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November 27, 2009


I didn't get on the shopping end of the madness. Instead, it was 12 hours and 15 minutes behind a register. Most people were the friendly sort. I kept myself hyped up on TONS of caffeine so that I could smile the entire time. I honestly only had two grumpies the entire day. One lady was mad and going to cancel her credit card because she had to stand in line behind someone with a large purchase. I let her know (in a friendly sort of way) that this was the day after Thanksgiving, and there were going to be lines. Another "lady" handed an armload of clothing to me, as 12 registers (all we have on the floor) just wasn't enough. She was NOT going to stand in line.

Otherwise we had happy customers! And...my dear husband was willing to get online at 9:01 to order my Sparkletown! YIPPEE! Even so, I did sit down with my cup of Starbucks and peruse the site once more!

Have a Blessed Day!

It is not easy to run your own business. My husband does and can I tell you that every single one of his customers feels that he should be able to do what ever, when ever they want! There is not a night that we can sit down to dinner that his phone is not ringing or even sometimes in the wee hours of the morning!

As a customer, I'm very appreciative of your efforts and product. If I were buying from you face to face, I'm the person who looks you in the eye, asks you (heartfeltly) "how are you today?" waits for and pays attention to the answer, thanks you and wishes you well before I go!

When people comment on my daughter's MJ outfits, I LOVE to spread the word!! Thank you so much for all you do!

Enjoy your holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving...a bit late!

I did brave the sales, but I didn't wait in lines. I just leave if I see lines. I don't have the patience. I got some great deals...mostly for the kids...and a great pair of shoes for myself!

I am very thankful for the MJ BF sale...that was super awsome of you thanks!

So, I just love you as if I haven't professed this a hundred times before~
I couldn't sleep for thinking of all of the Fiona's and Ruffles and pink and blue that I might have missed on my regular season orders. And while I managed to skip ALL of the Black Friday sales in stores and online too, I just had to sneak on and see if I might not be too late (which I should have!) Your site was sooo easy to figure out and I came, saw, ordered, paid, and all with a wiggly puppy in my lap to "help" me! I really, really do love you and every single piece of MJC that we own as it is art and happinness and love for us! Thank you for sending me back to bed with visions of velvet and linen dancing in my head~~

the sales price listed on the site reflects the 30% discount already taken. HTH.

Do you have to be a trunk keeper to get the sale? Trying to check-out but not sure how to get the discount. Help? Thanks!

i'm actually just getting home from the mall and target. however, i didn't go until 730 at night. it was like an average night so it wasn't so bad! i didn't go to get any deals though. i did some shopping online this morning though. and of course, one of sites i hit was matilda jane! a BIG THANK YOU for the sale! i can't deal with all the craziness of the black friday shopping in the early morning anymore. . . use to! anyway, i always buy things i don't need and then never get any christmas gifts! go figure!

Hi there! I just hope that you are reading today's posts and seeing the happy reports...It is SOOO hard to own your own business b/c like you say...it is YOUR own. I am in your boat with my business, and it validated me to hear you say that you can't read the negative right away. Anyway, I could go on forever, but the bottom line is that you have a great gift and passion...keep your heart engaged in that, and the rest will work out...internet sales and all!

My girl and I LOVE LOVE MJC...Thanks for your imagination and artistic eye!!

I did not do any black friday shopping, exept online! I can't brave the stores. Thank you for the awesome sale and for replenishing GB!! I was able to get the blue/brown striped leggings to match our Chrissy, yay!! And then I grabbed some ST. Such a great way to start the day!

Thank you for the sale today. I didn't even leave the house and still felt like I got a 'deal'. :-)

I am just staying home - cannot deal with craziness...and thanks so much for the sale - I ordered some things for myself and my girls - they always get compliments whenever they wear Matilda Jane :-)

Ohhh...how I miss my Target!! I think England needs to be introduced so they can have a bit of Tarjee themseleves. There are some really cool stores here, but no Target...I have ASDA, which is walmart (same company) and I have Sainsburys (which is prob a bit closer to a Target)....Oh and Next..which is the coolest store ever!! next.co.uk...they have a u.s sight too and the prices are in American $, not british pounds. So...Next is the place to go for killer boots, leggins, chunky sweaters, cool wool hats and coats and their kids stuff is cool, but not as cool as MJ, and they even have home stuff...so rock on Next. I still miss my Target though!! boo hoo.

Thank you for the sale Denise! we did our order the second the sale hit this morning and now im sitting here contemplating new combos I "need" how would the pink stripe BR look under the sparkletown lap dress? or the sprinkle leggings under the pink lap? I know i like the colors because i adore the pink br with the sparkletown top........so many choices :)

Thanks Denise for offering all of us this sale. We always love everything our little ones wear. I was able to get the blushing ruffle leggings for their stockings, and one of them won't even be here until February! We are already planning for next year, when she can match her big sister. Yes, I believe we love Matilda Jane.

I'm going out shopping right now but I am thinking maybe I shouldn't. I wish I would have left earlier. Oh, and thank you for being so generous - always.

I went out at 9 last night and waited in line at toys r us for 2 hours for the doors to open with about 1,000 other ppl literally haha....then we hit up the disney store then walmart.......im really dead now....

After hitting Toys R Us at midnight to save $30....I'm just not sure about leaving again today. It was mayhem at Toys R Us. They had to call 6 cop cars. Some woman maced the crowd...craziness.

Thank you Denise for the fun sale! :) I'm about to change and run to Wal-mart, then Target as well...although i feel i may have missed out on those "AWESOME" deals...we'll see!
Have fun!! :)
nicole k.

we are heading out the door right now to brave Target. That is where we do our grocery shopping....although if the parking lot is packed we will have to move on:) Especially with a 2 year old in tow.

The sun is shinning! Enjoy a beautiful day. Hopefully some pictures for you today.

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