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September 29, 2009


I love Matilda jane and I am so exiting with all this game. thank you so much for your Lovely clothes! I am from Peru
Here we go Picture # 2
one little boy or somebody is behind the apple with a mask and the other boy is around the corner I can't see very well but it looks like a little face. :)

I still think it might be my eyes tricking me. I'm trying to think how big a head would be if it were sitting beside a bale. I just don't know, and now I can't quit looking at it.

I see that "face" that you're looking at. You might have something there. Maybe it's Waldo! You must have looked at those pics for hours to see that. I keep looking at it to see if it's just my eyes tricking me!

One of your boys is peeking around the corner of the hay bales. Can't tell if it is Joe or Gabe!

There is a face on the right side of the bales of hay with the little girl with the apple on her head-maybe gabe??? It took me a while but I saw it. Love the clothes and our TK!! She is awesome. These comments are great!! You have an awesome customer/fan base!!

I am really stretching it here....something is up with the shoes in the blue ruffle pants pic and the clothes are not all ironed?????...slight wrinkles in a couple of pieces?????

It's the first picture. No MJ label. That's gotta be it. Hope I'm a winner.

In the third pic, her 2nd button is undone and the buttons on the pants go in the back??

You are hilarious! I have no idea what the answer it, but reading all the responses is totally cracking me up!

Picture 2's shirt goes with the last pictures pants, and vice versa? The last picture's shirt goes with Picture 2's pants?

The neopolitan tights look photoshopped or something.

I forgot to put in my previous post about it being the tights in the first picture, that Waldo wore stripes too!

Anyone else get that analogy?

Gypsy Blue 2 - love the Little Willow Cardigan!


Oh goodness, this is driving me crazy, I'm going to be late for the trunk party at school! Are the buttons different on the brown ruffle pants, please let that be Waldo?

The third picture down... coco ruffle? the buttons go in the back. :)

I thought the button unbuttoned too...

please if it's been guessed put us out of our misery and tell us. LOL :)

Is there a bite taken out of the apple? I think we're all seeing spots.

could waldo maybe be the little blue dots in the photos 2 and 3.

Is it the color pattern on the tights? Whatever waldo is bares not affect on the "adorability" of the collection.

the hay bales also have something blue on them ? A blue spot loke hmmm maybe be a fabric scrap ? No idea but I see it in pic # 2 & # 3 to the left . Not to mention the things I mentioned earlier . I can bet Denise will be scrutinizing the pictures after the comments LOL.

Is it that in the last photo there is a sash on her left side that isn't tied around her waste? Or that the 2nd button in photo 3 isn't done?

In the 3rd pic shouldn't the button be in the back??

The 3rd photo the shirt isn't fully buttoned?

The pants are on backwards in the last picture and just like everyone else I did notice that the tights did not match up. But they ALL ARE ADORABLE!!

On the 3rd picture, the second button down (the greenish one) on the libby shirt is on the opposite side of the other two buttons (the red and the blue). Plus it's not buttoned.

Hope that is it!!!

gabe is looking out from underneath the hay bales?

In the second picture is that Waldo,[Joe, maybe Cabe], standing between the hay rings?

Okay, I'm late going into this but here are my guesses...
Picture 2: How does that apple stay on her head. Yes, I know the picture is taken at an angle but it doesn't seem likely the apple stayed up there without help.
Pictures 2 and 3: There are blue dots on the hay.

Is Waldo modeling the last outfit? Adorable clothes, but where's the sweet face?

3rd picture - girls ruffle pants is supposed to have a brown flower on her right leg. I know that's it, right?

the girl in the middle has the brown jacket on which was for adults in the original line?????

based on the description -- the cocoa big ruffles are on backwards! But how would we be able to see the great button detail and her adorable face at the same time if they were on the right way??

There is a blue dot on the hay bail in the picture w/ the little willow.....???

OK, can't sleep, headache. I had a "wrong" thought, the headless model in the 4th picture, isn't one of those sweet boys, tricking for Halloween, is it?? Go for it guys, you are both so much fun.

the last pic..the pants are on backwards

I'm guessing the neopolitan stripes, and I only noticed because I've been drooling over them!! The only other option was the undone botton, but I think it still looks cute, so I'm going with the tights! Hope that's it!!

The only thing I noticed is that the stripes on the two legs of the tights don't match up to eachother with the same colors meeting horizontally, but maybe this is how they are supposed to be? Not sure, but they sure are cute!

My guess is the blue dots in two of the photos are not supposed to be there. Love everything, absolutely beautiful. Love the new word too, my bff and I always say superdy as in that new MJ dress looks superdy cute on Charli :)

The coco pants are on backwards. I'm not sure what that means, but I was instructed to type that.

okay, I am late...hope not too late....what I see....I see a little heart or two the color of her hair right next to the apple...perhaps it is a clip or is it Waldo! Might not be a heart but looks like something there that is not in the web pic and it is different than her hair......hope I found Waldo!! Loved where's Waldo...thanks for the memories!!

Denise, What's wrong is that we're trying to figure out whose pants are on backwards. [ha] I went on to check the site one more time before going to a trunk party tomorrow, and saw my little granddaughter's picture on Sam's blog, first one, and now I'm reading the madness at midnight. The last picture could be a mannequin put together backwards.

Always a day late and dollar short. Cocoa ruffles on backwards. I cheated though. I saw what you said on the description on the MJC site. You're right about the stitching, great detail.

Gotta have that Maggie Stew for Little Miss. Please say the 2 will fit a 14 month old.

Thanks for the eye candy.

the ruffles in pic 3 are those buttons supposed to be in the front or are the pants on backwards i just placed my order a few weeks ago at a trunk show can not wait to get them and fill my daughters closet with all the mjc i can afford but anyways one of the tops i bought had buttons like that and they went in the back so i just thought maybe these would to and the other reason i thought they were backwards is because there is no logo in the front

Okay, so I posted my guess before even looking at the responses. I see I am not the only one that noticed the strange blue dots in some of the pics huh? I hope that wasn't it. There were two pics that I didn't see one and two that I did, so hopefully that didn't have anything to do with it. I also noticed the pants backwards, but they are that way on the site intentionally, so I didn't think that was it. I also saw the button undone, but figured that was intentional as well. Can't wait to hear the answer!!

This is my first contest, so pick me please!!! I think its picture 3 and the little cocoa big ruffles are on backwards because.....according to your online catalog, the button goes in the back....Love the florals this fall!!!

just saw the new pieces up!!! Feelin the love for the girls but what happened to the mommy pieces that were suppose to come?????

The 3rd picture down, Cocoa ruffles are on backwards. :)

The apple is photoshopped onto the girls head. OR we were only supposed to be able to see the one logo tag on the last picture, as in where's waldo. or it is just wrong how super great these photos are!!

Okay, my guess is the tights in the first picture. The colors are not the same as the Neopolitan tights. These tights are a rainbow pattern and also the colors do not line up correctly.
LOVE the new stuff. Just got my first order this week and LOVE it! Can't wait to get my next one : )

I'll give it a shot!! There is no tag on the front of the first dress!

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