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November 26, 2009


you're welcome... but my name is gina, not erin, haha (no biggie)... and thank you for allowing me to shop MJ today!!

ugggh...fun times....Rach..check mail

How frustrating! Had a couple of items (a couple of the few size 12 available) and they are gone!!!!

Oh well! I just hope that your server problems don't continue, Denise.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Problems with the site....now all blogs are erased about having issues and bags are gone, plus items. Oh I hope they resolve this soon. My little one is beginning to squirm.

omg..Been waiting all night to order the Dottie in a 4. Had it in my cart within the first couple of minutes and it wouldn't let me check out.. im so upset... and tired and now it is saying it is gone..
can someone help please?

Where did the cart go???

Had wonderful things in my cart and then the shopping cart got turned off and lost all my items before I could check out. :(

I can't checkout!!!!!!!!!! Hope I don't lose my cart!!!!!!

Here we go again! Lost my whole cart at checkout :(

just lost my whole cart.. wow

Oh no! I just got booted off the site. I was trying to purchase my items, and I got the "be back soon message." Anyone else get this message?

Now the shopping cart is GONE... ugh, great.

I'm also having a problem checking out. Hope it is fixed soon. :)

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I am thankful for alot of things and Matilda Jane is one of those things. I wish MJ was around when my older daughter was little. When I see Natalie in MJ my heart just smiles. Not that it doesn't smile when she is all icky with chocolate on her face in her finest Dora pajamas...but oh when she is in MJ she is just something else!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I am definitely thankful for Holly's Daddy who supports my MJ addiction and is my best friend!

Sweet! I had the pleasure of watching one of your generous Thanksgiving packages being opened today. What an amazing gift you gave a sweet baby girl, her parents, my family and all of the people who witnessed it! It put your company on a whole new level for me! Thank you!!!!

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