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October 19, 2009


My son (almost 4!) NEVER wants to stay in his bed or sleep in his bedroom! Every night is a different excuse, and I always cave in. He is the naughtiest and the sweetest little guy all in one! I figure eventually he'll get sick of it! I have tried EVERYTHING and he still gets me to say, "Okay, tonight you can sleep in Mommy's bed, but tomorrow you have to sleep in your bed!" Good luck! I just think we might as well enjoy the company while they still want to be close to us! :-)

Just sendin some MJC looooooooooooove


Saw a picture with some Sparkletown in there! Can not wait. Gorgeous as always and love that we can mix and match with the other collections :)

Keep my addiction going :)

I have a baby bed mattress lying by my bed! WHAT!

Our blog prize from the "Where's Waldo" Contest was so wonderful, and beautiful. Our little ones loved their new pieces. Don't want to spoil the surprise for the other winners, if yours hasn't arrived yet. You are such a giving and fun person. It's what keeps us all coming back for more. Thank you so much.

I love the comments. It's so fun to read and I know it makes your day.

I must agree about the elephant. I don't dig it either. I don't think it goes with the clothes. I love the fawn. My girls always ask why there is a deer on their dresses...I just tell them I don't know, but it sure is cute.

I also saw the Sanctuary visitor above. I'm from Nashville and that place does amazing things by rescuing elephants...from the circus. Just a thought...

well, here is an idea. After 4 long years of Cooper sleeping, pummeling, poking and basically interupting mine and my husband sleep, sanity and alone time....we re-did his bedroom in a total off the wall pirate theme. We left out no details...all the way down to the super cool treasure chest from the local good will. We made his room SUCH a place for him to own and love...when it was ready we had a camp out. All of us, on the floor in sleeping bags...we welcomed to his new room! And he loved it so much, he stayed in there! Well, almost...but most of the time. Give it a try...I'm sure Gabe has the cutest room, but buy something cheap and different and make it his own by adding a story to it. :)


Okay, the Elephant is so clever. Don't you get it...she used the elephant with the saying "Matilda Jane...Greatest Trunk Shows of all Time. You know like an elephant in the circus...circus' are referred to as the "Greatest Shows of all Time". I love the idea!!

I'm not really digging the elephant for little girls clothing. It does look cute on your header pic. My three year old refuses to rest his eyes until my husband and I carry all of the crocodiles out of his room and take his key and lock them up in a cage in the hallway. Oh and don't forget the ones that like to lay under his pillow. I agree with all the other posts.....take all the hugs you can get because later you'll be asking him for hugs.

Denise... I am so laughing at your car wash incident - that is SO something that would happen to me, and ya know, that truly is something you just have to laugh about!
Also, I LOVE the header picture with the elephant - AWESOME!
Reading how your nights go makes me laugh... my 3 year old has started this thing where she continually yells thru the wall to say goodnight, or ask me what that noise was, or what are we doing tomorrow, etc... and as long as I can continue to answer her thru the walls without having to open her door then usually she will eventually fall asleep - I SO feel like I am the new member of the Walton Family though - my husband and I crack up every night... especially when he has to fake my voice (!) because I am unable to answer her back for some reason - she has yet to figure it out! HA!

Sounds like Gabe is trying to stall going to bed...it's a normal kid thing. I often find myself standing at the landing of the stairs shouting "If I hear one more peep...." and sometimes if daddy's home the DS will go away for a day or two. I installed night lights on their walls by their beds (from Ikea, little blue stars) that they can turn on and off as they please and it's enough light for them to read by. They lay in bed and read and it keeps them quiet. My 5 yr old just looks at the pictures in the books, hes sounding the words out, so he's trying. It's tough being a mom...

Great pics and I absolutely ADORE the elephant. LET HIM STAY : )

SOOOOO strange.... I over the weekend had to buy stuff for our NEW bathroom, guess what the kids picked... hefalumps... lol
Thats what tigger says on Winnie the pooh.
...... We have an awesome bathroom its brown and grey and has monkeys and lions and elephants and tree's......

