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November 27, 2009


Ok, am I the only one that cannot shop here for some reason? I Would love to order some items, but it says shopping has been temporarily turned off...

Thanks for the sale and thanks for the replens! How considerate of you to share a huge part of yourself with us!

I was very excited to see that some earlier sold out items were available. I can;t wait to get my new items. Thanks so much for the sale. I would have ordered more, but have bought almost one of everything already. Your clothes rock!!

You should take all of this as a huge compliment, Denise. People only have such strong feelings about things they are passionate about--your clothes!!! They are worth all the fuss. Thanks for the sale! Can't wait to dress up my dollies. :)

Businesses can never make everyone happy. All you can do is accept the complaints you think are valid and work to improve those issues. Ignore the rest. I love MJ and think it's fabulous. Thanks for the sale - I'll continue to come back.

Wow. People, get a grip. Mistakes happen. If you got up at 4am to stand on line somewhere only to have it sell out before you, what would you do then? Yes, it may have been miscommunicated, and yes, maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience, but things happen, life rolls on...roll with it. This hardly seems like something worth stewing over and being mean about after Thanksgiving and in honor of shopping for the holiday season. Lordy, lordy...look at the BIG picture. Amen.

That's what I'm talking about! Slam it down on the table Denise! To be a business owner is more than the average person can comprehend! It's ALWAYS details, details, and NO you can't always have every team member on the EXACT same page. That is the beauty of being successful. You learn and continue to learn. If everything was flawless there would be absolutely no room for growth! The beauty of life is everything is always changing. Stay flexible and life is a beautiful mess! Happy Holidays everyone!

BTW- Denise, any word on the house?

To the really rude people out there...if you can't be a nice human being, then you don't deserve Matilda Jane Clothing. That is not what it is about!

I appreciate the chance to get 30% off some really fabulous clothing. Thank you Denise and David for all your hard work and dedication. I love Matilda Jane Clothing and everything that it stands for.

What a great sale - Thank You Denise!!

Thanks for the sale! Everything worked great at 8am CST! I'm sorry you had to end your Thanksgiving day reading those comments. Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you so much Denise for this great sale!!! I really love your clothes they are lovely, beautiful, gorgeous.... I can tell almost all my daugther clothes are Matilda jane. I am so happy I place my huge order :0). God Bless you and all your family too. Thank you so much!!!!!

Wow....I avoid IRL Black Friday sales and stick to Cyber shopping only because it brings out the Ugly during a HOLY time of year. I guess a person's not safe from this form of nastiness anywhere. Entitled Americans.

Yeah, got my order in. Thank you Denise. You guys rock there at MJ. Have a great weekend and I'm off to sleep.

I am a Tk and I have a couple of things to say! First of all Denise did not have to do this sale at all!!!!! These clothes are selling and I am sure will continue to sell, sale or no sale! She did this sale to show her customers they are truly appreciated! We can all make our comments about how we would run the company differently, but the fact is Denise and David have done an amazing job at creating such a successful company from the ground up! I read a comment that someone left about how she doesn't purchase the clothes, so why are you trying to get on the site? Why are you so frustrated if you are not going to purchase anything? If you don't have something nice to say, then just don't say anything at all!!!!!! Thanks Denise and David for making me part of such a wonderful company!!!!!!!!!

Here's to the least painful Black Friday shopping EVER!!! Everything worked great.

Thanks Denise! I ordered my 3 items without any problem. Wish I could afford more... but thankful for what I have. Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for the sale Denise! I got some cute stuff for me and my daughter. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Women's Small Charlie Peasant to pop up again. :)

Thanks for the sale! It allowed me to rationalize WAY too much more. I love love love love your clothes and hope you can ignore the negative comments....bask in the love from all us who love you and your clothes!

Hey Denise! This morning was painless. Also, thanks for the GB replens before the sale....that was awesome.

Got what I wanted too! although I made 3 orders just in case....HA!

Thank you Denise!

I think I got my 3 things! I'm keeping those fingers crossed.

Thank you again for the sale :)
I don't need anything so I'll tell my husband he can give me this for Christmas. It brings me a bigger smile to my face anyways.

