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September 28, 2009


The girls right leg in the first picture?

OK... I have been a blog stalker today - just can't wait for the upload!

Can't wait to see the GB2 pics...your killing us here!!

The pics are so creative and gorgeous, but it is hard to see the clothes sometimes! I wish there were gorgeous artsy pics, and then plain sku pics of the clothes themselves.

Love the artistic shots- but would REALLY love to be able to see the clothes better! I had a friend (new to MJC)ask why they don't go ahead and post the clothes so you can see them and start deciding what you want prior to the shows? Very good question- especially since some of them really do have to grow on you! When will GB2 be up to view???

I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see what pops up in the gypsy blue 2 collection. I really was hoping to order the adult grayish colored jacket that goes w/ the finn plum pants and the mauve tie tee shirt and I went online today to look and there are gone!!! Im so dissapointed!! maybe next time..

I loved what Shannon did with this pic so much, I went to her blog, as well as website. Then I found "DeMarchis Family" under "Features," so, of course, I checked it out! You have such a beautiful family, Denise. Love the photo of Gabe perched on top of a jungle gym, looking right back at the camera through his binoculars. So very playful, unique and gorgeous with all the bright colors. Really captures his spirit in that moment. Wondering if the GB2 outfit will be available in adult sizes ....:-). I love all your peasant tops, and am often tempted to try one one of my seven-year-old daughter's :-o. I've been counting days and can hardly wait until tomorrow! She cannot hardly wait until tomorrow, either, for it's her picture day, and she'll finally get to wear her new GB2/Bubbly/Disco outfit.

Oh that blue top is H E A V E N!!

How do some of you know the names of the pieces if they haven't been uploaded?????? I'm very curious...........

I can't wait for GB2 Show on Friday!!! Woohoo! This was clever spreading it out so I can sneak in another purchase without hubby going crazy on one huge order! GB2=Pure love indeed. xoxo

OMG I love the Chrissy dress so much that I am getting an 8 for next year. This is by far your BEST work ever. Dying for you to upload the GB2 so I can plan my $$ since I am out of work I gotta get real creative for my addiction. lol

Bouquet peasant + Cocoa Ruffles = Pure Love

good heavens! one must have X-Ray vision to see the stitching...
agree w/ PP about us and the "over 40 eyes".

give us "oldies but goodies" (aka BLIND! LOL) a close up shot, pretty please?!!!

I'm so excited that my back ordered Chrissy dress shipped today!!! I LOVE the peasant top too!!!

That is a fantastic shot! So artistic & cool!

Upload GB2 now!! More shots of those lace top stockings and blue floral triple ruffle pants!

Sorry, but my over-40-eyes can't see the blue trim. :o(

Peasant top looks pretty, but wayyyy too far away for any real love connection.

More photos - up close - PLEASE?!?!

lol....MORE MORE WE WANT MORE!!!! ;) Can't wait for GB2!!

ooh! i'm in love!

Uh, no. I cant see blue stitching. Shes too far away! Need more pics.

I love that shirt so much!!! I so wish it came in an 18 month too...:( I wanted my two younger DD's to match...I will def be getting the ruffles tho...

Unique composition for sure.

Now keep posting photos!!!!!!!!! (Pretty please???)

I love this top and it looks like it will be in demand!! I'm definitely ordering it! Love the pic too :)

Love it!

What a cool picture!
That peasant has been on my list since I first saw it- LOVE that color of blue (drool)

so do we get to do anymore cool contests for the second release?!?!?

Yes I see the blue stiching and the blue peasant and the lovely little girl....
And although I am badly bent I plan to have.
:) Lovin it!

loving it!!! I need more pics!!!

wearing my finn today! I love this skirt- so many compliments. Looks so smart with my doctor's jacket too!

Total cuteness! Can't wait!!

When is Gypsy Blue 2 coming out?

I love the blue peasant, and I can't wait for Thursday! :)

So cute! :) I can't wait for my show Thursday!

I Love the blue stitching on those cocoa ruffles and the peasant...OMG!!! It is a MUST HAVE!! :)

OMG!!!! I love it. I must have it. Just FABULOUS!!

I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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