I find it so odd that I come on here and find more of the same.
Thanks for the look.......
All we moms really want is love, hugs and kisses (even when they are older) trust me on this one!

Did you know the Elephant is my FAVORITE animal on earth! Just got back from TN visiting the "Elephant Sanctuary!" It was amazing!
Love the banner!
Thank you!
nicole k.

Love the little elephant! So cute:)

I hear you on the bed thing. My dd takes a nap for everyone but me :( When it's time for bed she fights me, finally I just tell her it's quiet time and mommy is going to bed. I lay there across the wall keeping a bit of an eye but waiting for her to fall asleep.

I think I fall asleep before she does.

Those chochoate chip coconut bars are a real problem for me! I am SO glad they are NOT in my house tonight. Except now I can't stop thinking about them and I almost want to get in the car and go to the market for the supplies! I will resfrain!

Love the story!

You will love your camera soon! I just know it!

My 9 year old gets up a million times after he is supposed to be fast asleep. I keep telling myself I will miss it someday because I know I will!

Love the carwash!! Thanks for the laugh!

I dunno whats up with the elephant girl, but I love it! Lets see it on a tee or something!


Are you a Laker fan? We have season tickets if you're ever in town.

I love the elephant! the elephant rocks!!

I don't think the elephant 'fits' with the image/essence of Matilda Jane. Just my humble opinion...

The elephant is cute, but I like the fawn way better...especially for girl's clothing! Good luck on the bedtime problems. It'll get better!!

Oh, we have the exact same trouble at bedtime! It is so frustrating! We have this ladybug that shines stars around the room, really cute, but it goes off after 45 minuts and boy you should hear the screaming when that happens. I mean seriously, crying like that about stars (and why is she still awake 45 minutes after laying down)? I need to just make it disappear and deal with a couple nights of screaming over it. I need some of those bars...

Love the elephant. Who would've thought. I really appreciate the "unpredictable" factor of MJC. You really made my day, Denise, with your car wash story. I was in a totally funk, and you've really lifted me up! Eyelash kisses are my favorite. I have a girl and a boy, and the boy is the only one that has always let me do that. And he loves it, too. Love Miriam's photos also. From the hair to the smile ... totally reminds me of the way I looked at her age. All pics are absolutely beautiful though .... Sorry for the overuse of the word "love," but when it comes to MJC, I just cannot help myself ....

Elephants are famed for their memory and intelligence.

At our house we love them....my 3 year old daughter has several elephant figurines & stuffed animals. I think it has something to do with Mama Mirabelle though. I know she would love a t-shirt or tank with an elephant on it!

the cookies sound amazing! believe it or not, i've never had them. i'm actually digging the elephant. i think most kids first animal sound that they imitate is a farm animal, not mine, her's was an elephant! i think it would look super cute on some ribbon adorning one of the aprons on the gretta skirts or knot dresses. and seriously, lol regarding your car wash incident, that is actually one of my biggest fears. i always check every window and sunroof before i go in, but i'm sure it's bound to happen one day! lol! and your little guy is the cutest (melts my heart)!

I like the elephant but not sure about it on clothes like the bambi. Bambi is sooo cute. And maybe if he didn't have those tusks. But I don't think that particular one will work on clothes. But I could be wrong. Every time an item comes out thats not my favorite I will see it in person and love it. Thats how the Frankie was for me. I didn't love it in the pictures but a little voice told me to order it. And yup it is probably my favorite..... Oh and suggestion on the bed thing. My 4 year old daughter is a nightmare. She whines and cries asking for kisses, water, backrubs, etc... for up to an hour. Last night I went in and told her if she made one more sound I would take her crown skirt off that she was wearing and she could't wear it to bed anymore. It is her all time favorite item. She wears it in the house daily. I won't let her wear it out. And she knew I was serious and she went right to sleep. Use threats but they have to be good ones. My son who is 2 and a half for some crazy reason goes to bed perfect every night. In bed right next to my whining daughter. He puts the cover over his head and is off. If I figure out why he is so good I'll let ya know.