Wow... Denise! Who knew... I am just glad there is not a real line to buy the cute clothes - as I am convinced there would be a stampede and I would surely be underfoot!

This reminds me of long ago days during the beanie baby phenom.... I was at mcdon@lds to get fries only ;) and a woman was giving the poor 16 year old behind the counter a good verbal lashing as they were out of a particular small furry creature...

I do so love your beautiful clothing on my girls.... they look so darn cute... but seriously... all this angst over children's attire???

I am simply thankful that I have a roof over my head, my husband walking through life with me, healthy children, income to support my MJ habbit, friends and family!

Really... again, all I can say is WOW!

Now... if the cart does not go on properly in 26 minutes... I won't shop with you again... until the shopping cart goes online properly.... ha!

Don't worry Denise, there are still true MJ lovers/addicts like myself, you could make the shopping time for a three minute span on Sunday at 4:21am and require standing on your head juggling while eating a banana and Im sure Id still attempt it :)I was up at 12:01 and Im up now waiting patiently...well sorta patiently :)

for every negative comment there are many more positive, supportive comments...just hang in there chickie. You make so many little girls (and mommies) wardrobes happier don't let this junk get to you. The true MJ lovers will understand! Like you've blogged about before MJ is not just about the clothes it's an attitude, a "feeling". Here's to you (and David and the rest of the gang)...toasting with my coffee cup. :)

Just want to let you know that we all love you and want to thank you for giving us this online sale. You are great to us, and no one is perfect. :) I LOVE my ST and GB!!!! :)

Aw lady you never can please everyone. and mistakes are only human. I am blowing a big fat raspberry at all the meanies for you.

I agree. Dont worry about it. If people want the clothes bad enough, they will get up/stay up no matter what. Some people do not have understanding in this world and we need to realize that. We are only human. Only God is perfect, right?

Hope you got some rest! Im excited for 9am!:)

Keep yr head up denise...sometimes people get a bit greedy when they see the sparkly item in front of them and they forget about how hard people work to make it available for them. Just keep on trukin and don't look back at the grouchy folks!! Life's more fun when you laugh it off....Hope your Thanksgiving left overs are just as good today!! :)

Denise, I hope you are resting tonight. Some of us are up and down during the night and on the computer for a few minutes when we get up. I certainly agree with SH and Katherine Castillo's comments (and other positive ones). I would just add that in addition to making moms happy you also make lots of dads, grans and pops happy. When I begin to think of all the mental and physical and emotional energy that must go into owning one's own business it is more than overwhelming. Have a good day today and thank you again for using and sharing your talent.

In a strange sort of way, I understand your pain Denise. I work retail, and am up and headed out for 12 hours of the madness. There are those customers who will demand that people bend over backwards for them everywhere. Fortunately I am able to get past the anger directed towards me (just a lowly register supervisor) and enjoy the customers who truly care. The ones that are taking their frustrations out on you, are probably some of those who buy up the MJ only to list it on ebay to make a buck!

Sure, I won't be able to shop until well after the other ladies have made their purchases! However, I am still thankful that after a 12-hour day behind a register I can come home and relax with a cup of (probably much needed) coffee, and find something darling for my Whitley Kate at a discounted price! You are amazing, and inspire me! I am trying to start my own business so that I don't have to work retail anymore, and it's HARD!!! I did my first craft fair, only to break even last weekend! The amount of time you put into designing all of these precious items and blog must be unreal! You are amazing, Denise!

On the other hand, while making the hundreds of hair clips and bows, I couldn't let go of one particular clip. When I first made it, I thought "Hmmmm....this reminds me of Sparkletown!" Needless to say, it's still sitting in my kitchen reminding me that I need to try to get my own piece of Sparkletown when I get off work today!

May your day be filled with blessings!

you would think that after a day of being thankful for what we have and being in the season of giving- people would be a bit kinder - guessing these are the same people who will be honking their car horns, yelling at the kids and shoving to try and get a deal tomorrow and in the coming weeks. How sad.

Denise - sorry there were problems going online again- its got to be frustrating - hope its working in the morning - maybe I will be able to get a thing out two

I don't often write to your blog (although I try to read you when I can a couple of times per week =). I think you are an amazingly kind sweet caring person and one fabulous designer. Please continue to do what you do so well. You make a lot of mommies and daughters out there very happy. So on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank you for being you, and having created Matilda Jane, and doing all that you do for MJ every day so that others might enjoy the love too.


