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October 26, 2009


OH! That's the costume my son wanted for this year. But I got lazy and now he has a different costume- bad me. He looks so cute!!

too cute!

I love it! This is our first big Halloween year and my dear 20 month old daughter is OBSESSED with fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, exit signs and the arrows that say "fire extinguisher" pointing to it. It is a crazy obsession that came about when she was about 9 months old and we can't figure it out. I was torn about making her a fire hydrant for halloween, couldn't find anything online so her creative Grammy and I made one! It actually turned out super cute. Anyways, your boys are too much fun to look at! Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is my day or well today is my day...its my 8th wedding anniversary!!! Don't you just love the fall, the colors the smell, the cold crisp air!!!

Gabe is such a cutie, I got off easy this year my sweetpea wanted to be a witch and my girlfriend had the cutest costume from gymboree so I got to borrow it, unlike last year she wanted to be a yellow crayon. A yellow crayon, we were driving one day and I ask what are you going to be for Halloween and she said a yellow crayon and I thought great I'm gonna have to make that one but you know I won't give up a single second of the frantic web search for ideas, dying the pillow cases and all those iron on letters (the iron is not my friend LOL) I so clearly remember the day I finished Ashley looked at me and just said you did it momma!!

What a cutie Gabe is. Gavin just got his costume in the mail yesterday. A Knight. He has not wanted to take it off!

OMG! He is the cutest Batman I've ever seen! Gotham City is surely safe now.

SO SO cute! Kylee would die. She's wonderwoman! She asked the other day if I thought kids dressed up in Justice League costumes would want to make a Justice League of their own. I'm betting she will want Gabe to join.

he is SOOO adorable!!!!! LOVE the six pack!!! :)

Hooray for Super Heroes! Love his sweet smile!

too cute!! This year I have a pumpkin..(it's really funny, cause it's my super tough almost 6 year old son...., I think he has a sensitive side..lol)., a bobba fet (some star wars guy) and a girly fairy skirt style witch, complete with pumpkin colors to match my 6yr old pumpkin. Bobba fet's on his own......no, I will not be princess laya. lol... ;)

You can tell he loves that costume. What a cutie!

Those big brown eyes shout "Gabe", even behind a batman mask. Nothing sweeter than a child's hand.

So cute... love that!

Oh my gosh he is cute, love that smile!

Wish my abs looked like his. :P

What a doll!

Denise, I promise to send a pic of my daughter in full VINTAGE Star Wars Princess Leia garb, and with the "buns" wig!!! If her costume wasn't white I would stick on some BR's underneath for warmth! And I have on heck of a cute X-Wing Fighter Pilot for my son. Your boys would be sooo proud!

I love that boy!! His charm shows right through the costume. Cute six-pack.

how cool is he in that suit!! Be glad he didnt pick Captain Underpants as Myles would have LOL

Nooooooo! ;)
Yesterday ( today for you?) was supposed to be the day! Ya big tease!

I have had many a batman/batboy in my batcave! I have 3 boys!

Until tomorrow...er..later today!

Awesome costume!!! Oh, I think Batman would make a great match with my little Super Girl!!! Kate's goldie locks and the Beasts lashes-killer. Kate likes to fly around the house saying, "Super Girl to the rescue!!!" xo

What a handsome little man! He is soooo cute!
Love the six pack.

Awwwww, look at these beautiful eyes smiling behind this mask. He is too adorable:)

I have a Bat GIRL... with that same yellow belt! I feel it is an improvement as SHE was BatMAN last year! : )

OMGOSH look at him GLOW. Just a little proud.

Could not be cuter!

he looks SOOO adorable!!!


Very cute costume...My son is Dan from Bakugon, I have this feeling tho that nobody is going to know who he is...Why couldnt he be a normal super hero...:)

Super Cute!

I just finished my girls' costumes....So proud first things I've ever made!

wow......look at those abs he must work out lol.....thats a super cute batman costume! Love the faux six pack

nice costume

and here is online link on youtube how to dance hoedown throwdown
with all the moves :)


I need to start practicing with Lola I guess...

CUTE! oh, not sure what a costumer is...
but I bet I'd like to be lucky to find out! :)

he must be staying up late working on his abs with daddy....is david going as robin?

Bestill my heart. Little boys and super heros, nothing better.
He is to handsome.

How cute is he? He looks so happy with himself! Why do I have the feeling that he is going to have it on way past Halloween???

One of my daughters, Olivia, is going to be Batgirl -- complete with her "cool purple cape!" :o)

Wow I can't believe I was the first to post!!! That has never happened to me before and I have been following this blog for a year! I feel like I won something just by being the first to post!

Cute! :)

What a cool costume!

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