny how some kids love, or even ok with band-aids. Luci on the other hand will not go anywhere near them.
Last week she got a flu shot and of course screamed. When they put the band-aid on she held her arm outright and kept yelling "take the band-aid off NOW". She would not move until the band-aid was off.

I have tried more than once to try and explain to Gia that you can't put a Bandaid on your tongue.

I tried to get my son to wear the Hotline straightees for a picture with the girls in their grey and white pieces and he refused because they were girl pants. My husband even agreed with him.

My daughter is the bandaid junkie in my house. The slightest scratch needs a bandaid.

Hmmmm, must proof read better.

I get the tone that a 3 year old shouldn't use with her mother all of the time from Sophie. It's crazy, she's a little teenager or as I like to say, a "threenager".

At least the kids play the Wii. We got one for my 9 year old's birthday and who is the most frequent user...my husband. If he ever disappears I know I can find him in the lime green girly playroom, surrounded by Little Pet Shops and dolls galore, happily playing the Wii. I use it as blackmail to get more MJC without a fuss :)

Need Payton to come smack them around a bit? Cuz he need needs to stop beating on his little sister....for real! BTW, if you get either one of them to put a dress on, you MUST take a pic....and share it of course! LOL!

Adsy is a bandaid junkie. I'm about ready to stage an intervention. True story.

Cute story! Love your boys.

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