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October 25, 2009


door knob

door gate


Glass door!!

door bell

Gold gate?
Blue gate?
Blue door?
Improbable, I know, but I had to at least guess!

FAll Decor

I'm too late to guess but I really, really want a mirror like that!!! Where can I get one? It would be perfect for my house!


Front sidewalk garden


I'll go with door knob.

I hope we are allowed more then one guess :)

Door Bell
Door Knocker
Entrance/Main Gate
Porch Swing
Foyer/Arch Enterence
Door Post
Glass Door(s)

door post...fingers crossed!

lamp post

door arch
main door
main gate

I know I am a little late--
door knob

I'm going with flag pole.

I say....

door knocker!

Wow, it's 8:00 here, are we still guessing, or did Denise just go to bed? [ha] Poppa says front door trim. Maybe it's blue, and sparkles.

yard gate

lamp post!

door step

Door Bell

I think Door Bell or Door Knob.

Okay, should read to make sure this hasn't alread been typed like 80 times...

But what about?

Yard Sign?

Lawn tree

I'm obviously late in the game, but what the heck... Front
yard lawn, yard tree, yard bush
yard gate, yard pond
door hang, door step
Iron gate

front yard tree.

Porch Swing??

oops my 2nd guess didn't show up.
"Glass Doors"

Porch light.
cuz it has to sparkle :)

yard lawn

I say door knob.

I'm thinking I'm too late, but I'm laughing hysterically b/c my husband is really trying to figure this one out. Our guess is front "porch light".

Is waiting ( not so patiently) for the new blog about Sparkletown before she has to go to bed.
5:30 am EST comes around too quickly.

Door Knocker!

side walk
door knob
gate post
entry gate
door bell
He! He! He!

Lamp Lights

hall chandelier

Rock Door

Snow Door

Gold Tree

I keep trying these contests and I have even seen some other dads win for their princesses. I really would like to win for my princess. Plus, I must admit that I also have the motivation that I don't want to pay for all the Sparkletown that my wife is going to buy. If I tell her I won something for our princess then maybe she will spend less! Probably not though!!!

LMAO!! Just read the post about the "17 year old screaming 3 hours a night." I am still laughing...my husband asks me what I am laughing at and I just can't stop. So funny. Skye, River and Sienna's mommy - thanks for the laughs. I am literally crying.

front YARD TREE?
I hope, hope hope!

Maybe DOOR BELL???

Front Gate!! Hope I am right!!!! I love what I have seen of Sparklrtown so far. Oh and I think my Trunk Keeper Ashlee is amazing!!!

I'm thinking door knob???

or bay window or foyer chandelier

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