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October 18, 2009


My hubby and I also loved Everwood...our heart's were broken when it ended sort of suddenly...we were hoping it would be on much longer. It was a great show that made you think...there aren't many like that on TV these days. Hope your little guy gets better at staying in bed soon...I totally understand...my daughter fights going to bed...even when she is totally exhausted.

I love the pink parallels and when I received them, even more!
It just seems everywhere you turn though someone is sick with the flu. We've run through it in our family twice already.
Can't wait to see what Sparkletown brings :)

I don't think I have ever been here before! I can't wait to come back! I love your pictures. I LOVE the clothes. I want a little girl right this second so I can dress her in these marvelous creations... : ) So gorgeous!

I had 3 requests for "Please put the covers on me, they fell off", one "I peed in my bed, please change the sheets...I guess I should've gone BEFORE going to sleep.", two "I need a hug and kiss. You only gave me 2 so far" and 3 "_________ hurts." It was different every time. The girl has bandaids everywhere now. Apparently they work better than kisses.

I feel your pain.

There had to be more than 7 cases last year. I think I agree w/ you on how most people prob just dident go to the Dr. Love the pictures, I oredered the pink stripe pants...can't wait till they get here....my 3 yr old picked them out herself!!

I watched 60 Minutes too and I agree with you. Right now everybody is going to see a doctor, where last year, most of us just waited it out.

Oh, Everwood... I do remember that show. The son played the piano, I loved him due to that talent :-).

i was watching that CNN or whatever abotu the 7 and 5000 flu cases. you are telling me there was only 7 flu cases?!? you know, its gotta be a combination of poeple not going to the doc with the season flu AND not being tested. i bet the 7 was positive flus (probably people that were in the hospital dying). but for h1n1 they are testing liek everyone....

We were big fans of Everwood, too, and just saw Amy's dad (the doctor, what was his name??) on Grey's Anatomy last week. Small TV world!

That is soo funny that you posted about Everwood. I was just thinking about all of the shows that I loved to watch that have disappeared... Everwood being one of them. Did you ever watch Men in Trees?

My husband and I looooved to watch Everwood. I was so sad when the series came to an end. It sounds like your little Gabe and my Linkin are a lot alike at bedtime.
I'm getting my GB1 party shipment on Tuesday and then I'm hosting my GB2 party on Thursday. It's going to be a fun week!

Ain't it great to be needed =) Love the pics can't wait to see more....... maybe ............ Sparkle town?

So funny...I was a big Everwood fan too! Do you know that "Amy" is on Brothers & Sisters?

Kiera wore her parallel pants for her 6th birthday party yesterday!

Sparkle Town!!!!!!!! :)

Could you please, please post some pics of Sparkletown? I don't think I wait ANY longer to see it :)

Just had to say that Eloise looks adorable in her parallel pants!! :0)

Still waiting to see pics of the Joe and Isabella....

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