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November 29, 2009


Are these the kids that live in Sparkletown the house???? Neighborhood kids?? Kids you saw at Target??? haha..or Shannon's kids????? Maybe relatives of yours or a friends of yours..haha...just throwin things out there...

Not going to guess, but just had to comment on that incredible picture of Joe!!!!


Too late probably, but nieces and nephews.

I'm sure I'm too late but I will also say your nieces and nephew.

Fa La La La La Nieces and a Nephew in a pear tree :)

I go with Nephew and neices. Even if it is too late I gotta try!

yep- nieces and nephews.
That picture of jenn's dasughter in the willow is the best one I have seen!!! I fell in love with even more once I saw that picture...

Maybe they are some random kids you picked up at the park? Or family member, like nieces and nephew. Whoever they are, they are cute!

nieces and nephew...

Nieces & Nephew! Gorgeous pictures!!! :0)

nieces and nephews...

I remember your neice from when you took her picture in the pink lap, so I say they are your neices and nephew. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous people!

Oh dang I'm always too late LOL

Did you take that pic? I saw it and said WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA...LOVE it! You ARE a professional photographer...DUH! lol

I didn't get to shop the sale because I had the worst neck ache and couldn't sit at a computer...sad huh?! Sorry, there were some meanies ...

Oh and your nieces and nephew lol

I haven't bought EB but drool. Those willows are AMAZING! My girls and I matched in our willows & cocoa ruffles for Thanksgiving..LOVE them!

I have been in love with Eden's Bouquet for a while now and you are soo right!! Her designs are true love!! Know what else is true love? Pairing MJC pieces with Eden's Bouquet pieces. Beyond amazing!!!

your neices and nephew! pick me! pick me!

Lovely nieces & a nephew.
Cousins of your sons.


Nieces and Nephew!!! cutie patooties

Your nieces and nephew!

Your lovely nieces and nephew, so darling and what a great pic... Have a great night!

since everyone else guessed nieces and nephews i am going to shake it up a bit and guess the Sparkletown kids. whoever they are, adorable.

nieces and nephews?

Just want to let you know I am officially hooked. I just went to my first MJ trunk show a couple months ago and I'm in love. Pure LOVE!!!

They are your nieces and nephew and they're adorable!

They are your nieces and nephew. Great picture.

Hit enter too soon, ahaha. it's funny, Jenn is how I ended up taking notice of MJ. I saw a pic on a mom board and noticed the model was the same lil' cutie from EB so that made me go and look at your site. :) I brand mix EB and MJ all of the time :)

I can not even begin to tell you how much Jen ROCKS!!! Loves her! Always e-mails me when I post on her blog and I've loved chatting back and forth with her since I got Ady her first EB. Can not say enough good things about that woman, and what a family! Gorgeous!

OK...I am going out on a limb...I think it is some of Jenn from Eden's Bouquet's children. Just a wild guess!

Why I along with everyone else think that they are your nieces and nephew. :)
They are adorable whoever they are! Cute, cute!
Can't wait to see what the photogs and their models have done with the dress. Saw some of the sneaks on Flickr and they are awesome!!!

Love your blog and all the pics for today! Cannot wait to see the pics of Photo Love!

Oh and the Kiddos, your nieces and nephew ..
AKA Joe & Gabes's Cousin's

Have a great night waiting for the new pics!

I'm with everyone else. The Kiddos are your nieces and nephew. I so wish we lived in a place like that. I the girls would just run from dawn to dusk.

Have you seen the ruffle jeans from Eden's Bouquet? True love.

Have fun decorating your home. Luci decorated the lower part of the tree with her toys and the babies rattles. Looks kinda cute so we are going to leave it.
We also put a wreath on the front door of our apt but was told to remove it. :-( Can't wait till we get enough work to move.

Luci is so excited to get her new outfit. She is getting her first MJ skirt.

Look at those great big ornaments!
I love them!

The pictures are great and I can not wait to see the new ones to come.

Oops...almost forgot....your nieces and nephews.

Your adorable nieces and nephews!! Oh, how I would LoVE a new bag, mine is on its last leg and I always seem to buy for the kiddos instead of myself~just can't help the MJ LoVE :)

Your nieces and nephew! What a cute bunch. Can't wait to see the photo love pics!

Your nieces and nephew, of course!! HOW SWEET!!!!

neices erina, grace, & sophie and your nephew

And WOW at your photography...you are getting SO good..but dont ever quit making our clothes - our kids would be lost without MJC, lol!

Your adorable nieces and nephew!!! I SOOOO hope I am random enough this time, cause it looks like I was late getting my answer in. Yeah...I'm still in trouble over ordering even MORE from your sale!!!! Like my little pumpkin needs just TWO more pieces of Matilda Jane. I swear I am such an addict....do you have some MJ rehab????

Love the funny faces picture!

Nieces & Nephew in the picture??

Have a great evening!!
cant wait to see the contest photos!!

They're cute kiddos....that's all I know!

your nieces, grace, sophie and erina and then your nephew (ugh, don't know his name, sorry!)

thanks for reintroducing me to room & board, i had forgotten about them! love, love love their stuff!

your nieces and nephew! Abi, Sophi, Claudia, and Charlie Isard

Your nieces and nephew!!!! I hope I win!!!! I love MJC!!!!

They are your nieces and nephew!!!

Your nieces and nephew and my goodness do we LOVE Room and Board over here! I think 95% of our furniture is from there. :0)

Can't wait to see all the pics from Photo Love!!

Joe looks handsome as usual~never get tired of seeing the boys.

I am so loving the pic of Joe - so adorable...Loving all the pics!

I would have to guess (along with many others) that those beautiful children are your nieces and nephews...

Can't wait for some photo love, although I did get a sneak peek from one photogs blog :)

Your nieces and nephews! I've been know to be called the bag lady - this would be great!

I remember seeing the little blonde on the left, in a picture with Joe, wearing the Pinkie Lap dress, I'm going to say, cousins. Love the bags, Sam.

Those have to be your nieces and nephew. I think the girls gave the tween lap dresses a trial run for you. Thanks for the sale, I snagged some great pieces I thought had been sold out! :)

Is it too late to guess?? Your best friend's kiddos??

OMGosh...I love that picture of Joe. He is so handsome and absolutely the most photogenic boy!

I'll guess your neices/nephews and/or neighbors! (Going with the crowd here)

Your nieces and nephew.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Your nieces and nephews. Wasn't there a picture of Gabe and one of your nieces in a pinkie lap dress? I can't find that picture on your blog, but I remember it being super cute and she had the cutest nail polish on in that picture too. =)

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