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October 23, 2009


Boo! Thought I'd drop in and give you a start since I've been so MIA lately. I'm sorry... just call me unpredictable! Anywho, I SOOOO wish I lived in Indiana to join your little club. I'm lovin' that you're so lovin' the photography. And Hannah Montana is the BEST movie. Wasn't a huge fan of hers, but that movie rocks! One of the only movies to make my hubby get all misty eyed... he has 3 daughters ya know. ;) The butterfly song gets ya everytime! Hit home and I can't believe we can admit to crying to a Hannah Montana movie. HA!!!! xoxo

Thanks for posting my photo! Luci was so excited to see it on here this morning!

Sooo close - I guessed right about Camera Club but didn't make it in time. First time I got a question right on here so that's a start:) Thanks for the awesome clothes Denise - nice work!

I am so excited I won...thank you thank you Denise! And where is this sparkletown video everyone is talking about? Have I mentioned yet that I am OBSESSSED with MJC. Obsessed. It's Really Bad and my husband might divorce me.

I really LOVED the libby shirt and size 4 sold out before we could get one (I was trying to wait until my friends truck show) :( Is there any chance you will be making more?

"YEEEEEHAAAA," Those were my daughter's screams as I told her we won some Matilda Jane!!!! I am so excited!!!! I can not thank you enough! If you saw my pics, you would just die. No heads, red eyes, totally off center!!!! My husband gets this job.

Where is the Sparkle Town video that others are mentioning? Have to see it!

Have you ever seen High Five (a kids singing, dancing show)? My daughter thinks she is Kimmie from the show and my husband has to pretend to be Curtis and I have to be Carla-talk about dorks!!!!

Horrible at Picture Taking (and so glad to finally be a winner)!

Do you know what I love! Going to American Girl and seeing lots of MJC in the mix of beautiful girls! Not just on my cutie! Keep up the good work Denise!

Inspirational weblog. thanks for awesome pict.

I would prefer to call myself "Geek Chic" it just sounds cuter than "dork". lol ;)

My 1 1/2 year old loves Hannah Montana and asks for her by name all day. My boys are tired of watching the episodes and movie in the car. Enjoy that sweet movie. I sing the "Catepillar in a tree" song to my baby girl every night! That part made me bawl in the movie!

Ok, so now I have to get the pink lap dress! I just had my show Thursday and closed out my show tonight. It's one of the only things I have yet to get. That photo above made my decision to just get one! Darling!

I got a glimpse of Sparkletown. Can't wait! Hope to see a blog about it soon! heehee

He, he... are you going "Boom boom clap, Boom de clap de clap, Boom boom clap, Boom de clap de clap" right about now? It will be stuck in your head for DAYS!!!

Congrats to the winners! I can't believe Jenni is a MJ virgin!!

Congrats ladies!
I wish I knew other amateur photogs and experienced ones to start a camera club...maybe I'll just move to your neck of the woods D ....if I can join your club

Circle one:
yes no

yep-I'm a dork too!

Thanks for posting my gal D!

Seriously girls, if you don't have that pink lap dress....you NEED to get it! One of her faves b/c it's super comfy. And one of my faves b/c of the super cute details & gorgeous color...LOVE it! :)

Thank you thank you thank you Denise!

My youngest goes thru her day as if she is in a musical....Annie, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, The Phantom of the Opera...you name it, she sings it....her most favorite is Mister Mistoffeless from Cats! There is nothing sweeter! You retain learning thru movement, so I am sure that she will be a genius! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.

I'm still waiting for the Fall Platinum Collection... I love the unique one of a kind items!

Congrats Ladies!

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie...and any movie with singing/dancing!

Oh, that's great! Please tell us what you do in the camera club. I saw the Sparkletown slideshow, everything is gorgeous!!

That vintage looking photo is fantastic!

we all must embrace our inner dork :)

I must watch America's next top model on Wednesdays. Even my husband knows, he must call before or after the show starts.
It's my little luxury of reality TV I love besides Amazing Race! My couples never win.

Happy picture taking!
Just saw a Sparkle Town video! GORGEOUS again! Can not wait.

I am so sad it wasn't picture party but then that makes sense of course its camera club and when that's done its picture party I guess! :) Hope you have fun with it!

D, I am so inspired! I just emailed my 2 dork friends. I am starting a photo club! Please, do share details of your club (I mean, not the secret hand shake or anything) Soooo cool!

I got my GB2 order today, and it is all gorgeous of course! :)

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