Thanks for the update. Huggles to you! I could never do what you do.

And by the way, my girls looked fabulous in their MJ for turkey night. I'm hoping there will be something left to buy when I wake up tomorrow ;-).

Denise, I own a Restaurant that is my passion and a H-U-G-E part of my life.It can be all consuming and hearing the negative can sometimes be all that you hear.I don't know you other than the brief moments that I have snuck a peek into this world and read and joined a select few... usually beautiful conversations. I just want to compliment you on all that you do. Your heart and soul shine through. Not only are you generous to your customers, I can tell you have true friends in your employees. Think of all the smiles you bring to the little girls who love your clothes. Think of all of the conversations, and I'm sure ...friendships, that have begun with,"that is so cute." You did that. You do it well. The world isn't perfect...but there is beauty everywhere. I hope you can focus on all the positive and keep sharing your beauty.

Would like to know if all o f your clothing items are made in the USA?

Hollys Mama is right. Denise you are super sweet. Luci loves your clothing and is ready to retire her Auto Love for the Disco and Libby. So I will be here bright and early to get it for her, fingers crossed.

Goodnight Holly's Mama. See you Tuesday

Thanks Denise for being so sweet to me tonight!!! You are so very AWESOME!!!!!! I am going to go get rest so I can wake up at 5:45 a.m. PST for the sale. Yes it did change my plans slightly but that is okay. I'm all about adapting to life's little surprises.

Once again, there is drama surrounding an online sale. UGH.
I love your clothes, Denise, but more than that, I care about you and your sweet family. Rest well knowing you have a lot of people who support and love you!!

please.. "bitter" is hardly the word. lol... I cant help it that you have nothing going on in your day but US WHO DO.. would appreciate correct info from merchants be them BIG or SMALL.

Would like to know if all o f your clothing items are made in the USA?

How is it that I am the one being rude?? Nice try "oh bitter one." Happy Thanksgiving.

Hang in there Denise and David! So excited to get to buy some precious MJ on sale, can't wait and by reading the comments here a lot of folks are pretty passionate about their MJ. :)

denise, i've never ate so much either. guess the diet was thrown out the window today. . . for me anyway. lol! anyway, thanks for letting us know the time. looking forward to 9! woo hoo!

Bottom line is... customers always come first and in retail you have to take care of them! The whole time change was a huge mistake- and many are very frustrated. When you say you are going to do something...do it.

I'm sorry, if I came across rude. Thanksgiving night should be peaceful and happy.

I'm just frustrated. Same thing happens sale after sale.

Denise, you know I love you.

I'm just mad at the stupid online cart ;-).

ROGER that JLD. Thanks Denise for all that you do for soooo many. You truly make the world a better place.

JLD, the only one being "rude" is you. I'm glad your "sweet potato" self enjoys staying up and avoiding made in china goods but when customer service is poor and dishing out inaccurate information.. who are YOU to tell anyone what they can complain about. What a joke! The mom&pop shop excuse is getting OLD!

I agree no need to be rude, Denise has always been more than kind to us, yes, disappointing but Ill survive and be here in the morning to hand over my moneys like the good little addict I am...:)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. Today I really tried to teach my children to be grateful for the beautiful gifts they have received.

I agree with Monika....I do not buy any of it...sorry Denise...I know you must be EMBARASSED and stressed out (rightly so) this has been an ongoing problem...time and time again...

I recieved emails from 3 seperate TK's that all said 12:01am EST...one of which has confirmed tonight that she was informed by YOU GUYS that it was supposed to start at 12:01am EST...

Then, the cart goes live at EXACTLY 12:01am EST and reflects the 30% off? AMAZING that just happened right? *snort!*

Obviously you are having problems AGAIN with your site...but you couldn't own up to it? Your customers aren't dumb...

So which is it? Either you can't inform your TK's of important CORRECT info, OR you refuse to spend $ on hiring tech support to make sure you site is up and running?? It's one or the other...you can't really try to get out of this one....well I guess you could blame it on David...again.....

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