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November 25, 2009


Neato! That is my customers daughter in the top photo on this post! She is so stinkin sweet!

Thanks Denise for the update. You are not the GAP and for that I am grateful. Will be back in a few hours. :-)

How great! Thank you so much!! I can't wait....I will be logging on at 12:01am! ;0)
Hellllllooooo Christmas Gifts!

I was told the online cart would be activated by Friday 12:01 am. It is 7:25 am and I dont see online how to purchase.

So excited! I work retail, so I miss out on the other specials! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get in on the fun!

Thank You!! Oh, how thankful I am for Matilda Jane in my life! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! With love.


I am thankful for MJ and Denise's generosity and spirit :)....
this is the only Black Friday sale I plan on attending...in my pj's nonetheless!

Niiiiice!!!! Thanks so much!

Have a happy turkey day tomorrow!

Don't have to leave the house to shop!!!
Thank you Denise!
hmmmmm...now what to get?

awesome! thanks denise!

Awesome!!! What time??

I was regrettably going to pass on ordering anything from sparkletown, only b/c I spent WAY to much on GB and GB2, but come on 30% you can't beat that!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to get something B4 it all sells out. Can we start at 12:01am???? huh? huh?
Thanks Denise!

Yipee! Black Friday for Canadian MJC addicts, what could be better! :)

I'm so excited! I've had my eye on a few things I didn't get during my show. :) Thanks Denise and Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun fun!!! Can't wait!!!

Woo Hoo! We LOVE YOU!!!! Happy T-Day & Thanks Again :)

What a treat - Thank You!!

Thanks Denise! What a treat! Do we know what time on Friday?

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