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October 24, 2009


Oh Karlee loves Hannah Montana..
strange b/c in real life she has a brother named Chance and so does Karlee...
So she sometimes thinks she is Miley...

BTW.. love the flash!

P.S. But the Blu-Ray it has the step by step Hoe Down Throwdown. Yes, I know how to do it!

cute pictures - he is a handsome little boy

I afraid Lola will start watching Hanna Montana soon - I agree it's annoying and addicting

I just want to squish those cheeks. He is so adorable! Great pictures too! Can't wait to see Halloween costumes.

I think the pictures turned out really good, the flash is nice, because it lights up the faces on your subjects...I think...im not a pro cameram person, ....but ...sounded good, huh?? anyhoo....I am preparing for a house full of pre-schoolers in halloween costumes..duhn duhn duhnnnnn!! Okay, hopefully nothing gets broken like last time...... :)


How cute! My girls need some alone time at times too...

We so need to see a video of you and the boys doing the hoedown!

I am new to your site and love to hear all your stories...I attened a show in Pittsburgh, Pa today and love all the clothes..It is even cooler when the Boss person, in charge, is down to earth like you!~ I like what you call Gabe..sometimes the 'Beast'..so cute~

Isabella and Joe can do that dance together, how cute would that be?
Love Gabe!!!! Miss his little face!!!
Almost time for the 2nd period to start, gotta listen close...
Take care.

I love the contrast in your pictures.
Sneaking a moment away for photos...hay!

It finally became a little sunny out now, time for some more Halloween festivities!

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