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October 27, 2009


Testing again??? Why can I blog on here but not WHERE it counts?????
I have tried for days.........
boo hoooo


I have seen the video of Sprankletown..and watch it everyday~ Can't wait for Sunday..Lyra did an awesome job and all the girls look so natural in it..LOVE IT~!

I looked at the 'red dress' on my MAC and my Sony Vaio since I know that color can vary from screen to screen. It looks like a salmon pink to me. Sorry!

LOVE that door knob!!!
Congratulations to the winners!!

Oh Miss Denise! You simply cannot mention a big poodle without a picture of the big poodle! We just got a standard poodle this summer. They're scrumptious.

My 2nd grader doesn't do homework, but I hear rumors it will start in third grade.

arrrr...front "door knob"...good one. What a awesome idea for the red to match the disco pants (the item I almost got, then changed my mind, now I will have to reconsider before they are all gone). Anyhoo...Im exctied to see what Sparkletown offers and my daughter will be soo excited. Shes such a girl, I was kinda scared I would have an WNBA daughter...I don't mean tall and all that, I mean a daughter that was more into boy stuff and wouldent like to get all dolled up, but I lucked out, shes a total ballerina, so she loves or LOVES to get clothes for presents...isint that funny....of course I still do toys and stuff, but she gets excited over clothes... anyhoo...sorry for rambling... :)


Did I really win!? Oh my goodness!! So excited!!!!

Saturday treats for our little ones!
Sunday treats for us :)

Love the pictures...torn on what selected items to get!
I would love the whole collection but hmmmmm the "department of finance" will not have it.
(my darling husband)

Congrats winners!

Man, she is cool!!

That piece is TDF!!! I was really trying to hold back since I literally broke the bank with GB1 and 2!!! C'est la vie!!! lol
I love your perspective of that door knob-great eye, my friend! BTW, really love the fresh eye of this photog you used for Sparkletown! Beautiful shots!!! xo

Gorgeous shots!!! Love the red too, that model is WOW!!!
Can't wait for Sunday!!!!

Yay for red!!!! You have made me so happy tonight :-)

it still looks pink to me, but no matter I am getting that dress!!! LOOOVE!!! :)

The peasant style dress is darling!! The color looks like coral? Can't wait to see more!


YEAH!!!! I'm a winner!!!!!!!

Man...lady! Freakin love the red polka dot dress!! and Lukas had homework in Kindergarten...

I will second that notion of being sooooo jealous!!! I thought for sure I had won LOL...oh well next time.....I am getting sooooo anxious waiting for November 1st to view Sparkletown!!!!

...and I'm soooo jealous of the winners!! Beautiful color!

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