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October 29, 2009


t-shirts that read HALLOWEEN ROCKS! on them.

OK- I am confused - did Gabe have a recent class party (for Halloween perhaps?) or are you talking about his party back in the spring? You had some tank tops made that said 'Hungry' for that party. I've had to re-read your post several times and I am still confused - blaming it on the chaos of being a Mom much like yourself!

She made t shirts for his party that have cool writing on them and they rock cuz all of her stuff rocks. :)


Hungry tanks!

Hungry tank tops for Gabe's Hungry Caterpillar party

OMG I love the pink cowboy boots!


Hungry shirts

Ok, second guess is tank tops for the girls and blank shirts for the boys that read Hungry for Gabe's Caterpillar party.

Alright first I must say I did not know the answer only because I have just recently discovered Matilda Jane clothing and now it has turned into a total obsession! So after stalking previous blog post and not just copying everyone else I found the answer!!! HUNGRY tank tops posted May 28th 2009 for his Hungry caterpillar party. I am so glad you asked because I have never looked at previous posts before and now I can't stop!! Keep posting I absolutely adore this clothing!!!

Just in case you are talking about the tank tops that said "hungry", and not a different party for Gabe, better guess again.
Where's Joe? I would love to see him in his costume. Hope he hasn't already out grown Halloween.

So cute--tank tops that say "Hungry"! Loving Sparkletown! Thanks for making the black velvet Ginger !!!! In LOVE!!!

My daughter's nickname before she was born was "Sparkle", because we wanted her name to be a suprise (Lucy Claire). My friend's daughter came up with Sparkle Bloom, and the first part stuck! It's been with her ever since. I think the answer is Halloween Rocks t-shirts. Love the scarf and leggings!

hungry on tank tops

I was SURE it was cup cakes... then realized that is only one word:)

How about:
punkin cupcakes
goodie bags
halloween masks

I am such an idiot...or maybe sleep deprived for the last 2 years :) I wrote HUNGRY on my last post but didn't state on what??? TANK TOPS that SAY HUNGRY!!!! How super cute is that idea.
PS - My daughter would be sparkalicious in that scarf!!! LOVING IT!

tank tops! That's my guess and I am sticking to it! Happy Halloween!

Tank Tops, that said hungry :)


I guess HUNGRY!!! But then again, so has everyone else:) LOVE SPARKLETOWN!!! So ready for the Holidays now!!

treat bags.. maybe with "beast hungry" on them

Spider Cookies!

Tanks tops that read HUNGRY

Second post. I thought the party was now and Cristy made some for a Halloween party. Now though I realize I need to go back to the spring. After much looking at Cristi's site and checking all the way too much fun stuff it was the black tank tops that said, "HUNGRY". I remember reading about when it was first posted, and that seems like ages ago...so much mj between then and now!

treat bags that say halloween rocks

tee shirts that say Halloween Rocks!
pop rocks that say halloween rocks.
sweet treats that say Halloween Rocks

tank tops that said hungry on them :) Super cute of course!

Are you talking about the tank tops that said hungry? Or did she make something else? Maybe halloween shirts or bags that said Spookletown : )

Tank Tops that said Hungry

ok looks like you'll be giving out tons of scarfs & leggings! But if you have to pick just a few please pick us. We have just recently fell in love with MJ and already maxed out 1CC bc of MJ!! lol I LOVE it! I already have my Sparkletown items pick out! I was hoping there would be something like the Night before Christmas ruffles...YES! You answered my prayers!
Answer to the blog ???... Tank tops w/ Hungry

Tank tops that said hungry

T Shirts. Sparkly ones.

Tank Tops that read **HUNGRY**

PLease let me be a WINNER!!!! :)

"Halloween cookies" or "iced cookies" that had spiders and spider webs on them


Treat bags (and they sparkled :) )

well it looks like everyone has guessed

gray tanks so cute the hungry part was so clever

love them

Halloween cookies

Tank Tops and they said Hungry. They were so CUTE! Wished we all could have gotten one!

okay I have a minute and came up with 2 more-

pumpkins shirts

fall scarves

fall hats

fall shirts

leaf shirts

okay more than 1 but I jsut couldn't stop.

Ok, I know this one and without reading everyones comments first--- TANK TOPS and they said HUNGRY! Like I am HUNGRY FOR THOSE LEGGINGS AND SCARF! I am so begging you to pick me! And to really brown nose, I am hosting a Trunk Show for Sparkle Town (traveling trunk) and my invite is getting sent out to over 800 people in my area!!!! So, maybe you can throw something my way after I have a huge successful show!! ;)

Halloween Bags

Halloween t-shirts that said..."Bootiful Spooks" or ""Trick or Treat" or "Gimme Candy".

I remember that. They were tank tops for the girls that said Hungry. Just like me Hungry,Hungry, Hungry...

OMG I might have to get the Holly Molly skirt too! We almost named my daughter Molly but decided on Holly! I'm going to be broke!!!!

Love her sparkly stuff!

The class got T - shirts that said "preschool rocks"

By the way, I have to tell you that you are clever for naming clothes with girls names. I definitely have to get the Fiona Holly top for my Holly!!!!!

Sparkle Tops


Goodie Bags

awww man one I actually knew because I'm your blog stalker and I'm too late..there's already over 100 comments...eek.

They were the cutest tank tops with her bling that read HUNGRY for his class party. I remember thinking...wow I'm glad my girls don't read the blog because they would think I was not a very good mommy since I've never done anything like that for their classes LOL oh and secretly wishing one of my kids was in Gabe's class LOL

Oh wait...is this a new class party?! If so, I'm gonna just go cry LOL I can't take anymore Mommy pressure hahaha...okay CANDY BAGS that read...BOO...MONSTER...TREATS...TRICK OR TREAT...HAPPY HALLOWEEN...I give up...


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