At our house, elephants are very important. My son attached onto an elephant as a small baby. His name is Gregory. At six years old, he still sleeps with him. (we have five Gregorys, some of them new, some very floppy and holey).
That being said, we LOVE elephants, but I am not loving the elephant logo. It does not seem to embody the essence of Matilda Jane.

When my little man is going through his night problems, he sweet talks be with, "Mom you're the best." It get's me ever time.

I'm not diggin' the elephant. And not on little girls clothes, for sure. Bathroom wallpaper, perhaps. Aunt Freda's new family room couch pillow, sure. But little girls clothing...nope. Sorry!

Ok, I am back because I just had to say another reason that I love the elephant~ "it is an Indian thing"~ LOL!!

why hello little elephant!!!!! :D

I LOVE the elephant!!!! I have a thing for them. My daughter Ella has inspired such passion. Let's keep him around!! Can we name him??

Oh, you made me laugh really hard with your car wash story! I'm terrified of the car wash and have only been through it maybe twice in my life (my hubby thought I should face my fear, yeah... right).

The elephant is kind of cute... but he should be a girl, really. And maybe she needs to wear a tutu or even better a knot dress :-).

Good luck with the bed fight. Grace still climbs in with us almost every night... but she does fall asleep in her own bed and stays there until like 2am.

I'm dying to see some Sparkle Town!! Pretty please... with a cherry on top? I need to decide on holiday attire soon. Maybe you'll tell me the line will only go to size 6 and all my problems will be solved.

I like the saying, but not a fan of the elephnat. I don't like any animals on the girls clothes.

Thanks so much for using a few pictures of my girls! I am so flattered!! We love all of our new clothes.

the elephant is cute!! Congrats on the 5D. I am still saving!

The elephant is great, BUT I do think it's a SHE, not a HE. She looks like she's dancing!

I just think you have to do what works in your house; don't make yourself crazy with what everyone else tells you to do. You know, he will have plenty of time to sleep in his own bed! before you know it, he won't want you to sleep on the same floor of the house with you. Enjoy the time, it will be over soon and you won't know until it's too late.

UPDATE - That sweet soft boy is right, you know? You are so cute!!

I'm still laughing at the thought of you in the car wash! I can totally picture you... way to laugh it off:) As for the cookies, Jillian & I will be expecting them at CC tomorrow!

LOVE the elephant. The cookies sound amazing...I need the recipe for those! As far as keeping cutie pie in bed, I have no advice. LOL I think he is pretty strong willed so good luck! :0) Love the girls in these pictures~ they are just way too cute.

Love Magic Cookie bars...and my self control around those delicious bars is almost non-existent - so I hardly ever make them....
hmmm the elephant and tag line ...very clever...but I have to let the elephant grow on me...

The elephant is cute. The bars went to a good place, I'm sure. As for Gabe...what little thing does he love? Stickers? Put 7 stickers in the jar at the beginning of the week, any night he gets up, you take a sticker out of the sticker jar. At the end of the week, he gets the remaining stickers to do with what he chooses. With Carlos, building up time on the Wii worked (but he was 8 at the time).
Glad to hear you're all well.
Take care.

Good luck keeping Gabe in bed. my daughter is 3 1/2 and we finally just figured out how to keep her from getting out of bed a zillion times. my daughter really likes music so I put a little clock radio in her room. I turn it on when she goes to bed. We keep it low but she really likes hearing it. If she hollers for us or gets up without a good reason the radio goes off for 20 minutes. If she has a second offence it goes off for the night. This has really worked for us. She stays in bed without hassle almost every night.

I love "The Greatest Trunk Shows of All Time"! Very cute and clever with the elephant. :)

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